The website site has been on the air for over 20 years and is listed as a resource in the 2018 edition of the World Radio TV Handbook! 


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Welcome to the website - hosted in Victoria B.C. Canada the website has promoted the radio listening

MISEK LANKFORD RATZLAFF NEWELL HALL-PATCH Dual Norton Phaser MIDGE(SWL/DXing) hobby since the mid-1990's -- as well as promoting Amateur radio and electronics experimentation and development.

Your host, Colin Newell, has been a radio listener and enthusiast since 1971.

His collection of radios include his original Radio Shack DX150B which he acquired on November the 3rd, 1973 (A Saturday!) as well as classics like the Drake R8.

REVIEW! We have a sample CCRANE Skywave SSB portable radio to review! Part one now!

(Photo above right) Newsflash - Yours truly (and friends!) are developing a dual antenna phaser for the medium wave band that will allow listeners to null out local pests or regional powerhouses to hear what is underneath from an entirely different direction as well as reduce or eliminate sources of noise.

Photo above right - The Prototype 2018-2019 MISEK Phaser!

Send me an e-mail for more details. 

I am always trying different antennas for the best possible reception and I build VACTROL - remote antenna termination controllers for FLAGS/Pennant/KAZ and longwire antennas.

November 2018 - I am also building an improved MISEK-LANKFORD Dual Norton Phaser with improvements from Steve Ratzlaff, Nick Hall-Patch and yours truly. (Photo Above!) They are currently being beta tested by some of North America's best medium-wave DXers. If you are interesed in being on the wait-list for one, send me an e-mail. 

Drake Users Group on - We moved the ever popular Drake R8 user group from the slowly failing Yahoo-Groups to I have been an R8 user for over a decade now and if you have one and need any advice on usage, restoration or repair, come on over and see us on

As someone who is as enthusiastic about the process of assembling a station as he is the actual activity, Colin enjoys building better antennas to cope with an increasingly noisy radio environment.

One of his favourites is the FLAG-Pennant antenna that he has given a lot of attention to - an antenna that has an amazing amount of directional signal rejection thanks to the use of a variable remote termination.

Not only that, but the FLAG/PENNANT antenna is useful for SW listening as well as medium-wave station hunting.

You can check out some of his work with the FLAG antenna and VACTROL system over here.

nora young talking ham radio on the CBC

Audio Feature #1 - CBC Spark - Feature audio stream - We had an interview on CBC Radio "Spark" a couple of years back on the subject of Amateur Radio as the Planet Earth's 1st form of social media - which I still believe it is.

Audio Feature #2 - SWL Digest Final Episode - Feature Audio Stream
From the radio history archives - Ian McFarland of Radio Canada International - this is the final show of the DX Digest from March 24, 1991 - in its entirety! 

This was recorded in Manitoba by legendary DXer and SWL Shawn Axelrod (who may soon be joining us on the team!) This is a one of a kind recording - and we release it the very day Shawn, Ian McFarland and I got together for lunch in Duncan, British Columbia! Happy listening!

Audio - Ian McFarland's Final Show on Radio Canada International - March 24, 1991

We mentor aspriing ham radio operators locally and can advise any Canadian thinking about becoming a ham radio operator - it is not rocket science and it's fun! Drop us a line if you have any questions about ham radio in Canada or you are a media outlet that wants to talk to a Canadian expert on the subject of emergency planning and communications - and how ham radio plays a significant role in emergency preparedness and response.