The website site has been on the air for over 24 years and is listed as a resource in the 2018 edition of the World Radio TV Handbook!

HaidaGwaii KiwiWebSDR
Welcome to the website - hosted in Victoria B.C. Canada, the website has promoted the radio listening (SWL/DXing) hobby since the mid-1990's -- as well as promoting Amateur radio and electronics experimentation and development.

Picture at right: We now have a networked Kiwi Internet radio running at that runs from 1 khz to 30 Mhz ALL Mode and on 24 hours a day.

Currently located on the Queen Charlotte Islands in the Pacific, it offers some of the most exciting dawn Trans-Pacific reception of any Kiwi WebSDR!

We have a live chat channel with rooms for Medium Wave, Shortwave and FM DX!

As someone who is as enthusiastic about the process of assembling a station as he is with the actual activity, Colin enjoys building better antennas to cope with an increasingly noisy radio environment. Curse you RFI! 

One of his favourites is the FLAG-Pennant antenna that he has given a lot of attention to - an antenna that has an amazing amount of directional signal rejection thanks to the use of a variable remote termination.

Receivers and stuff in our shack: Kenwood TS-480SAT, Icom 703+, Drake R8, Drake R8B, NRD-525, Kenwood R2000, DX150B and Eton E1.

Antennas - MyAntennas.Com 80 - 10 End-fed (I swear by this antenna!) + a big bag of Wellbrook ALA100 antennas. Wellbrook Loops = best magnetic antennas on the planet!

nora young talking ham radio on the CBC

We talk about stuff  --- 

(CBC Spark Host Nora Young - Photo right)

Audio Feature #1 - CBC Spark - Feature audio stream
- We had an interview on CBC Radio "Spark" a couple of years back on the subject of Amateur Radio as the Planet Earth's 1st form of social media - which I still believe it is. This feature was played on the CBC a few weeks ago triggering another tsunami of interest. Have a listen.

Audio Feature #2 - SWL Digest Final Episode - Feature Audio Stream
From the radio history archives - Ian McFarland of Radio Canada International - this is the final show of the DX Digest from March 24, 1991 - in its entirety! This was recorded in Manitoba by legendary DXer and SWL Shawn Axelrod (who may soon be joining us on the team!) This is a one of a kind recording - and we release it the very day Shawn, Ian McFarland and I got together for lunch in Duncan, British Columbia! Happy listening!

Audio - Ian McFarland's Final Show on Radio Canada International - March 24, 1991

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