My shop is coming back online! August 2024

My e-mail has not been working properly for months -- I believe I have sorted out the bulk of the bugs!

If you have e-mailed me in the last few months and had not reply, give it a whirl once again -- success may follow!

I have retired after 36 years working in IT and electronics and I am gearing up my home workshop to start serving my loyal clients again (VACTROL units and Misek-Lankford Phasers -- etc) Stay tuned for more surprises!

The website site has been on the air for 28 years and is listed as a resource in the 2018 edition of the World Radio TV Handbook!

XHDATA reviews coming - finally, new content on this website!!

XHDATA radio has sent me a unit to test out and we are having fun with it - stay tuned for an update/review of this radio and some desperately needed new content on 

Reprints, reprints, we've got technical reprints!
I have been a member of the International Radio Club of America on and off since late 1975 -- that is a long, long, long time in any calendar system. One of the more active writers over the years is the venerable Nick Hall-Patch (who has been my neighbour and buddy since 1975!)

He has written a lot of technical articles and there are 100's of them over here on the IRCA website -- go have a look see.

We will be focusing more on the technical side of things -- and yes, the website has been stagnating a long, long time now.

Here is the entire flipping list!

Wanna talk radio - or ham stuff? Have a question about a broken radio. Want me to build or fix something?

E-Mail - it seems that our e-mail has not been working! You can send me a note anytime -
My e-mail address is rnewell AT Shaw DOT ca

My call sign is VA7WWV - I am very active with FT8, WSPR, CW, SSB on 80 through 10 meters AND 6 meters!
...but we don't spend too much time talking about Ham radio here as there are plenty of other websites and YouTube channels devoted to that...


Ian McFarland's final show on RCI - March 1991

Colin Newell on CBC Spark with Nora Young