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1.00 for 3 months of complete access to our Ultra-light radio file library, Proceedings archives and (new!) long play featured recordings from the Ian McFarland audio library! That is around 250+ documents in pdf format.

The Library area of all the files you can download.

Welcome to the file area membership subscription sign - up area. We are offering this file area library service to help cover some of the costs of operating this increasingly popular website. Our archive will include:

  • The Ultra-light Library - over 200 articles in PDF format
  • The famous 80's and 90's "Proceedings" article archives - featuring articles by John Bryant. Now around 40 articles and will grow to almost 200 files.
  • Featured Audio libraries and occasional tidbits from the Ian McFarland CD Library - selections will change monthly

The writers and editors of strive to give you the most up to date and timely resources, articles, downloads and tutorials for enjoying the Ultra-Light Radio hobby: Currently 80+ meaty PDF's and DOC files!

Our current subscription option is:

  • $1.00 for 3 months all access to our library

Once the buyer completes a successful transaction/purchase of this membership, he/she will have full access to our ULR PDF and DOC library. If you are already a registered user on your account will automatically be updated.

If you are new to you will be issued a new userid and password (which you can quickly change.)


Welcome and have fun!