July 19 2017 - Ian is celebrating a milestone birthday!

DX News! August 21st 2017 DXer/SWL/Ham Alert! There is a solar eclipse coming. Please consider participating in one of several ionospheric research projects - details over here on this website. The last significant solar eclipse in the Northwest (my neck of the woods) was 1979 - and the radio listening was very interesting! Be a part of history and get those radio dials polished up for some activity!

DX News! July 18 - 29th 2017 DXer/SWL/Ham Alert!  - We will be activating Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM beginning July 18th running thru July 29th. The special event call will be K5K, it will be a part of National Scout Jamboree. We will be working all open bands and digital as well. Plan to have quite a few Scout on the air working on their radio and communications merit badges. National Scout Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) will is a big deal and should have a number of special event stations active during the National Jamboree. Please pass the info along and also check K5K and/or K2BSA on QRZ.com for updated and new info. -- John wb5q

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Welcome to the DXer.CA website. The DXer.ca site has been on the air for over 20 years! In 20 years the SWL/DXing hobby has been in steady decline. There comes a time when one needs to think about doing something different with our time. We soldier on with relevant news for the SWL, DXer and Ham raio operator.

Photo at Right - Ian McFarland (formerly of RCI, CBC and NHK Japan) celebrates his 80th with family and friends - and a card from 50+ well-wishers from around the World! Thank you everyone!

Former CBC and RCI producer, anchor and on-air personality, Ian McFarland is celebrating a very important birthday in July!

Please join me in congratulating Ian in this milestone by sending me your best wishes for Ian to our contact e-mail. I will transcribe all of these notes onto one big greeting card for Ian! 

Ian McFarland has given so much to the World of World-band radio - and now is a great time to recognize this. Don't be shy! Send a note.

Talking Ham Radio with Nora Young on CBC Radio Spark

Feature audio stream - We had an interview on CBC Radio "Spark" a couple of years back on the subject of Amateur Radio as the Planet Earth's 1st form of social media - which I still believe it is.

This is one of my favourite interviews ever and I present it to you here in edited form via the HTML5 player below.

Feature Audio Stream - From the radio history archives - Ian McFarland of Radio Canada International - this is the final show of the DX Digest from March 24, 1991 - in its entirety! 

This was recorded in Manitoba by legendary DXer and SWL Shawn Axelrod (who may soon be joining us on the DXer.ca team!)

This is a one of a kind recording - and we release it the very day Shawn, Ian McFarland and I got together for lunch in Duncan, British Columbia! Happy listening!

Ian McFarland's Final Show on Radio Canada International - March 24, 1991

I am back on the air as VA7WWV and special event station CF7WWV - if anyone wants a SKED (any band). Send me a note

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My station includes the Kenwood TS-480SAT, ICOM 703+, receivers by Drake, NRD, Eton and Tecsun - and (currently) a MyAntennas.Com 80-10M End fed that tunes up on all the bands from 80 through 10 meters including the WARC bands. I do all modes from CW, FM-AM, PSK, SSB and JT65.

Photos Below - Ian McFarland just had his 80th birthday - and trust me folks, Ian does not look a day over 65! Years of hosting SWL Digest on Radio Canada International kept this man young! Thank you for all your wishes which were included on a 10 page insert on his birthday card! Ian is still very active with his primary charity - the Cowichan Valley Basket Society Food bank for those in need.

Contact - Need some info on this hobby or wish to introduce yourself?

You can send me an e-mail and I will reply within 24 hours.

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Currently forum spam is the only thing showing up on the forum so we will archive and shut down the forum in mid March 2017.

If I get a few unique requests to keep it alive, I will.

We mentor aspriing ham radio operators locally and can advise any Canadian thinking about becoming a ham radio operator - it is not rocket science and it's fun! Drop us a line if you have any questions about ham radio in Canada.

Photo left - An 80 years young Ian McFarland (CBC RCI and NHK) celebrates a milestone - I hope I am half as good looking and spry when I am 80!

MP3 no more - After years of putting out CD's and MP3 files to raise funds, we are done.

Thank you for your support over the years.

Ian thanks you! It has been fun making these recordings with Ian McFarland - and we have generated many, many dollars for his charity. 

For those that have bought his CD sets and downloaded the MP3 files - Thanks to all! 

Want to visit the best website on the subject of SWLing that still has a lot of energy left?
Head over to the blog on swling.com

Your DXer.ca editor, Colin Newell, has been an SWL/DXer since 1971, an electronics technician since 1979 (Red Seal certified since 1985) and a licensed Canadian radio ham since 2008 or so. You can always e-mail him on the subject of radio, media, electronics and your broken radios!