The website site has been on the air for over 20 years and is listed as a resource in the 2018 edition of the World Radio TV Handbook!

Welcome to the website - hosted in Victoria B.C. Canada the website has promoted the radio listening (SWL/DXing) hobby since the mid-1990's -- as well as promoting Amateur radio and electronics experimentation and development.

Picture at right: We now have a networked Kiwi Internet radio running at that runs from 1 khz to 30 Mhz ALL Mode and on 24 hours a day. Come have a listen! 

We are re-jigging our library area with 100 or more articles (in PDF format) - head over to the Library for a look -- from this point forward it is all free for the taking - Here is the 2019 Pacific Radio Log for download - by Bruce Portzer

Curious about this hobby - or amateur radio in general? Send us an e-mail - replies come at the speed of light!

REVIEW! We have a sample CCRANE Skywave SSB portable radio to review! Part one now!

Stuff we been doing!

Flag - Pennant - KAZ Antenna VACTROLI am always trying different antennas for the best possible reception and I build VACTROL - remote antenna termination controllers for FLAGS/Pennant/KAZ and longwire antennas.

In total I have built around 30 VACTROL (photo lower right) sets - now located around the World.

I am also building an improved MISEK-LANKFORD Dual Norton Phaser with improvements from Steve Ratzlaff, Nick Hall-Patch and yours truly.

They are currently being beta tested by some of North America's best medium-wave DXers.

If you are interesed in being on the wait-list for one, or have any questions about a custom made Misek-Lankford dual channel Phaser,  ---> send me an e-mail. 

ML Phaser 2019 sDrake Users Group on - We moved the ever popular Drake R8 user group from the slowly failing Yahoo-Groups to I have been an R8 user for over a decade now and if you have one and need any advice on usage, restoration or repair, come on over and see us on

Photo Left: Misek-Lankford Phasers (Built in Canada!) 

As someone who is as enthusiastic about the process of assembling a station as he is the actual activity, Colin enjoys building better antennas to cope with an increasingly noisy radio environment.

One of his favourites is the FLAG-Pennant antenna that he has given a lot of attention to - an antenna that has an amazing amount of directional signal rejection thanks to the use of a variable remote termination.

Not only that, but the FLAG/PENNANT antenna is useful for SW listening as well as medium-wave station hunting.

You can check out some of his work with the FLAG antenna and VACTROL system over here.

nora young talking ham radio on the CBC

Audio Feature #1 - CBC Spark - Feature audio stream - We had an interview on CBC Radio "Spark" a couple of years back on the subject of Amateur Radio as the Planet Earth's 1st form of social media - which I still believe it is.

Audio Feature #2 - SWL Digest Final Episode - Feature Audio Stream
From the radio history archives - Ian McFarland of Radio Canada International - this is the final show of the DX Digest from March 24, 1991 - in its entirety! 

This was recorded in Manitoba by legendary DXer and SWL Shawn Axelrod (who may soon be joining us on the team!) This is a one of a kind recording - and we release it the very day Shawn, Ian McFarland and I got together for lunch in Duncan, British Columbia! Happy listening!

Audio - Ian McFarland's Final Show on Radio Canada International - March 24, 1991

We mentor ham radio operators locally and can advise any Canadian thinking about becoming a ham radio operator - it is not rocket science and it's fun! Drop us a line if you have any questions about ham radio in Canada or you are a media outlet that wants to talk to a Canadian expert on the subject of emergency planning and communications - and how ham radio plays a significant role in emergency preparedness and response.