February 2017 - Welcome to a new year!

Welcome to the DXer.CA website. The DXer.ca site has been on the air for over 20 years! In 20 years the SWL/DXing hobby has been in steady decline. There comes a time when one needs to think about doing something different with our time. Our forum has virtually no activity on it anymore and will be retired in the New Year unless there is any activity.

The DXer.ca site has a lot of visitors - just quiet ones. It is entirely possible in the New Year that we will move our focus over to Amateur Radio (my call sign is VA7WWV). SWLing as we know it is largely dead with nothing to listen to. The latest station to depart is Radio Australia.

I am back on the air as VA7WWV and special event station CF7WWV - if anyone wants a SKED (any band) . Send me a note

nora young CBC Radio Spark on Ham radio Is shortwave radio listening and the hobby itself dead? We're asking and discussing over in the DXer.ca Forum - over here. 

Contact - Need some info on this hobby or wish to introduce yourself? You can send me an e-mail and I will reply within 24 hours.

We had an interview on CBC Radio "Spark" a couple of years back on the subject of Amateur Radio as the Planet Earth's 1st form of social media - which I still believe it is. This is one of my favourite interviews ever and I present it to you here in edited form via the HTML5 player below.

We run a forum on DXer.ca - it is for radio enthusiasts - to participate you need an account on DXer.ca - FORUM SPAM will not be tolerated on the website - the website and forum is for radio enthusiasts only - no exceptions.

Currently forum spam is the only thing showing up on the forum so we will archive and shut down the forum in mid January 2017.

If I get a few unique requests to keep it alive, I will.

There is still a huge archive library on DXer.ca that you can subscribe to - and we will keep that alive for another year or so.

all POSTS are moderated so save YOUR time and MY time by not posting NON-RADIO-RELATED stuff to our venerable forum!

Grundig Yachtboy400PEWhat's not so New: We have a huge subscription file area with around 100 interesting articles - you can subscribe to that over here 

MP3 no more - After years of putting out CD's and MP3 files to raise funds, we are done. Thank you for your support over the years. Ian thanks you! It has been fun making these recordings with Ian McFarland - and we have generated many, many dollars for his charity.

For those that have bought his CD sets and downloaded the MP3 files - Thanks to all! 

Want to visit the best website on the subject of SWLing that still has a lot of energy left? Head over to the blog on swling.com

Your DXer.ca editor, Colin Newell, has been an SWL/DXer since 1971, an electronics technician since 1979 (Red Seal certified since 1985) and a licensed Canadian radio ham since 2008 or so. You can always e-mail him on the subject of radio, media, electronics and your broken radios!