DXing from the Haida Gwaii

altIf there is a DXers paradise in North America, it could well be the Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands as it is also known. This September, some of the best in the hobby gathered for a "once in a lifetime" expedition. This is their story. --Colin Newell

Guy Atkins
: Four months ago I had never heard of the Haida Gwaii Indian nation, nor had I been anywhere within 700 miles of this beautiful place. However, thanks to Walt Salmaniw and his gracious wife Wanda (a native Haida, as it turns out), this DXpedition was the most memorable ever--as much or more so for the memories of food, friendship, and hospitality than for the Dxing itself. Meeting top local Haida artists, touring the new and expansive Haida Gwaii Cultural Center, and being invited guests of a Haida "potlatch" ceremony were episodes not soon forgotten!


John and I joined early arrivers Bruce and Chuck, who had the misfortune of having to fly into Masset, rather than enjoy a 2-day, 21+ hour drive and a 7-hour ferry ride complete with "operational issues" that delayed our sailing until the next morning. Walt had warned us sternly about watching the highways for moose-- boulder-sized creatures that can easily cut a DXpedition (and a life) inconveniently short. Fortunately, all we saw were many dozens of the yellow and black moose warning signs along the way.


Maps and globes label this chain of 200 islands as the "Queen Charlotte Islands," but it really should be Haida Gwaii, as the native people know it to be. The scenery is beautiful and starkly remote--you can see the Alaskan panhandle on the ocean's horizon from Walt and Wanda's Masset Island, BC summer home. The location is ideal for extended DXpeditioning, with easy access to the north-facing Pacific beach. We had room to run out Beverages, BOGs, terminated loops, and Wellbrook prototype arrays to our heart's content, although one antenna required major bushwacking by Bruce "Machete" Portzer.


Safely at Walt and Wanda's special home on the beach, we began six straight days of DXing, fueled liberally by all manner of Haida native specialties. My plan of dining on Cup-O-Soups and Pop Tarts was quickly thwarted, as Wanda & company's ongoing menu included treats such as fresh-caught & smoked salmon, venison, red snapper, halibut, huckleberry pie, salal berry jam, and much more!


With no local medium wave pests to speak of, the band was eerily quiet during the daytime; 930 Ketchikan and 860 Prince Rupert were the only stations of any significant strength. In fact, Ketchikan was our test station for adjusting the nulls on the Wellbrooks, since it is due north of Walt and Wanda's Masset home.


Eat, sleep, DX... and repeat. That was the pattern of main activities for our six days in Masset. The DX we heard was fabulous, as the loggings will show. Most enjoyable for me was hearing 1548 kHz, Deutsche Welle in Sri Lanka, and the unexpected TAs from Holland, Algeria, UK, and even São Tome (!) were just gravy on the DX plate. I logged a number of new Japanese MW outlets on 10 kHz frequencies simply due to the lack of local/regionals from remote Haida Gwaii.

altJohn Bryant:
Few of my lasting memories of the DXpedition to Haida Gwaii are about the equipment we used or the DX we heard. That is probably because I've wanted to go to the Islands for almost half a century to visit the homeland of the fabulously artistic Haida nation. Like most of us, as a child, I was fascinated by totem poles and the startling graphic images that covered them. When I got into college and took courses in graphics (required for budding architects) I learned that many of the "tribes" or "nations" of the upper Northwest made totem poles and had similar stunning graphics; after a bit more reading I found out that the Haida nation had been the most successful at war and diplomacy, the best seagoing navigators and the best, the purest of ancient artisans. The Haida homeland was and is the very large Queen Charlotte Islands which lay almost 100 km. off the very northern coast of Canada's British Columbia; they insist on calling those home islands "Haida Gwaii."

Walt Salmaniw's lovely wife Wanda is a Haida; they met when Walt served as the base surgeon at the then highly-secret joint Canada/USA radio monitoring station right outside Masset, on the northern coast of the Islands. When they invited several of us up to their new cottage on that same north coast of Haida Gwaii, we were all really excited. I was sure that it would be a double-barreled treat. First, we'd get a chance to DX on the coast a looooong way from most of the MW transmitters that bother us so much in the Victoria/Seattle/Portland areas; there was the added thrill, too, of DXing within two or three miles of one of those super-secret "Wullenweber Array" 1200 foot diameter listening antennas. If the governments were willing to put up hundreds of millions of dollars worth of listening antennas on the north shore of Haida Gwaii, the DX really oughta be great!

Secondly, with Walt and Wanda both being local residents, during the DXpedition we would have a good chance to meet some of the artists, see their work and possibly understand a bit more of the unique Haida culture. As it turned out, we were more than rewarded on both counts: fabulous DX, almost too much for even five of us to adequately log and report and Haida hospitality, food, art and friendship that was equally bountiful.

altIts difficult to decide which of the DX catches were my favorites. Our most newsworthy catches were probably 1548 DW in Sri Lanka, 1530 VOA Sao Tome and 684-AIR Port Blair in the Andaman Islands; the former two were heard first by Chuck and Bruce, the latter by that wretch Walt, not 30 minutes after Guy and I, as the last two guests, left the cottage on Haida Gwaii. I think that we'll also likely never forget the trans-Arctic European openings for three or four evenings in the early part of the DXpedition. Apparently our trip to Haida Gwaii coincided with the best TAr opening of this solar cycle. For me, I heard more and better Europeans and North Africans in those three or four evenings than I heard in three DXpeditions to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with Harold Cones. Lastly, I'll not soon forget logging such a flood of Japanese stations. After twenty years of specializing in Japan, there were only a few that I had not heard at least once before, but those few are precious. And to hear so many so well in such a short time. Priceless!

Finally, Guy Atkins and I chose to drive up to the Queen Charlottes rather than fly, as did the rest of the crew. We might have decided to drive before we realized just how long a trip we bargained for. British Columbia is VERY large. Guy and I drove a full twelve hours north through central BC to Prince George and then eight hours west to the Pacific coast at Prince Rupert. From there it was a 7 hour ferry ride and another hour plus drive to the Salmaniw's cottage on the north shore of Haida Gwaii. Guy and I would have had fun doing that road trip no matter the territory traveled through. However, British Columbia is stunningly beautiful and, especially on the trip back, the fall colors were simply gorgeous. Golden birch forests in the evening sun and high Alpine glaciers in the mists don't QSL, but they were certainly memorable, as well.


Chuck Hutton:

Highlights flowed like rain back home in Seattle, including:

  • I was able to hear NHK1 on 990 and 999 and they completed my goal of hearing each and every frequency on which NHK1 and NHK2 operate. That's a total of 40 frequencies for NHK1 and 23 for NHK2.
  • HBC's main station on 1287 is a regular but it has a handful of lower powered repeaters. I was able to hear some of them: 864 (3 kw), 900 (5 kw), 1269 (5 + 1 kw), 1368 (1 kw), 1404 (5 kw), 1449 (5 kw), and 1494 (1 kw). No luck with 801 (100 Watts), 1098 (power not known) and 1557 (100 Watts). Next time....
  • 610 CKRW from the frozen Yukon (Whitehorse) was a target and was heard within a few minutes of tuning to 610. Almost too easy.
  • The 810 LPRT (40 or 100 Watts - not sure) from Whitehorse was also heard when I noticed the oddity of French language weather.
  • 1566 UK: This was the first TA I heard after plugging things up! I was making the first of many checks for India but instead heard a commercial English station which later was ID'ed as County Sound Radio by Bruce.
  • 1548: It was a thrill to hear Sri Lanka with a decent signal since it's so far, far away. It would have been the catch of the trip had it not been heard once before.
  • 1566: There were tantalizing pieces of something under HLAZ several times. Later I will have to study the recordings closely.
  • 810: A surprise was the AFN station on 810 which is not widely heard.
  • There were Filipinos on many frequencies. New stations included 1323 Nation Broadcasting, 1458 Bantay Radio, 1485, 1530, and more.

Those were the nocturnal highlights. The daytime highlights were just as good, due to the magnificent setting of Walt’s cabin just off the beach in the forests of Haidi Gwaii (aka the Queen Charlotte Islands). There was also the great experience of watching Walt get inducted into the Haida nation as his wife is a Haida. Add it all up and this was a great experience, a great vacation, and a great DXpedition.

Bruce Portzer: This was by far my longest and most amazing DXpedition ever. For one thing, we were several hundred miles north of home, so there was a lot less interference. It was nice having only three stations within 100 miles of us. We had open water to the north of us and land to the south of us, which helped enhance reception of Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic stations at the expense of stations to the south.

The TA’s were absolutely amazing at times. Some, such as Germany-1422 and France-1377 were often equal to and sometimes stronger than stations on neighboring domestic channels. I expected reception patterns to favor the higher latitude TAs, as is often the case in the Puget Sound region. Those stations were indeed present, but overall reception was similar to that reported by New England DXers, with plenty of signals from Spain, France, and North Africa. Some of my favorite logs for the week include County Sound Radio-1566 (750 watts), Capitol Gold in Manchester on 1458 (5kw), Spain-1485, Holland-1395 (aka “Big L”), Manx Radio-1368, and VOA Sao Tome on 1530 (mixing with KFBK).

TP DX was likewise impressive. Many channels were dominated by the usual powerhouses we can hear at home or at Grayland. But with reduced interference from adjacent domestics, it was possible to hear them more clearly and hear others in the background. For example, DZEM-954 was noted mixing with JOKR one morning. The DX became much more impressive around 1400 UT, after most of the domestics had faded out. Some of the even channels were occupied by 3 or 4 TP stations. For example, once KGO faded out, China, North Korea, Russia, and AFN-Tokyo could be heard on 810. Similarly, I was able to log China Radio International’s SE Asia service on 1080 mixing with the North Korean station and its South Korean jammer. Other noteworthy logs included KTWG-801, Changchun-1332, CRI stations on 1269 and 1296, and a relog of Sri Lanka 1548. I hope to identify a few more once I go back through the logs.

DU stations were anemic – Tahiti-738 was there weakly a couple of times, as were a couple of the stronger Aussies.

I didn’t spend much time listening for domestic stations, but I did note three from east of the Mississippi: WBZ-1030, WTAM-1100, and WYLL-1160.

This was also my first DXpedition with a software defined receiver, the RFSpace SDR-IQ. I made good use of the SDR’s ability to record 190 kHz of spectrum, and filled my hard drive with 200 GB of recordings. I’ll be spending the next few weeks listening to them as time permits. The SDR opened up all sorts of new DX possibilities, simply by recording large swaths of the band while I tuned around on the R8A. For example, the SDR captured a minute or so of readable audio from Manx Radio during one of those recording sessions; otherwise 1368 had only a routine het. I tuned past the channel many times in favor of more interesting stuff, and wouldn’t have heard it except for the SDR recording.

Like I said at the beginning, this was my most exciting DXpedition of all times. My thanks go out to Walt, his wife Wanda, and her family for all the wonderful food and good times.

Walt Salmaniw: This year’s dxpedition will go down as one of my most enjoyable (and perhaps exhausting) dxpedition ever. Arriving during prime DX season, I immediately began dxing using an existing short 400’ N/S Beverage from UTC September 15th. Upon the arrival of my first two guests, Bruce Portzer and Chuck Hutton on the 16th, we immediately proceeded in erecting a virtual DXers paradise with numerous antennae including BOGs, a Wellbrook phased array, a small corner fed loop, as well as the existing N/S wire. Conditions for the most part were wonderful, although deteriorating over time. My last morning, however, appeared to be as good as an Asian opening as I’ve ever heard! John Bryant and Guy Atkins arrived on the afternoon of the 17th after a minor ferry delay, and jumped right into the serious dxing! Although quite cramped, we nonetheless were all quite comfortable, and enjoyed the sites and cuisine of Haida Gwaii.

Personally, I was honoured by the Haida nation by being adopted as a Raven into my wife’s aunt’s family. I was given the Haida name of “nung cung guduny us” meaning “a kind person”. It was a moving experience, and I was delighted to have four close friends from the dx world witness this event.

Pictures from the DXpedition are available on the website of Guy Atkins.


What they heard

153 RUSSIA Norilsk, 1308 9/21 Radio Rossii ID fair, only Russian LW audible at the time (bp-QCI)
153 RUSSIA Komsomolsk. Sep 15 11:33 Radio Rossii. Not sure why it's not in the most recent PAL. Heard every morning at often very good levels with network programming. Always // to other FE LW stations: 180, 189, 234, and 279. (Salmaniw-QCI)
171 RUSSIA Oyash Sep 19 12:33 Excellent morning for Russian LW stations. I missed this one on other mornings, but it was in today at a 7 level with usual Radio Rossii programs. (Salmaniw-QCI)
180 RUSSIA Petropavlovsk Sep 15. 11:33 Radio Rossii. Regular with same comments as 153. (Salmaniw-QCI)
189 ICELAND 0435-2152 9/21 good w/light rock songs, some in English, faded across ToH, but back 0502 w/news in presumed Icelandic (bp-QCI)
189 ICELAND Sep 16 03:47 . Presumed logging at a 7 level. Heard on about half of evenings. (Salmaniw-QCI)
189 RUSSIA Belogorsk Sep 15. 11:33 Radio Rossii. Strong reception. Same comments as 153. (Salmaniw-QCI)
209 MONGOLIA Sep 17 12:14. Heard a number of times at weak level, and always early. About a 7. Later in the morning, the frequency would be taken over by a TWEB broadcast from Alaska. Sep 19 at 12:32 at good 7 to 8 levels. For some reason, I never did hear the more commonly reported 164. (Salmaniw-QCI)
234 RUSSIA Arman, Magadan. Sep 15 11:33 Radio Rossii. Consistently the weakest performer of the LW FE Russian stations. (Salmaniw-QCI)
279 RUSSIA Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Sep 15 11:33. Radio Rossii. Consistently the strongest performer (as is the case in Victoria) with a “9” level. Heard daily. (Salmaniw-QCI)
518 CHINA Sanya 1402 9/22 message beginning SANYARADIO/XSI, the rest mostly garbled (bp-QCI)
518 CHINA Shanghai, 1445 9/19 messages re dregding, gunnery exercises, etc, giving XSG callsign (bp-QCI)
518 HAWAII Honolulu, 0940 9/18, NAVTEX transmissions by USCG, various notices to mariners. Also noted most other nights (bp-QCI)
518 JAPAN Kushiro,1342 9/18 IMPORTANT WARNING FOR KUSHIRO ...JAPAN NAVTEX then message about drifting buoy (bp-QCI)
518 JAPAN Naha, 1308 9/19 messages re flares & rocket exercises by Navy near Okinawa (bp-QCI)
518 JAPAN Otaru, 0929 9/19 IMPORTANT WARNING FOR OTARU NAVTEX AREA, messages re bombing exercises, search & rescue, submarine cable laying etc (bp-QCI)
518 JAPAN Yokohama, 1324 9/18 Japan Navtex, messages re gunnery exercises, weather for Yokohama, etc. (bp-QCI)
518 PUERTO RICO San Juan, 1010 9/19, weather report for Caribbean, Bahamas, etc (bp-QCI)
518 RUSSIA Petropavlovsk 0820 9/22 series of messages starting with COASTAL WARNING PETROPAVLOVSK (bp-QCI)
518 SOUTH KOREA. Chukpyon, 1133 9/19 Korea Navtex detailed wx report for nearby waters (bp-QCI)
518 TAIWAN Yenliaoken, 1431 9/19 Taiwan Navtex messages re gunnery exercises (bp-QCI)
531 AUSTRALIA 2PM, Sep 22 1305 - JOQG Morioka was strong at tune-in, but gave way to presumed 2PM Kempsey with English announcer and C&W music. (Atkins-QCI)
531 JAPAN JOQG, NHK1, Morioka, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
531 JAPAN JOQG Morioka, Sep 20 1151 - Ricky Nelson's 'Travelin' Man' song at tune-in, followed by 'Stand By Me.' Male announcer in Japanese at 1155.Caught almost certain mention of Morioka at 1158. Fair to good. (Atkins-QCI)
531 JAPAN Sep 15 12:15. JOQG Morioka. NHK1. A regular throughout the dxpedition at an 8 level. Often stronger than // 594. On Sep 22 heard English cochannel here, ? 2PM or 4KZ.(Salmaniw-QCI)
531 UNID 0447 9/20 soft rock tunes in English, Faroe Islands most likely (bp-QCI)
540 CHINA Sep 24 14:11 CNR1 with multiple echos. (Salmaniw-QCI)
540 JAPAN NHK1 Synchros, Sep 18 1400 - Heard about half the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
549 VIETNAM My Van, VoV2 1351 9/18 woman in Vietnamese //702 fair in splatter (bp-QCI)
549 VIETNAM V. of Vietnam 2 (t), My Van , Sep 18 1411 - Tentative this in probable Vietnamese at just above threshold when VOV1-675 was booming in. Talk by man. (Bryant-QCI)
549 VIETNAM Sep 17 12:45. Voice of Vietnam 2 at good level // to 783 and possibly 1089 at the same time. Strong at 13:34 on Sep 18 and // to 702.(Salmaniw-QCI)
558 JAPAN JOCR, Kobe, Sep 18 1400 - Noted most AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
558 SOUTH KOREA HLQH Daegu fair // 603 1114 9-17. (Hutton-QCI)
567 JAPAN JOIK Sapporo, Sep 19 1222 - Heard nightly with Japanese EZL music and announcers at good levels, parallel 594. (Atkins-QCI)
567 JAPAN Sep 15 12:16 JOIK Sapporo. NHK1. Also a solid performer with 8 level signals and // to 594. (Salmaniw-QCI)
567 UNID 0507 9/19 pop music fair, English-like talk, likely Ireland but way too much splatter from local CHTK-560 (bp-QCI)
570 CANADA Whitehorse absolutely owning the channel with CBC Diana Kral interview 0555 Sep. 20 then "This is CBC Radio One serving the Yukon at 570 AM from Whitehorse, truly north". (Hutton-QCI)
570 CANADA Sep 19 13:40 CFHW Whitehorse with local weather (including snow!) at excellent S9 + 20 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
585 JAPAN JOPG, NHK1, Kushiro, Sep 19 1411 - NHK1 talk programming //594 at fair level. Other co-chan NHK1s are highly unlikely. (Bryant-QCI)
585 JAPAN Sep 17 12:49 JOPG Kushiro, Hokkaido with NHK1 // to 531, 594, etc with an ethnic music program (Laotian or Vietnamese sounding). Fair level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
590 ALASKA Anchorage, KHAR, 0543 9/19 atop w/jingle ID & standards (bp-QCI)
594 JAPAN JOAK, NHK1, Tokyo, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
594 JAPAN JOAK Tokyo, Sep 21 1228 - VERY strong signals every morning of DXpedition, parallel to 585 and other NHK1 outlets. Noted this morning with light jazz tunes and two male announcers in Japanese. NHK ID at 1231. (Atkins-QCI)
594 JAPAN Sep 15 12:17 JOAK Tokyo. NHK1 heard throughout at 9 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
594 PHILIPPINES 1410 9/21, Tagalog talk u/JOAK-594, probably DZBB (bp-QCI)
594 PHILIPPINES Sep 21 14:10 Filipino station here, cochannel JOAK. 3 listed. (Salmaniw-QCI)
594 VIETNAM Sep 23 12:36. Voice of Vietnam loud over JJ ! (Salmaniw-QCI)
603 CHINA unid 1449 9/22 several ads in Chinese, pop music, 1459 theme music, time pips, possible something dientai ID by woman (bp-QCI)
603 CHINA Sep 17 13:00. Unid CC station at good level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
603 JAPAN NHK1 Synchros, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
603 SOUTH KOREA HLSA Seoul fair // 558 1114 9-17. (Hutton-QCI)
603 SOUTH KOREA Sep 22 13:36 HLSA with non-stop music, // to 558 with co-channel NHK underneath. Very strong. (Salmaniw-QCI)
610 CANADA CKRW Whitehorse 0542 Sep. 20 on top with “You’ve got it locked on CKRW” then rock mx. I wondered if this would be heard at all and I caught it within a minute of tuning to 610. (Hutton-QCI)
610 CANADA Sep 20 05:44 CKRW Whitehorse with Radio Netherlands Sportstalk. ID just heard by Chuck Hutton. Good reception. Weather, news headlines, and ID for CKRW 610 Whitehorse heard at 13:31. “5 degrees outside”. (Salmaniw-QCI)
612 AUSTRALIA 4QR, Brisbane, Sep 22 1425 - Heard well over JOLK for the only DU logging of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
612 AUSTRALIA Sep 21 12:40 4QR co-channeling with an oriental station. Became stronger by 13:32. (Salmaniw-QCI)
612 JAPAN JOLK, NHK1, Fukuoka, Sep 18 1400 - Noted most AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
612 JAPAN JOLK Fukuoka, Sep 21 1236 - Sporting event or Japanese drama, with lots of yelling and crowd noises in Japanese. Parallel to 603. Fair-good. (Atkins-QCI)
612 JAPAN Sep 17 13:00 JOLK Fukuoka with NHK1 at 7 to 8 level. Very strong at 14:47 on Sep 22. (Salmaniw-QCI)
621 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang Bangsong, Sep 20 1448 - KK talk at great level, dominating R.Rossii. (Bryant-QCI)
621 RUSSIA excellent Russian talk and mx 1458 Sep. 19, assumed to be Khabarovsk even though they are said to be off at 1300 per the PAL. (Hutton-QCI)
621 RUSSIA R. Rossii, Khabarovsk, Sep 18 1430 - Listed as other affiliation, but running R. Rossii at this time // various longwave outlets. Noted about half the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
621 RUSSIA GTRK Dal'nevostochnaya, Khabarovsk, Sep 23 1318 - Very strong, but for only a few minutes before fading beneath splatter, with male in Russian and hard-drivin' blues and rock music. Presumed. (Atkins-QCI)
621 RUSSIA Sep 18 14:24 Russian drama listed for this Khabarovsk outlet, with // to 279. Not signing off at listed 13:00. Thanks to John Bryant for pointing this one out. (Salmaniw-QCI)
630 ALASKA Sep 20 08:06 I'm quite sure I can hear KIAM cochannel to KJNO (Juneau with news) with religious programming. I'll have to look for IDs to be certain. (Salmaniw-QCI)
630 CHINA Sep 24 14:20 CNR2 strong with multiple site echos. //6065. (Salmaniw-QCI)
648 JAPAN JOIG, NHK1, Toyama, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
648 RUSSIA V. of Russia, Ussuriysk, Sep 23 1215 - Traditional Russian folk songs, then man talking in KK with RR also. Language lesson? (Bryant-QCI)
648 RUSSIA VOA, Sep 22 1318 - Tentative, with female announcer in Korean, as listed in PAL. Poor signal. Also heard 9/23 with excellent Voice of Russia signal in Korean at 1215. (Atkins-QCI)
648 RUSSIA Sep 22 13:46 Voice of Russia in KK. At good level. I suspect my unid may be the same. Very strong at 12:18 Sep 23. (Salmaniw-QCI)
648 UNID Sep 15 12:33. At weak "6" level, not NHK1. (Salmaniw-QCI)
657 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang Bangsong, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition, always running noticeably below assigned frequency. (Bryant-QCI)
657 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang, Sep 22 1348 - Orchestral music and chorus, parallel to 3250. Very strong signal. (Atkins-QCI)
657 NORTH KOREA Sep 15 12:35. Pyongyang with usual piano music and // to 3320, at an 8 level. Heard also Sep 17 (a subpar morning) at 13:11 // to 3320 and 3250. Also noted a cochannel piano music on this day. Believe it or not, it was at S9 + 30 at 13:48 on Sep 22.(Salmaniw-QCI)
666 CHINA (t) Sep 17 13:23 unid CC with a good signal, but I could not find any // frequencies. Also had piano co-channel. (Salmaniw-QCI)
666 JAPAN JOBK, NHK1, Osaka, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
666 JAPAN JOBK Osaka, Sep 19 1227 - Amusing Western-themed drama in Japanese, with horse neighs and cowboy music and sound effects. Fair level. (Atkins-QCI)
666 JAPAN Sep 15 12:36 JOBK at a 7 level. Osaka with NHK1. Not quite as strong or regular as the other low band JJ. Sep 21 at 14:52 heard them with strong signal and an English cochannel. No idea who this could be? (Salmaniw-QCI)
666 PHILIPPINES DZRH Manila rising on top of Japan 1322 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
666 PHILIPPINES Manila DZRH, 1511 9/21 Tagalog discussion mixing w/Japan (bp-QCI)
666 PHILIPPINES Unid., Sep 21 1453 - Fast-talking male announcer in Tagalog, beneath JOBK Osaka. Poor-fair. Presumed a Philippino here, probably the stronger DZRH. (Atkins-QCI)
666 VIETNAM Sep 23 12:53. A most interesting frequency with 3 audios heard, with the strongest being Voice of Vietnam. (Salmaniw-QCI)
670 ALASKA Dillingham, KDLG 1200 9/19, ID for KDLG, KIAL-1450, KSDP-830, KNSA-930, + FM translator, into BBC nx //KNSA-930 (bp-QCI)
675 HOLLAND Sep 19 04:34 Presumed Arrow Rock Radio at good level with rock music. (Salmaniw-QCI)
675 JAPAN NHK1 Synchros, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
675 VIETNAM V. of Vietnam 1, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
675 VIETNAM Voice of Vietnam 1, Sep 20 1200 - Tuned in at top of hour to catch VoV1 mixing with a Chinese station and rising to the top with mentions of 'Vietnam' by male. Fair. Also heard 9/23 with very good signal at 1220. (Atkins-QCI)
675 VIETNAM Sep 15 13:31 Voice of Vietnam 1st program heard frequently and often at near armchair levels with nice VV music. On at least one occasion no time pips or ID at the TOH noted. Very good reception on Sep 17. (Salmaniw-QCI)
680 ALASKA Barrow, KBRW, 1343 9/20 probably the one w/BBC nx pgm, faded by 1355, will have to wait yet again for a proper ID (bp-QCI)
680 ALASKA Sep 20 13:44. KBRW presumed from Barrow with BBC programming using my N/S mini-Beverage. Fits their programming, but as yet no positive ID. Perhaps buried in the audio files somewhere? Thanks to Bruce to pointing this one out. (Salmaniw-QCI)
684 ANDAMAN ISLANDS Sep 24 14:25 My personal coup with Indian music parallel to SW 4760. I maintained watch on this frequency for over the next hour. Reception varied from poor to quite good. I'll have to watch the recordings to see if I can pick up anything more. Sorry that John and Guy had to leave just a few minutes earlier! (Salmaniw-QCI)
684 CHINA 1500 9/20, Zhongyang Renmin Guangbo Dientai ID fair atop channel (bp-QCI)
684 JAPAN NHK1 1347 9/20 NHK1 //JOAK-594, mixing w/2 other stations (bp-QCI)
684 JAPAN JODF + Synchros, Morioka, Sep 20 1200 - Noted with All Night Nippon(?) mixing with JOAG. Tough copy but good level. (Bryant-QCI)
684 JAPAN JOAG, NHK1, Nagasaki, Sep 20 1200 - Heard with time pips and into news//594, but very poor and mixing with IBC commercial network co-chan. (Bryant-QCI)
684 SPAIN Sevilla, RNE1, 0509 9/17 good w/man & woman in Spanish (bp-QCI)
684 SPAIN RNE1, Sevilla, Sep 19 0413 - Heard with seeming news and commentary at fair level. Later //ed to 738 RNE1, Barcelona. (Bryant-QCI)
684 SPAIN Sep 17 05:05 Radio Nacional 1, Sevilla with Spanish language and ballads. (Salmaniw-QCI)
684 UNID. Sep 21 14:53 Quite late in the morning, heard, “Bye guys”. Not sure who? ?Filipino. (Salmaniw-QCI)
684 UNID 1356 9/20 woman in unid language, rolled her Rs when she spoke, faded down by 1400. Indian type music & bits of talk in unid lang at 1425 recheck, no pips at 1430. (bp-QCI)
685 RUSSIA Khalatyrka, 1454 9/20 HY beacon weak w/morse IDs, hetting 684 (bp-QCI)
685 RUSSIA Sep 20 14:25 HY Beacon weakly audible from Khalatyrka, Kamchatka. (Salmaniw-QCI)
693 ENGLAND Droitwich et al, BBC5 0440 9/19, talk show fair in 690 splat (bp-QCI)
693 JAPAN JOAB, NHK2, Tokyo, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
693 JAPAN Sep 15 13:01 JOAB Tokyo with powerhouse signals NHK2 at 9 levels. (Salmaniw-QCI)
702 AUSTRALIA 2BL Sydney, Sep 21 1343 - Talk on currencies, economics, and various topics by two male announcers in English. Fair, and parallel 1548 4QD Emerald. (Atkins-QCI)
702 AUSTRALIA Sep 21 13:54. 2BL Sydney mixing with another Asian station, both at equal level. Overall a good DU morning with an upswing in A/K indices. Rechecked at 14:03 by which time NHK2 had taken over over 2BL (Salmaniw-QCI)
702 JAPAN NHK2 Synchros, Sep 18 1400 - Noted most of the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
702 JAPAN JOKD Kitami, Sep 19 1232 - Female talk parallel to 747 JOIB, so presumed this rather than JOFB Hiroshima. Fair to good. (Atkins-QCI)
702 NORTH KOREA KCBS, Chongjin, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half the AMs of the DXpedition, //873. (Bryant-QCI)
702 NORTH KOREA Sep 15 13:02. On approximately 702.07. Also cochannel JOKD on 702.0 from Kitami, Hokkaido with NHK2 programming at a 7 level. Presumed JOKD as there's also JOFB from Hiroshima. North Korean heard // to 2850 on Sep 17. (Salmaniw-QCI)
702 UNIDENTIFIED Unid., Sep 21 1348 - Christian contemporary music and sermon beneath 2BL Sydney, with a Chinese station thrown into the mix for good measure. Perhaps DZAS Manila?. (Atkins-QCI)
702 VIETNAM Danang, VoV2, 1333 9/18 Vietnamese talk //549 o/u NHK (bp-QCI)
702 VIETNAM Sep 18 13:34 Voice of Vietnam 2 // to 549. Cochannel North Korea on 702.06 and NHK2 (JAPAN). (Salmaniw-QCI)
711 AUSTRALIA (or NEW ZEALAND). Sep 17 15:06 Most likely 4QW St George, Queensland, and less likely 2XP Radio Trackside, Wellington. DU accented EE at poor to fair level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
711 JAPAN NHK1, Unk. Location, Sep 20 1437 - NHK1 JJ talk clearly // 594 and others. Unlisted in any reference. (?)(Bryant-QCI)
711 SOUTH KOREA HLKA, Sorae (Seoul), Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
711 SOUTH KOREA Sep 21 14:13. HLKA massive here. (Salmaniw-QCI)
711 UNID 1354 9/18 & several other times, woman in SE Asian language u/Korea, didn't seem to be //Vietnam-675 (bp-QCI)
711 VIETNAM Sep 17 13:30 Voice of Vietnam 1 with VV talk. Heard again on Sep 25 12:27 at good level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
719.83 NORTH KOREA Sep 18 13:29. Very loud with S9 + 10 signal and // to 2850. (Salmaniw-QCI)
720 ALASKA Kotzebue, KOTZ, 1401 9/19 signon by woman in native language, then man in English fair mixing w/CNR2 (bp-QCI)
720 CHINA CNR2, 1459 9/19 ending English lessons by man & woman, then time pips 1500 (bp-QCI)
720 JAPAN JOIL, Kitakyushu, Sep 24 1751 - Presume this one, heard twice, but unable to parallel. (Bryant-QCI)
720 JAPAN Sep 24 13:55 JOIL. Thanks to John for pointing this one out. Only 1 kw, a KBC station in Kitakyushu. (Salmaniw-QCI)
720 RUSSIA Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 1307 9/21 VOR Japanese service fair //7175 (bp-QCI)
720 RUSSIA V. of Russia, Sep 22 1333 - Probably VoR here with female Japanese announcer. I checked the parallels shown in PAL for the low-power Japan outlets, and none were parallel to 720. VoR is scheduled at this time for Japanese language. Good level. (Atkins-QCI)
720 RUSSIA Sep 15 13:03 VOR in JJ from Yushno Sakhalinsk at an 8 level. Regular on this frequency. (Salmaniw-QCI)
729 CHINA Jiangxi RGD, Nanchang, Sep 18 1400 - Presume this one, noted about half the AMs of the DXpedition in standard CC. (Bryant-QCI)
729 JAPAN JOCK, NHK1, Nagoya, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
729 JAPAN Sep 15 13:04 JOCK Nagoya with NHK1 programming // to 594 at a 9 level, with coch oriental. (Salmaniw-QCI)
738 JAPAN UNID JJ Commercials, Sep 20 1210 - Two different JJ commercial stations in a furball at good level. (Bryant-QCI)
738 PHILIPPINES Sep 17 15:09 Weak Filipino talk, presumed DZRB, Bulacan, Manila. (Salmaniw-QCI)
738 SOUTH KOREA HLKG, Gyeongsan, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
738 SOUTH KOREA, Gyeongsan, HLKG, 1359:30 9/22, good ID in Korean w/mentions of KBS, AM & FM, then call ID & pips, into news (bp-QCI)
738 SOUTH KOREA Sep 15 13:05. Presumed KBS1 from HLKG at 9 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
738 SPAIN RNE1, Barcelona, Sep 19 0507 - Noted at fair/poor level // RNE1 Sevilla on 684. News. (Bryant-QCI)
747 HOLLAND Sep 20 03:59 Very strong with presumed Radio 1 programming in Dutch. (Salmaniw-QCI)
747 JAPAN JOIB, NHK2, Sapporo, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
747 JAPAN Sep 15 13:10 JOIB Sapporo with, of course, 9 signal strength heard along with all the JJ powerhouses at all times in the morning, and frequently past 9:00 am local. (Salmaniw-QCI)
747 NETHERLANDS Radio 5(t), Flevoland, Sep 20 0350 - Tentative this briefly at good level with what sounded to be Dutch programming, though I really did not recognize the language. (Bryant-QCI)
747 SOUTH KOREA HLKH Bia, Sep 18 1437 - Continuous talk by a male announcer in Korean. Finally nailed this weak KBS 1 station in the background of very strong JOIB Sapporo, by stumbling upon a parallel HLKA on neighboring 756. The clarity of the SDR-1000's audio really aids in listening 'into' a signal for nuances such as a very weak co-channel station far in the background of a dominant station. (Atkins-QCI)
750 ALASKA Sep 18 05:50 KFQD Anchorage relaying Channel 2 TV at excellent level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
756 CHINA CNR1 Synchros, Sep 19 1335 - Good level //945 & 5030. (Bryant-QCI)
756 JAPAN JOGK Kumamoto parallel 594 at 1451 Sep. 19. (Hutton-QCI)
756 JAPAN Sep 22 15:02 JOGK Kumamoto 10 kw with NHK1 program at fair to good level. HLKA KBS1 also cochannel under the JJ station. (Salmaniw-QCI)
765 JAPAN UNID Commercial Synchros, Sep 18 1400 - Noted several times during the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
774 CHINA Hubei RGD, Sep 23 1502 - Presumed this 200 kW station, dominating usually powerful JOUB Akita. Noted a repeated mailing address with mentions of Hubei by male announcer, chatter by man and woman, and brief orchestral music. Very strong signal. (Atkins-QCI)
774 JAPAN JOUB, NHK2, Akita, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
774 JAPAN JOUB Akita, Sep 23 1543 - Checked back on this frequency and 747 also, to catch vibraharp (xylophone) sign-off tune. All NHK1 noted signing off at 1545*. (Atkins-QCI)
774 JAPAN Sep 15 13:15. JOUB Akita, with NHK2 programming. Very strong at a 9 level, but with strong cochannel CC or KK station(s). (Salmaniw-QCI)
790 ALASKA Glenallen, KCAM, 1359 9/19, Christian music, full ID, woman singing NA, then Fox news strong (bp-QCI)
792 AUSTRALIA Sep 21 14:17 4RN Brisbane strong. Again on Sep 22 at 14:14. (Salmaniw-QCI)
792 SOUTH KOREA HLSQ Goyang 1458 Sep. 22 stupendously excellent with music and call letters in English. (Hutton-QCI)
801 CHINA 1515 Sep. 21 with good guangbo diantai ID but I can't match up the important part before it. (Hutton-QCI)
801 GUAM Agana, KTWG, 1401 9/21 good w/promo, legal ID by girl or young woman (bp-QCI)
801 GUAM KTWG Agana, Sep 21 1358 - End of Bible program in English, 'with the reading of Oswald Chambers' 'My Utmost for His Highest,' published by Discovery House Publishers.' Promos for upcoming 'Extreme Radio, with Bill Scott' show, then nice voice-over piano music ID by female: 'bringing the peace of God's Word to the Pacific, this is KTWG, Agana, Guam.' Good signal level. (Atkins-QCI)
801 GUAM Sep 17 15:11 KTWG heard a number of times with same American preacher at fair level. Heard many times during the dxpedition. ID as "the Voice of the Martyr" at 13:58 on Sep 21. At 14:02, full ID in English as: "Bringing the word of God to the Pacific, this is KTWG, Agana, Guam". Strong level too. (Salmaniw-QCI)
801 UNID 1442 9/20, male talk possibly in Tagalog (bp-QCI)
810.05 NORTH KOREA Sep 17 14:48 Usual fare, // to 2850, plus others including RR. Heard again on Sep 22 at 14:08 cochannel Radio Rossii. (Salmaniw-QCI)
810 CANADA LPRT Whitehorse noticed because of French weather report under KGO 0528 Sep. 20. (Hutton-QCI)
810 CANADA Sep 16 06:30 Environment Canada’s rarely reported weather channel from Whitehorse heard here with continuous loop in English and French of local weather. Heard under cochannel domestic at fair level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
810 CHINA Zhejiang RGD (pres.), Hangzhou, Sep 19 1530 - Presume this one with standard CC programming. Noted several AMs. (Bryant-QCI)
810 JAPAN AFN Tokyo 1453 Sep. 22 with r&b and rock, AFN mention. Good, but fading and taking turns with other TP's. A bit of a surprise as I can't remember when it was last reported from the west coast. (Hutton-QCI)
810 JAPAN Tokyo, AFN, 1508-1529 9/22 hard rock music w/American English anmts, no ID noted but AFN website lists Z-Rock at this time & Chuck heard AFN ID just before 1500 (bp-QCI)
810 JAPAN Sep 22 14:59 . First noted by Chuck Hutton with English news, cochannel more dominant Radio Rossii. Another CC cochannel in there too. (Salmaniw-QCI)
810 NORTH KOREA Hwadae,1452 9/17, quite weak //2850 u/Russia & China after KGO fade out (bp-QCI)
810 NORTH KOREA Kaesong 1519 Sep. 19 with a few seconds of music that seemed // 2850. (Hutton-QCI)
810 RUSSIA R. Rossi, Razdol'noe, Sep 19 1410 - R. Rossii programming //279, dominating San Francisco in null of Wellbrook array. Good level. (Bryant-QCI)
810 RUSSIA Sep 18 13:53 Strong reception in RR with Radio Rossii ID at 13:55. Possibly cochannel AFN Tokyo at same time in English. Sep 23 at 14:39 heard a religious phone-in program at good level. How times have changed! (Salmaniw-QCI)
819 NORTH KOREA KCBS, Pyongyang, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half of the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
819 SOUTH KOREA, Gwangju, HLCN, 1348 9/22 loud o/N Korea w/ads & pop music, listed as local pgm at this time. Time pips & MBC ID 1400, then new in Korean (bp-QCI)
819 NORTH KOREA Sep 22 14:05 Strong signal with Stalinist marshal music. Weak jamming appears to be present. (Salmaniw-QCI)
820 ALASKA Fairbanks, KCBF, 0959 9/17, ESPN stuff & legal ID fair o/KGNW. Mixing w/KGNW many times throughout the week (bp-QCI)
828 CHINA Beijing good with "Beijing xinwen guangbo diantai" ID at 1130 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
828 JAPAN JOBB, NHK2, Osaka, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
828 JAPAN JOBB Osaka, Sep 20 1228 - Heard briefly with woman in Japanese before giving way to a Chinese station on the frequency. Came back quickly at 1230 with a nice mention of Osaka. Good. (Atkins-QCI)
828 JAPAN Sep 15 13:17 JOBB Osaka with NHK2 programming. Not as strong today as other days at a 7 only, plus another cochannel. (Salmaniw-QCI)
837 CHINA unid, 1022 9/17 several ads in CC, then phone talk show, 1100 had pips, fanfare & something dientai ID, another possible ID at 1214 recheck (bp-QCI)
837 CHINA CNR1, Unk. Location, Sep 20 1215 - Noted twice during the DXpedition //945. (Bryant-QCI)
837 FRANCE France Info, Nancy, Sep 20 0442 - Noted at fair level only, but definite FF and //1377&1206. (Bryant-QCI)
837 JAPAN NHK1 stations (2) parallel 594 at 1451 Sep. 19. (Hutton-QCI)
837 JAPAN NHK1 Synchros, Sep 23 1520 - Noted //594 and others. Fair at post-dawn band fade. (Bryant-QCI)
837 JAPAN JOQK Niigata, Sep 21 1246 - Japanese talk and music, parallel to 585. Fair, but went into a deep fade by 1249 and was gone. (Atkins-QCI)
837 JAPAN Sep 15 13:18 JOQK from Nigata with 10 kW heard here under pres. HLKY. I suppose it could also be the 1kw Hokkaido station. (Salmaniw-QCI)
837 SPAIN (or Canary Is) Sep 17 05:20 Spanish heard here weakly at fair level, with some IBOC hash. 4 COPE stations are listed on the mainland and a 10 kw Canary Is. Station. (Salmaniw-QCI)
837 UNID Sep 23 13:44. Strange language, not sounding CC or JJ or KK. No idea who. Sep 24 at 14:46, I've made the same comment. "Problema" heard. I wonder whether this is a Filipino?(Salmaniw-QCI)
837 UNIDENTIFIED Unid., Sep 23 1335 - Interesting station here, with unknown language that sounds perhaps like Vietnamese or Thai. Very strong on peaks, but totally in the noise much of the time. Co-channel stations-- Japanese and Korean lang-- fading up at 1350. A Chinese station (CNR1?) was on top with 'Guangbo Dientai..' at 1400:30. No sign of the station with unid. language past 1350. (Atkins-QCI)
846 JAPAN Sep 25 12:38 JOCP Koriyama with listed 5 kw NHK1 //594. Other NHK1 synchros listed here as well. Good level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
850 ALASKA Nome, KICY, 0700 9/17, loud o/KOA w/ID “with approval of the FCC & the Geneva Convention, we turn our signal westward towards Russia & begin Bcing the good news of the gospel in the Russian language”, signal then dropped about 10 db as Russian program started (bp-QCI)
850 ALASKA Sep 18 07:00 Strong reception of KICY, Nome. (Salmaniw-QCI)
854 SPAIN Murcia et al, RNE1, 0409 9/19 man in Spanish fair in 950 splatter, Onda Cero listed (bp-QCI)
864 JAPAN 2 HBC relays 1446 Sep. 21 fair, parallel 1287. (Hutton-QCI)
864 JAPAN Unid., Sep 20 1233 - A mix of two or three low-power Japanese stations audible weakly on this frequency. (Atkins-QCI)
870 ALASKA McGrath, KSKO, 0959 9/17 good w/jazz show, ID for KUAC-FM Fairbanks, KSKO, KIYU, etc (bp-QCI)
873 JAPAN JOGB, NHK2, Kumamoto, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half of the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
873 JAPAN JOGB Kumamoto, Sep 19 1308 - Japanese language male announcer, co-channel with at least one Chinese station, maybe two. Good level. Also heard 9/21 at excellent level with 'Tidbits in English' language lesson program. (Atkins-QCI)
873 JAPAN Sep 15 13:19 JOGB. Kumamoto with NHK2 programming, often at fantastic strength, but one can still hear cochannels. North Korea often heard // to 2850 here. (Salmaniw-QCI)
873 NORTH KOREA Sinuiju 1233 9/18 fair w/lively female vocal //2850 (bp-QCI)
873 NORTH KOREA KCBS, Unk. Location, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half of the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
873 NORTH KOREA KCBS Sinuiju, Sep 22 1355 - Korean orchestral music, very strong and parallel to 2850. 3+1 time pips and ID exactly per PAL 'Choson Chungang Bangsong imnida' at 1400. (Atkins-QCI)
882 UNID 1420 9/19 woman in unid language fair-poor, Indian-like music, possibly TWR Sri Lanka (bp-QCI)
882 WALES BBC Wales Synchros (pres.), Sep 20 0516 - This seems the only possibility listed in my references; rose briefly to really good level with British EE talk by female. (Bryant-QCI)
890 ALASKA, Homer, KBBI 1359 9/21 incredibly loud, spattering from 880-900 w/regional weather, promo for station garage sale (selling off old broadcast equipment, phone system, etc), then NPR news (bp-QCI)
890 ALASKA Sep 24 16:03. ID for KBBI Homer cochannel CJDC, but regular here in the early mornings and after the TPs have faded. Good level. Incidentally, I continued to hear audio until past 16:04 for the TPs today. (Salmaniw-QCI)
891 ALGERIA ENRS 1(t), Ouled Fayet, Sep 218 0403 - Actual frequency was 890.97 kHz and programming was in Arabic. No ID heard, but this is the only Arabic speaker listed. Possibly could have been Turkey. Has anyone noted a station on this channel running noticeably lower than 891 recently? (Bryant-QCI)
891 JAPAN JOHK, NHK1, Sendai, Sep 19 1141 - Heard //594 at poor level. Typical NHK1 JJ talk. (Bryant-QCI)
891 JAPAN Sep 15 13: 30 JOHK NHK1 from Sendai is my assumption with 8 level signal. (Salmaniw-QCI)
891 THAILAND Sep 21 14:17 Radio Thailand 1st Network strong with tribal type music. (Salmaniw-QCI)
891 UNIDENTIFIED Unid., Sep 21 1424 - 'Hill country' tribal singing in SE Asian language, beneath JOHK Sendai. Possibly R. Thailand First Network (So. Wor. Thor.). Fair level. (Atkins-QCI)
900 ALASKA Fort Yukon, KZPA 1007 9/17 jazz flute music //870 weak. ID for KUAC-FM etc 1100 poor mixing w/TP pips & chimes, no sign of CKMO (bp-QCI)
900 ALASKA Sep 17 06:00. I’m quite certain that I heard KZPA Fort Yukon, cochannel Village 900 (which is the usual powerhouse here). Typical NPR programming noted, then undermodulated talk by a male just before TOH (typical for Alaska). No definite ID, but hopefully I'll find one in the SDR IQ recordings. (Salmaniw-QCI)
900 JAPAN JOHO Hakodate 1454 Sep. 21 another HBC outlet heard parallel to the main guy on 1287. One of the toughest of the bunch of HBC repeaters. (Hutton-QCI)
900 JAPAN unid, 1426 9/17 good w/JJ talk w/classical music bits at times, signal nosedived 1428 (bp-QCI)
909 ENGLAND BBC5, 0413 9/17, news program fair in 910 splatter (bp-QCI)
909 ENGLAND Sep 17 05:20 Most likely BBC Radio 5 here with audio, but difficult to follow due to splatter. (Salmaniw-QCI)
909 JAPAN JOCB, NHK2, Nagoya, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half of the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
909 JAPAN Sep 15 13:59 . Interesting channel as JOCB Nagoya heard here with English lessons after 14:00, and another cochannel, unident. Sep 23 at 14:52 very interesting! JOVX heard (5kw) // to 1440, cochannel to JOCB (10kw) //828 as well as a CC station. All at decent levels. (Salmaniw-QCI)
918 CHINA Sep 15 14:20. Multiple site echos heard at 14:20 with CNR2 programming at 8 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
920 ALASKA Soldotna, KSRM, 0700 9/17 "Now in our 39th year, this is Nxtalk 92, KSRM Kenai-Soldotna-Homer" into ABC news, loud (bp-QCI)
930 ALASKA Unalakleet, KNSA, 1159 9/19 fair in jumble w/music & ID //KDLG-670. Local KTKN running OC (apparently lost their satellite feed) (bp-QCI)
936 CHINA Anhui, 1100 9/17 pips, chimes, chorus, Anhui RGD ID by high pitched woman. Likely the one w/alternating Chinese/English news 1504 9/19 (bp-QCI)
936 CHINA Anhui RGD, Hefei, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half of the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
936 SOUTH KOREA HLKD KBS 3 'Voice of Love', Sep 23 1227 - Tentative; male and female in Korean dominating this frequency for a few minutes, then dropped beneath a Japanese station, then Chinese, and finally rose to the top again with more Korean programming. Fair-good. (Atkins-QCI)
945 CHINA CNR1, Multiple Locations, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition //5030. (Bryant-QCI)
945 CHINA CNR1, Sep 19 1320 - Drama program in Chinese, parallel to 4460. Good to excellent level. (Atkins-QCI)
945 CHINA Sep 23 13:24 CNR1 //5030 at fair strength. (Salmaniw-QCI)
945 JAPAN NHK1 1420 9/22 Japanese talk u/ China //594 (bp-QCI)
945 JAPAN NHK1 Synchros, Sep 23 1457 - //594. Heard well, dominating co-chan CNR1. (Bryant-QCI)
954 CHINA 1200 9/20, someone playing the Chinese NA, then talk in what sounded like Mongolian. Probably Hulun Buir RGD in Hailar, Nei Menggu, possibly relaying CNR-8 (which carries Mongolian 1200-1300), good signal mixing with JOKR (bp-QCI)
954 JAPAN Tokyo, JOKR, 1343 9/17 good w/JJ talk TBS Radio mention (bp-QCI)
954 JAPAN JOKR, Tokyo, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half of the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
954 JAPAN JOKR Tokyo, Sep 21 1257 - Female announcer in Japanese, with mention of the English phrase 'news talk.' Fair signal before deep fade. (Atkins-QCI)
954 JAPAN JOKR Tokyo, Sep 19 1326 - Man and woman Japanese announcers in rapid talk. Fair under splatter. Also heard 9/21, fair. (Atkins-QCI)
954 PHILIPPINES Manila, DZEM, 1443 9/19 religious talk in English o/JOKR, then faded. Mixing w/JOKR w/DZEM ID & Tagalog talk 1454 (bp-QCI)
954 SPAIN OCR, Madrid, Sep 19 0430 - Heard for about an hour in Spanish, peaking to good level around 0530 (tx SR??). (Bryant-QCI)
954 SPAIN Sep 17 05:30 presumed Onda Cero Radio, Madrid. Decent reception except for splatter. (Salmaniw-QCI)
963 CHINA Liaoning: heard Chinese under the monster signal of CRI in Russian, and it was parallel 1089. (Hutton-QCI)
963 CHINA CRI Russian Svc., Unk. Location, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
963 CHINA China Radio Intl., Sep 19 1328 - A dominant regular every evening, with Russian language programming, parallel to 9675. Excellent level. (Atkins-QCI)
963 CHINA Sep 23 13:25 Excellent reception of CRI RR language service. (Salmaniw-QCI)
963 JAPAN 1421 9/22 Japanese talk //594 u/China (bp-QCI)
970 ALASKA Fairbanks, KFBX, promo for Coast-to-Coast on newsradio 9-70 KFBX Fairbanks into ABC news (bp-QCI)
972 SOUTH KOREA HLCA, Dangjin, Sep 18 1400 - Noted most of the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
972 SOUTH KOREA HLCA KBS Liberty 1, Sep 19 1334 - Strong signal of Korean talk by female; a hint of Chinese co-channel beneath. Noted 9/21 at 1300 with ID per PAL. (Atkins-QCI)
972 SOUTH KOREA Sep 15 15:02. Presumed HLCA with Liberty One programming. Regularly heard, of course! (Salmaniw-QCI)
981 ALGERIA fair with Arabic music 0430 Sep. 18. (Hutton-QCI)
981 ALGERIA Ouled Fayet 0412 9/19, tentative, man & woman in a language I couldn't recognize, seems like the most likely thing listed (bp-QCI)
981 ALGERIA Sep 19 04:30 AA music at good level except for splatter. (Salmaniw-QCI)
981 CHINA CNR1, Multiple Locations, Sep 18 1400 - Noted most of the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
981 CHINA CNR1, Sep 22 1410 - Chinese soft pop music with male and female announcers in Chinese. Powerhouse signal!. (Atkins-QCI)
981 CHINA Sep 24 12:42 CNR1 // 5030 at 7 level with splatter. Heard again on Sep 25 at 12:54 at good level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
981 JAPAN Unid. NHK 1, Sep 23 1518 - Strong level for a few minutes, with Japanese talk and soft pop music, parallel to 945. All Japanese possibilities on this channel are low power. (Atkins-QCI)
990 CHINA good 1407 Sep. 20 but not sure which. (Hutton-QCI)
990 CHINA unid, 1429 9/19, fair w/male pop vocal, single pips 0430, anmt w/ mentions of AM & FM, then man w/5 minute nonstop talk w/piano in background (bp-QCI)
990 JAPAN JORK Kochi NHK1 parallel 594, poor 1504 Sep. 20. (Hutton-QCI)
990 JAPAN Kochi, JORK, 1315 9/18 phone talk //594 after domestics faded out, faint CC talk in background (bp-QCI)
999 CHINA xlnt with talk 1139 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
999 SPAIN Madrid, COPE, 0514 9/17 man & woman alternating news in Spanish (bp-QCI)
999 SPAIN COPE, Madrid, Sep 19 0432 - Noted for about an hour, sometimes at good level, with mostly SS talk programming. (Bryant-QCI)
999 SPAIN Sep 17 05:37 COPE Madrid with a strong signal with talk. 50 kw listed. Again on Sep 18 at 05:10 at 8 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1008 CHINA CNR1, Multiple Locations, Sep 20 1300 - Time pips and presumed news at poor level //1377 & 945. (Bryant-QCI)
1008 HOLLAND Flevoland, GrootNieuwsradio, 0425 9/17 Christian EZL music, anmt "dit iss Grootnieuws Radio", fair. (bp-QCI)
1008 HOLLAND Sep 19 04:38 Presumed Radio 10 Gold at very strong level. English Christian music at good level at 04:45 on Sep 20. I believe this station was taken over by a Christian broadcaster recently. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1008 JAPAN JONR, Osaka, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half of the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1008 JAPAN Sep 25 12:58 JONR Osaka with a play by play. Good level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1008 NETHERLANDS GrootNieuws Radio, Sep 20 0431 - Continuous Christian contemporary music noted co-channel with Spanish synchros, sometimes at good level. Per Chuck and Bruce, this station (formerly Radio 10 Gold) changed ownership and format about a month ago, and is now a Christian broadcaster. (Atkins-QCI)
1008 SPAIN or CANARY ISLANDS 0309 9/20 lively music & Spanish talk briefly o/Holland w/apparent TC & possible mention of Canarias (which could have been part of a Spanish network TC) (bp-QCI)
1008 UNID Sep 21 0410 - Two classic US rock records in a row, the second was by Tina Turner. (Bryant-QCI)
1017 CHINA CRI, 1156 9/17 Korean w/Chinese accent, mention of CRI (possibly website), strong (bp-QCI)
1017 CHINA CRI Korean Svc., Changchun, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1017 CHINA CRI, Sep 20 1250 - Man and woman in Korean, with brief snippets of Korean pop music. ID 'Chung-guk Guk-je Bang-song Imnida' per PAL at 1257. Good level. (Atkins-QCI)
1017 CHINA Sep 25 13:00 CRI IS with listed KK at good level. Listed as Changchun, Jilin. Coch some other CC stations. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1017 JAPAN JOLB, NHK2, Fukuoka, Sep 22 1443 - Heard with EE lessons, //other NHK2s. (Bryant-QCI)
1026 CHINA Beijing JGD, Beijing, Sep 18 1211 - Heard several AMs with continuous local CC programming at fair levels only. (Bryant-QCI)
1026 JAPAN various 100 Watt NHK1 repeaters parallel 594 1449 Sep. 19. (Hutton-QCI)
1026 PHILIPPINES DZAR, Quezon City, Sep 18 1500 - Heard little more than a very clear 'DZAR' in a mess on 1026 this AM. On September 20, heard lengthly interview of a national politician, mostly in English, before returning to more Tagalog talk. (Bryant-QCI)
1026 PHILIPPINES Sep 18 15:03 Phone number given in English for call-in program. John Bryant just heard an ID for DZAR, Quezon City at 15:00. Thanks, John! They went into an old news program about President Nixon. Most unusual! Good reception on Sep 20 at 14:29 as well. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1030 USA Boston WBZ, 0500 9/19 good way atop KTWO w/ several call IDs, then CBS news (bp-QCI)
1035 CHINA Sep 20 14:43 CNR1 with mult site echos. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1035 JAPAN 1446 9/21 NHK2, doing a feature on the song Alone Again Naturally //774 weak-fair (bp-QCI)
1035 PORTUGAL fair 0501 Sep. 18 with man talking and talking. (Hutton-QCI)
1035 PORTUGAL Belmonte, Rádio Nacional, 0447 9/19 fair-good w/phone talk show in Portuguese (bp-QCI)
1035 PORTUGAL R. Nacionale, Belmonte, Sep 19 0437 - Noted here in PP for about 20 minutes of talk, rising briefly to good level. (Bryant-QCI)
1035 PORTUGAL Sep 18 05:32 Portuguese ads at very good levels. Radio Clube Portugues at 100kw listed. Heard other evenings as well. Heard again at 05:11 on Sep 19 with fair to good reception. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1035 SOUTH KOREA HLCP, P'ohang, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half of the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1044 CHINA CRI Japanese Svc., Changzhou, Sep 18 1400 - Noted about half of the AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1044 SPAIN SER outlets weak but detectably in Spanish Sep. 20 at 0352. (Hutton-QCI)
1044 SPAIN SER,0517 9/17, Spanish talk fair (bp-QCI)
1044 SPAIN Unid., Sep 20 0508 - Synchros noted here in Spanish, with minor echo. Fair-good. (Atkins-QCI)
1044 SPAIN Sep 17 05:37 2 SER stations listed with 10 kw. Weak audio. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1053 BRITAIN 0429 9/17, Talksport good w/ads, promo for Rugby World Cup coverage, ID, & more sports talk, pefect copy w/R8A in 4kHz selectivity (bp-QCI)
1053 CHINA and JAPAN mixing 1142 Sep. 17 with the Korean jammer on duty on 1080. (Hutton-QCI)
1053 CHINA unid, 1159 9/17 woman in Chinese, slow time pips, possible fanfare & local ID, then relay of CNR1 news o/u Japan. S. Korean jammer conspicuously absent this night and others, but back in full force later in the week (bp-QCI)
1053 ENGLAND TalkSport, Droitwich + others, Sep 18 0347 - Heard here with EE sports-talk programming by multiple male hosts at fair level. (Bryant-QCI)
1053 ENGLAND Sep 17 04:59 TalkSport, Droitwich. Exceptional signal with a S9+ level, with TC for 06:00. Heard a number of times. On Sep 20, at 04:08 // to 1089. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1053 GREAT BRITAIN TalkSport Droitwich, Sep 19 0443 - Strong signal of two male announcers discussing football or rugby. Station promo mentioning '...the most sports'. Also heard 0525 on 9/20, and 0455 on 9/21. (Atkins-QCI)
1053 JAPAN JOAR, Nagoya, Sep 18 1400 - Heard every AM, usually mixing with South Korean jammer. (Bryant-QCI)
1053 JAPAN JOAR Nagoya, Sep 23 1407 - Noted with male and female in Japanese, parallel to 1062. Fair to good, with a Chinese station in the background. (Atkins-QCI)
1062 PHILIPPINES DZEC, Metro Manila, Sep 20 1427 - ID in EE and into 'Twilight Time' 50s rock record. Good level. (Bryant-QCI)
1062 PHILIPPINES DZEC Manila, Sep 20 1429 - Tentative. Old romantic pop music tune at tune-in. Announcer in accented English at 1433, introducing next tune. Other Philippinos in at this time. (Atkins-QCI)
1062 PHILIPPINES Sep 20 14:40 Filipino station here playing oldie US songs from Neil Sedaka, etc. 2 listed: DXKI, FEBC and DZEC, Eagle broadcasting (the more likely). (Salmaniw-QCI)
1062 SOUTH KOREA HLKQ KBS1 Cheongju, Sep 19 1450 - Korean choral/orchestral music at tune-in, followed by Korean announcer. Surprised to hear old 70s US tune 'Honey I Love You' by Mac Davis(?). Good level. (Atkins-QCI)
1071 JAPAN JOWM, Obihiro, Sep 22 1448 - Fair level //key station, JOWF-1440. (Bryant-QCI)
1071 SPAIN Euskadi Radio, Bilbao fair or better 0508 Sep. 18. (Hutton-QCI)
1080 ALASKA Sep 17 06:20. 1080 KUDO Anchorage with PSA for alcohol and pregnancy. Very good reception. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1080 CHINA Kunming, CRI 1449 9/18 woman in SE Asian lang (Lao listed), 1500 had CRI signature tune (based on Chinese NA) (bp-QCI)
1080 NORTH KOREA Haeju 1449 9/18 dreamy music //2850 poor in jumble (bp-QCI)
1080 SOUTH KOREA bubble jammer here and not at its usual home on 1053. Noted 1436 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
1080 SOUTH KOREA 1440 9/18 jammer quite good after domestics faded out, mixing w/2-3 others (bp-QCI)
1080 SOUTH KOREA Sep 18 14:37 Very loud jamming typical of South Korean jamming, at S9+ strength. Heard "You are my sunshine" being sung at 14:58 but faded down before the TOH to be replaced by more jamming. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1089 CHINA Shenyang, Lianoning RGD 1430 9/19, good w/string of ads, one mention of Shenyang Hospital, then mention of "Shenyang Radio Station", as translated by a native Mandarin speaker (bp-QCI)
1089 CHINA Liaoning Satellite, Shenyang, Sep 20 1220 - Most likely this one heard in standard CC on several occasions. No ID. (Bryant-QCI)
1089 ENGLAND Talksport 0521 9/17 fair-good in 1090 splat w/sports talk //1053 bp)
1089 ENGLAND TalkSports Synchros, Sep 19 0500 - Noted at very good level at 0500, //weaker 1053. Usual sports talk male chatter. (Bryant-QCI)
1089 ENGLAND probably TalkSport at 05:44. Weak audio (Salmaniw-QCI)
1089 GREAT BRITAIN Brookmans Park, Sep 20 0525 - Two male announcers with strong UK accent in lively discussion at tune-in; promo or ID at 0529, but undecipherable due to fade. Female announcer or reporter at 0533. (Atkins-QCI)
1089 JAPAN JOHB, NHK2, Sendai, Sep 20 1220 - Heard //828 in mix with probable Liaoning. Heard several AMs. (Bryant-QCI)
1089 JAPAN Sep 23 15:00. No sign-off of JOHB Sendai, NHK2. Kept going on until s/off at 15:45. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1098 SPAIN Sep 18 05:45 Weak SS likely Radio Nacional 5. (Salmaniw-QCI)1100 USA Cleveland, WTAM, 0459 9/19 battling KFAX w/promo mentioning WTAM 1100 (bp-QCI)
1107 JAPAN UNID Japanese Commercial Station, Sep 20 1507 - Heard at good level briefly with typical pops program. (ANN?) (Bryant-QCI)
1107 SOUTH KOREA HLAV Posang 1359 Sep. 21 with the MBC theme music just before the top of the hour, fair. (Hutton-QCI)
1107 SPAIN RNE5, 0500 9/19 inst mx, time pips, Radio Cinco ID fair (bp-QCI)
1107 SPAIN Sep 18 05:44 Radio Nacional 5 at fair to good level. Someone is off frequency here causing a low hum. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1110 ALASKA Big Lake-Houston KAGV, 1220 9/18 "KAGV, Alaska's Gospel Voice" loud w/xtn music. 1300 9/19 long legal ID into USA news (bp-QCI)
1110 ALASKA Sep 18 07:00 ID for KAGV Big Lake. Very good. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1116 SPAIN 0500 9/19 Spanish talk poor, Cadena SER listed (bp-QCI)
1116 SPAIN SER Synchros, Sep 19 0441 - Rapid SS, big briefly and then hanging in for about 45 minutes at much reduced level. Seemed // very weak 1485. (Bryant-QCI)
1116 SPAIN Sep 17 05:43 A 5 and 10 kw SER transmitter listed here at weak level. Also good on Sep 18 exc for splatter.(Salmaniw-QCI)
1125 JAPAN NHK2 Synchros, Sep 22 1450 - Heard with EE lessons //828. Fair only. (Bryant-QCI)
1125 PHILIPPINES 1429 Sep. 21 at fair level but no ID. (Hutton-QCI)
1125 SPAIN RNE5, 0421 9/19 Spanish talk fair-poor //1152. Also 0500 9/21 good w/ID & pips, then news (bp-QCI)
1125 SPAIN Sep 15 0405. Nice fade-up with Radio Nacional ID, then mostly in the mud. Several 10 kw sites are listed. Sep 17 05:43 Presumed Radio Nacional 5 with numerous 10 kw transmitters listed. Fair to good at 05:42 Sep 18. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1125 SPAIN RN5 various Sep. 17 0343 rising to fair level briefly but otherwise tough. (Hutton-QCI)
1134 CHINA 1417 9/19 CNR1 loud //981 o/u Japan/Korea (bp-QCI)
1134 CHINA CNR1, Sep 22 1420 - Chinese folk songs, parallel to 1170, and VERY strong...I was able to enjoy this signal with 10 khz bandwidth, synchro AM. (Atkins-QCI)
1134 CROATIA,Zadar, 0351 9/19, good w/pop music & talk in eastern European language, 3 slow time pips 0400 then woman w/news (bp-QCI)
1134 CROATIA Sep 19 04:05. Sudden strong fade-up revealing clear "Glas Hrvatska" ID. Sandwiched between two strong domestics makes it a difficult catch. Pretty consistent at fair to good levels for next half hour. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1134 JAPAN JOQR, Tokyo, Sep 22 1453 - Noted on several occasions with usual culturally-oriented programs in JJ. (Bryant-QCI)
1134 SOUTH KOREA KBS Liberty 1, Kimpo, Sep 18 1400 - Noted several AMs dominating the frequency. (Bryant-QCI)
1140 ALASKA Sep 22 06:03 ID heard for KSLD Soldotna, under cochannel music. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1143 CHINA 1456 9/20, woman w/something Guangbo Dientai ID (bp-QCI)
1152 JAPAN JORB, NHK2, Kochi, Sep 18 1320 - Heard both local IDs simultaneously, one male, one female. Only two NHK2s on this channel. Fair to good level. (Bryant-QCI)
1152 JAPAN JOPC, NHK2, Kushiro, Sep 18 1320 - Heard both local IDs simultaneously, one male, one female. (Bryant-QCI)
1152 RUSSIA GTRK Dal'nevostochnaya, Komsomolsk, Sep 18 1255 - Believe that I heard this station/service sign off at 1300, following a lengthy announcement by male and a short anthemn, followed by 15 seconds or so of dead air. Transmitter then seemed to continue on (all night?) with R. Rossii programming //279. Usually heard after 1300 and mixing badly with NHK2s. (Bryant-QCI)
1152 RUSSIA R. Rossii, Komsolmosk, Sep 18 1310 - Noted // to longwave R.Rossii's during this time frame, Different listing in PAL. Heard several other AMs running Rossii after 1300. (Bryant-QCI)
1152 SPAIN just a hint of Spanish 0508 Sep. 18 as I scanned through to 1161. (Hutton-QCI)
1152 SPAIN RNE5, 0421 9/19 Spanish talk weaker than //1125 (bp-QCI)
1152 SPAIN RNE5 Synchros, Sep 20 0357 - Presume this with Spanish talk by two males at fair level // much weaker 1125. (Bryant-QCI)
1152 SPAIN Sep 19 04:05. Radio Nacional 5 at poor level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1160 MEXICO San Quintín, XEQIN 1233 9/21 SS talk loud o/KSL, call ID 1234 by woman, LV de Valle slogan, TC, mentions of Baja California (bp-QCI)
1160 USA Chicago, WYLL 0357 9/18 call ID during promo, 0359 two mentions of wyll.com mixing w/KSL, first-ever log of a non-KSL domestic on this freq (bp-QCI)
1160 USA WYLL Chicago Sep19 04:10 Typing this report and monitoring my IQ files, I heard "Beverly Road and I-90" over the usual dominant KSL in Salt Lake City. Google tells me that this is Chicago. Good level at times, although het from 1161. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1161 JAPAN various 100 Watt NHK1 repeaters parallel 594 1449 Sep. 19. (Hutton-QCI)
1161 SPAIN Euskadi Radio, San Sebastian 0509 Sep. 18, parallel to 1071. It was quite a surprise to hear all of the Euskadi Radio stations in one night. (Hutton-QCI)
1161 SPAIN Sep 19 04:10 Presumed logging in a language presumably Basque fading up to fair level, and down back to the mud. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1170 ALASKA North Pole, KJNP, 0805 9/17, signoff beginning with a 2-3 minute improvised prayer, then played Bringing in the Sheaves, then actual signoff anmt & NA 0810 (bp-QCI)
1170 ALASKA Sep 18 07:00 Nice ID for KJNP North Pole, AK and TC for 11:00 PM. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1170 PHILIPPINES VOA mixing evenly with South Korea 1444 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
1170 PHILIPPINES Poro, VOA 1424 9/18, Cantonese talk good o/u Korea, many mentions of Taiwan. Again 1509 w/Vietnamese talk, mentions of Pakistan //5955, 1512 Yankee Doodle melody & VOA jingle (bp-QCI)
1170 PHILIPPINES VOA, Poro, Sep 18 1523 - Dominated channel at post-dawn band fade. No ID, but many mentions of 'Washington' in an Asian language. Also heard on Sep 19 in EE and JJ. (Bryant-QCI)
1170 PHILIPPINES VOA Poro Point, Sep 23 1524 - Woman talking in pres. Vietnamese (per PAL), with clear mention of 'VOA' at 1525. Fair to good. (Atkins-QCI)
1170 PHILIPPINES Sep 17 15:14 VOA Poro at fair to good level with presumed VV as listed. Seemed to have disappeared when rechecked at 15:15. Heard many times as well throughout the dxpedition. VOA jingle at 14:00 into listed CC on Sep 18. Gave an address in Thailand at 15:28, still at good level! (Salmaniw-QCI)
1170 SOUTH KOREA Radio Korea Int'l, Gimje, Sep 18 1400 - Heard in both RR and JJ on more than half the AMs of the DXpedition. Often at excellent level. (Bryant-QCI)
1170 SOUTH KOREA KBS 2, Sep 21 1313 - Tentative, with very strong signal of Chinese language talk (per PAL schedule), totally obliterating any domestics on this channel. (Atkins-QCI)
1179 JAPAN Sep 16 15:27 JOOR Osaka at a 7. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1179 JAPAN JOOR, Osaka, Sep 18 1400 - Noted most AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1179 SPAIN SER Synchros (Valencia), Sep 20 0403 - Heard with apparent news in SS at fair to good level. 'Marilyn Monroe singing 'Happy Birthday' to President Kennedy' promo heard at 0405. This promo was heard on several occasions on this and other SER outlets. Sounded exactly like the movie sound track. Weird promo, to say the least, and the singing was in EE to boot. (Bryant-QCI)
1179 SPAIN (or maybe Canary Islands) Sep 19 04:10 Just readable signal. SER radio has 2 sites on the mainland as well as the Canary Islands. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1179 UNID 0333 & 0350 9/21 woman in unid language, good signal but clobbered by KEX IBOC, Sweden or Spain? (bp-QCI)
1188 CHINA, Yunnan, CRI, 1300 9/20, CRI theme tune (a few bars of the Chinese NA), partial ID in CC, then man in unid language (Burmese listed) (bp-QCI)
1188 JAPAN JOKP Kitami 1417 Sep. 22 good and giving HLKX a battle. Parallel to NHK1 on 594. (Hutton-QCI)
1188 JAPAN JOKP, NHK1, Kitami, Sep 21 1223 - NHK1 programming at good level //594. (Bryant-QCI)
1188 JAPAN JOKP NHK1 Kitami, Sep 24 1312 - Female Japanese talk at tune-in, then beautiful piano solo tune. Parallel to 567. Fair level. (Atkins-QCI)
1188 SOUTH KOREA HLKX, FEBC, Seoul, Sep 20 1225 - Heard mixing with others in AmerEnglish with religious program. Also noted Sept 23. (Bryant-QCI)
1188 SOUTH KOREA Sep 23 15:10. HLKX with FEBC programming. Hymns, etc. Good level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1197 JAPAN JOWL, Asahikawa, Sep 18 1400 - Noted several AMs of the DXpedition //1440 JOWF. Not as prominent as in past years. (Bryant-QCI)
1206 CHINA CNR8, Korean Service, Yanji, Sep 18 1400 - Noted every AMs of the DXpedition. Continues to run about 50 Hertz low. (Bryant-QCI)
1206 CHINA Yanbian RGD, Sep 20 1305 - Excellent signal of Korean talk and orchestral music. Korean language at this time shown in PAL; often heard on 1206. (Atkins-QCI)
1206 CHINA 18 Sep 07 15:25 (that’s 8:25 am local!). Very strong reception of Yanbian RGD in KK. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1206 FRANCE France Info, Bordeaux, Sep 19 0443 - Typical F-Info talk programming, building to huge level shortly after 0500. (Bryant-QCI)
1206 FRANCE 19 Sep 04:04 Fair to good level of French talk. France Info, Bordeaux with 100 kw. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1210 USA WPHT Philadelphia PA. Sep 19 0407. ID noted while playing with the SDR IQ file. Fair reception with several other cochannels, the major being a SS speaker. Ads for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital at 04:05. Fair to good reception. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1215 ENGLAND Virgin Radio Synchros, Sep 18 0340 - Typical pops programming noted with male host. IDs, chatter, songs at sometimes excellent level. Heard several other evenings and usually the strongest European on the band. (Bryant-QCI)
1215 ENGLAND Sep 18 05:00 After a poor TA evening, finally some good audio from Virgin Radio, up to S9 + 10, with cochannel Spain. Heard every night, even when nothing else was propagating. Very strong after 04:00 on Sep 19. Stronger than the domestics on 1210 and 1220. I just opened the BW wide and enjoyed the music! (I’m listening to the SDR-IQ clip as I type this). (Salmaniw-QCI)
1215 GREAT BRITAIN, Virgin Radio 0459 9/19 loud w/promos, IDs, ads, rock music. More ads & traffic report 0524 still good (bp-QCI)
1215 GREAT BRITAIN Virgin Radio, Moorside Edge, Sep 19 0448 - Nice Virgin Radio ID at tune-in; into UK pops tune 0449. Tune by the Rolling Stones at 0452, but it may have been a co-channel fading up. Another English language station was clearly fading up briefly at 0453. At 0456, announcer said 'I'm John Grimsby, and I'll be back tomorrow at 4 a.m.' At 0458, a Spanish language station faded up with frequency announcement. At 0500, Virgin Radio was back with an ID, and then into news by female. Good to very good levels at times for this mixed bag of stations. (Atkins-QCI)
1215 SPAIN COPE, 0335 9/17 Spanish talk mixing w/Virgin Radio (bp-QCI)
1215 SPAIN Unid., Sep 20 0315 - Spanish language synchros with very slight echo on frequency. Fair signal. Presumed Virgin Radio faintly in background. (Atkins-QCI)
1224 JAPAN JOJK NHK1, Kanazawa + Synchros, Sep 22 1500 - Heard at good level with usual TOH //594. (Bryant-QCI)
1224 SPAIN 0404 Sep. 20 Spanish but so poor that no words could be understood. (Hutton-QCI)
1224 SPAIN 0400 9/20, apparently COPE synchros, w/time pips, then bits of Spanish talk sounding like news, same sort of delivery as 1215, which was mixing w/Virgin Radio, but not 100% sure (bp-QCI)
1224 SPAIN Sep 17 05:45 Many 5 kw SS stations listed here and a 10 kw COPE network. Heard again on Sep 18 at 05:30 at 7 level. Also Sep 19 at 04:12 at only 6 to 7 strength. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1224 UNID with modern religious sounding music 1156 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
1224 UNID Asian language station, Sep 21 1435 - Heard at good level in unknown Asian lang. (Not JJ, KK, CC, VN). Most likely Taiwanese dialect from BCC. (Bryant-QCI)
1230 ALASKA Valdez, KVAK, 0805 9/17, u/KIFW w/ ments of Valdez, kvakradio.com, & KVAK Country 1230 (bp-QCI)
1233 JAPAN someone (either RAB or NBC) at fair level 1403 Sep. 22 and rising to good (!) at 1412. Its very unusual to get good audio on this channel - there are no high or medium powered stations in the closer parts of Asia. (Hutton-QCI)
1242 JAPAN JOLF, Tokyo, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1242 JAPAN JOLF Tokyo, Sep 19 1530 - Fast talking man and woman announcers in Japanese; fairly good signal despite being well past local dawn and increasing static levels. (Atkins-QCI)
1242 JAPAN Sep 16 15:20 JOLF Tokyo at 7 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1251 LIBYA Tripoli, 0342-0353 9/20 fair but separable from 1250 w/North African music & Arabic talk (bp-QCI)
1251 LIBYA LJBC/V. of Africa, Tripoli, Sep 20 0348 - Probably this at good level with endless Arabic talk by male. (Bryant-QCI)
1251 LIBYA LJBC, Tripoli, Sep 20 0347 - Rising up nicely with Koranic recitations, approaching Tripoli sunrise. Thanks to Walt Salmaniw for the tip. Fair-good. (Atkins-QCI)
1251 LIBYA Sep 20 03:47 AA chanting and talk, then into Koran. Presumed Tripoli with 500 kw. Fair to good level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1260 CHINA unid with "... Guangbo diantai" ID at 1459:48 Sep. 19. Good enough for replay to yield an ID. (Hutton-QCI)
1260 JAPAN JOIR, Sendai, Sep 23 1510 - Japanese phone-in interview/talk at fair level. (Bryant-QCI)
1260 JAPAN JOIR Sendai, Sep 20 1313 - Japanese talk by man, parallel to 1557. Poor to fair signal beneath strong Canadian sports talk show on 1260. (Atkins-QCI)
1269 CHINA Yunnan, 1400 9/20 CRI theme melody & chimes poor in mix of stations. This was a FS broadcast to SEA, so it was heard off the back of their antenna (bp-QCI)
1269 GERMANY Neumünster, DLF, 0406 9/20 woman w/news in German. Jazz //1422, pips, news in German 0430 9/21 (bp-QCI)
1269 GERMANY Sep 19 04:09 DLF Neumunster with GG talk at fair level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1269 JAPAN 2 HBC relays 1448 Sep. 21 fair, parallel 1287. (Hutton-QCI)
1269 JAPAN HBC Synchros, Hokkaido, Sep 22 1255 - Noted at good level //1287. (Bryant-QCI)
1269 JAPAN JOJR,Tokushima + Synchros, Sep 19 1313 - Heard at good level, running national sporting event (believe sumo tourney) //JOLF 1242, Tokyo. Happily, the HBC co-chans were not carrying the event. (Bryant-QCI)
1278 CHINA Hebei RGD, Hebei, Sep 18 1400 - Presume this the one noted here most AMs of DXpedition. It was never strong enough at the hour to get a positive ID. (Bryant-QCI)
1278 CHINA Hebei RGD good with nice ID (Heh-bay renmin guangbo diantai) at 1400 Sep. 19. (Hutton-QCI)
1278 CHINA Sep 24 13:12. Chinese speaker with slight echo at good (8) level. John Bryant believes this to be Hebei. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1278 FRANCE Sélestat, France Bleu, 0441 9/17 good-fair w/soft rock & pop music, man in French, phone interview 0444 (bp-QCI)
1278 JAPAN/CHINA, 1300 9/19 RKD Hoso ID before ToH, then pips & Heibei RGD ID at ToH (bp-QCI)
1278 JAPAN JOFR, Fukuoka, Sep 22 1228 - Heard mixing with presumed Hebei with definite JJ talk by m+w. (Bryant-QCI)
1278 JAPAN JOFR Fukuoka, Sep 24 1301 - Japanese talk, ads, and singing heard at good level, between fades of echoey, Chinese synchros. (Atkins-QCI)
1287 JAPAN JOHR, Sapporo, Sep 18 1400 - Noted most AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1287 JAPAN JOHR Sapporo, Sep 21 1320 - Male and female talk in Japanese. Very good signal, but presumed--couldn't find decipherable audio on any of the TEN parallel channels listed in PAL! Really subdued conditions this morning, with increased solar activity. Also heard on 9/24 at fair level at 1300. (Atkins-QCI)
1287 JAPAN Sep 15 15:00. JOHR Sapporo was still going strong at 15:00 UTC; 8:00 am local and well past dawn. Several of the JJ stations were heard past 9:00 am on a number of mornings. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1296 CHINA Yunnan, 1400 9/20 CRI theme melody, then IDs in Mandarin & Vietnamese, fair in jumble (bp-QCI)
1296 JAPAN Sep 25 14:40 JOTK Matsue with NHK1 programming at very strong level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1305 SOUTH KOREA HLSV Uljin good 1333 Sep. 22, parallel to 711. (Hutton-QCI)
1305 SOUTH KOREA HLSV, KBS1, Uljin, Sep 21 1230 – M+W in discussion. Clearly KK at fair level. Also heard on Sept 22. (Bryant-QCI)
1305 SPAIN RNE5,0459 9/20 music, pips, news in Spanish fair during breaks in KKOL-1300 splatter (bp-QCI)
1305 SPAIN Sep 21 04:45 Presumed Radio Nacional 5 at 7 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1314 JAPAN JOUF, Osaka, Sep 18 1400 - Noted several AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1314 PHILIPPINES Parañaque, DWXI, 1505 9/19 Tagalog phone talk hosted by woman fair (bp-QCI)
1314 PHILIPPINES DWXI Paranaque, Sep 18 1417 - Man and woman with Tagalog talk, and into Christian hymn at 1430; mentions of the word 'prophecy' twice at 1432. Very good signal on peaks, but fighting it out with a Chinese co-channel station. (Atkins-QCI)
1314 PHILIPPINES 16 Sep 07 15:03 Cochannel to JAPAN JOUF, one could hear "Amen" several times. Possible DWXI in Paranaque. Heard again on Sep 18 at 14:30. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1314 PHILIPPINES DWXI Paranaque 1322 Sep. 19 with religious program containing some English segments. (Hutton-QCI)
1314 SPAIN Sep 18 05:15 Radio Nacional 5 at 6 to 7 level due to splatter. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1323 CHINA CRI, 1400, 9/18 chimes, trumpet fanfare & IDs in Chinese/Russian, had echo on audio, as though coming from two different sites (Jilin & Urumqi, I assume) (bp-QCI)
1323 CHINA CRI Russian Service, Multiple Locations, Sep 18 1400 - Noted most AMs of the DXpedition. Transmitter heard is most likely Jilin in Manchuria. (Bryant-QCI)
1323 CHINA CRI, Sep 22 1428 - Russian language male and female announcers noted here, parallel to 963. Fair to good. (Atkins-QCI)
1323 CHINA CRI Jilin, Sep 18 1418 - Russian language broadcast by man and woman announcers, parallel to 963. Both freqs with excellent signals. (Atkins-QCI)
1323 CHINA Sep 15 15:00 CRI Russian service with RR ID, IS. Still at 7 level. This higher frequency not as regular or strong as 963 which was often a powerhouse. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1323 UNID 1400 9/20 theme music, then talk in unid central Asian language, mixing with CRI Russian service, few possibilities listed in WRTH or PAL (bp-QCI)
1332 CHINA Changchun, 1400 9/18 Changchun Jingi Guangbo Dientai ID by man, Changchun Economical Radio Station by woman, mixing w/Japan (bp-QCI)
1332 JAPAN JOSF, Nagoya, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1332 JAPAN Sep 16 15:03 JOSF Nagoya at 9 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1332 PHILIPPINES DWAY Cabanatuan City 1259:33 and :39 Sep. 19 fair "Nation Corporation" ID and back into talk. (Hutton-QCI)
1340 CANADA Yellowknife, 0358 9/17 mostly u/CIVH, ending CBC On Stage pgm, then CBC North Radio One ID (bp-QCI)
1341 JAPAN various low powered NHK1 repeaters parallel 594 1444 Sep. 19. (Hutton-QCI)
1341 NORTHERN IRELAND 0459 Sep. 20 poor-fair; not one of the better UK signals. (Hutton-QCI)
1341 NORTHERN IRELAND Ulster, 0505 9/17 British EE, fair in heavy CIVH-1340 splatter (bp-QCI)
1341 NORTHERN IRELAND BBC Radio Ulster(t), Lisnagarvey, Sep 20 0535 - BBC-like EE talk noted briefly at good level. Believe this was program 'Good Morning Ulster' but signal dropped before I could be certain. Also noted on Sept. 21. (Bryant-QCI)
1341 NORTHERN IRELAND Sep 21 03:50. BBC Ulster past 03:56 at fair levels. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1341 PHILIPPINES 1229 Sep. 19 fair speech in Tagalog (?) with EE words thrown in. I assume it is most likely DXRL. (Hutton-QCI)
1341 SOUTH KOREA KBS Kimpo fair 1335 Sep. 22, parallel to 711. (Hutton-QCI)
1350 JAPAN JOER, Hiroshima, Sep 18 1500 - Noted most AMs of the DXpedition, usually after sun-up. (Bryant-QCI)
1350 JAPAN JOER Hiroshima, Sep 18 1409 - Presumed, with overpowering Japanese talk by male announcer and voice-over soft jazz music. Many mentions of Tokyo. Some other tantalizing signals in background, including Chinese and a station with unid. language. Very strong signal. (Atkins-QCI)
1350 JAPAN Sep 15 14:54. Once dawn broke, domestic splatter became a minor nuisance only with JOER Hiroshima well heard at 8 level. Heard on other mornings equally well. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1350 SOUTH KOREA Samcheok, HLAQ, 1400 9/18 time pips, MBC ID, into Korean news, mixing w/Japan (bp-QCI)
1350 SOUTH KOREA HLAQ Samcheok 1500 Sep. 19 pieces of MBC's top of the hour musical theme heard but Japan was dominant. (Hutton-QCI)
1359 CHINA CNR musical theme at poor level 1305 Sep. 19. (Hutton-QCI)
1359 CHINA Sep 22 14:44 CNR 1 good reception // to 5030. Multiple echos heard at 14:45 on Sep 25.(Salmaniw-QCI)
1359 JAPAN 1444 9/21 NHK2, music //774, poor u/CNR1 (bp-QCI)
1359 SPAIN Arganda del Rey 0456 Sep. 20 poor-fair but good enough to catch the occasional word. (Hutton-QCI)
1359 SPAIN RNE1, Madrid, Sep 20 0415 - Noted this at poor level but clearly // other RNE1s, 684 & 855. (Bryant-QCI)
1368 CHINA unid, 1327-1332 9/18 good w/string of ads in Chinese, then male monolog (bp-QCI)
1368 ISLE OF MAN, Manx Radio 0430 9/20 ad in British-accented English surfaced briefly, gave a phone # mentioning "on Mann, call..." Also a possible mention of Isle of Man later in the ad. Had bits of pop music before & after (bp-QCI)
1368 JAPAN JOTS Wakkanai a nice catch at 1 kW parallel HBC on 1287 1432 Sep. 19. (Hutton-QCI)
1368 JAPAN JOTS Wakkanai 1433 Sep. 21 pleased to find this 1 kW outlet of HBC at a good level (!) parallel to 1287. (Hutton-QCI)
1368 JAPAN various low powered NHK1 repeaters fair 1338 Sep. 22 and parallel to 594. (Hutton-QCI)
1368 JAPAN Wakkanai, JOTS, 1202 9/18 HBC ID by woman (bp-QCI)
1377 CHINA 1500 Sep. 19: with a big open carrier on top from Zhenzhou, I was just able to hear underneath a Zhejiang renmin guangbo diantai ID at the top of the hour. (Hutton-QCI)
1377 CHINA CNR1, Zhengzhou, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1377 CHINA CNR1 Zhengzhou, Sep 24 1249 - Male and female talking in Chinese, with sound effects; orchestral music at 1253. Parallel to 6030 shortwave. Good to very good signal. (Atkins-QCI)
1377 FRANCE Lille, France Info, 0317 9/17 loud w/FF talk, fair-strong at many rechecks on many nights, sometimes stronger than 1380 domestics (bp-QCI)
1377 FRANCE France Info, Lille, Sep 20 0421 - Heard at very good level with typical Info programming in FF, // somewhat weaker 1206, Bordeaux. (Bryant-QCI)
1377 JAPAN 3 NHK2 outlets (5, 1 and 1 kW) at noteably good level 1433 Sep. 21 with English lessons. (Hutton-QCI)
1377 JAPAN Sep 25 14:50 JOUC Yamaguchi with English mentions of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. NHK2 English lesson. 2 weaker NHK2 synchros listed here as well. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1386 CHINA Tianjin with good "Tianjin guangbo diantai" about 30 seconds after the top of the hour 1400 Sep. 18. (Hutton-QCI)
1386 JAPAN NHK2 Synchros, Sep 18 1400 - Noted several AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1386 JAPAN Unid., Sep 24 1247 - Unknown NHK2 station here, with talk in Japanese. Good signal. (Atkins-QCI)
1386 JAPAN Sep 15 14:53 4 NHK2 transmitters listed here at 10 kw. 7 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1386 SOUTH KOREA HLAM Mokpo, Sep 19 1457 - The earlier Philippino noted here faded down and was replaced by this, with Korean male & female talk, and time pips on the hour. Co-channel Japanese station noted, with 'NHK' heard at 1501. By 1503, this frequency was much stronger, with English lesson ('Does this train go to Korea? Why, yes it does!'). (Atkins-QCI)
1395 ALBANIA TransWorld R.(t), Fllaka, Sep 18 0355 - Tentative this one at threshold level with talk in unid lang. (Bryant-QCI)
1395 HOLLAND Trintelhaven 0448 9/17 fair w/oldies, promo giving station mailing address & phone # in England, "The Heart & Soul or Rock & Roll, Big L 1395" (bp-QCI)
1395 HOLLAND Sep 21 03:40. Huge signal with "Can you feel it". I gave this one a 9+. Presumed, The Big L. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1395 HOLLAND 0452 Sep. 20 with somewhat jazzy music from maybe the 60's. Quite a decent signal, but not quite a powerhouse. (Hutton-QCI)
1395 JAPAN 1413 Sep. 21 fair Japanese music and giggling female anncr. Not parallel 558 so not AM Kobe and therefore likely to be the 1 kW RFC Fukushima outlet as the other 2 prospects are 100 W. (Hutton-QCI)
1395 NETHERLANDS R. London, Trintelhaven, Sep 19 0455 - Presume this heard briefly in seeming mixture of EE words with pops programming. Also noted Sept 20th with EE DJ, 'California Dreamin'' and other early Rock numbers, 'Big L' ID. (Bryant-QCI)
1395 SOUTH KOREA HLCO Cheorwon KBS1 1415 Sep. 21 good signal and parallel to 711. (Hutton-QCI)
1395 SOUTH KOREA Cheorwon, HLCO 1440 9/21 Korean talk //1305 (bp-QCI)1404 CHINA Hubei fair 1241 Sep. 19, parallel 774 with difficulty. (Hutton-QCI)
1404 CHINA Zhejiang 1400 Sep. 22 with "Zhejiang guangbo diantai" ID at top of the hour. (Hutton-QCI)
1404 FRANCE various France Info 0352 Sep. 17 easily parallelable to 1494. (Hutton-QCI)
1404 JAPAN JOQL Kushiro 1442 Sep. 21 fair, parallel to 1287. Hutton-QCI)
1404 JAPAN 0900 9/19 HBC Radio ID by woman, time pips (bp-QCI)
1404 JAPAN JOQL, Kushiro, Hokkaido, Sep 18 1510 - Heard at poor level, but pops program was clearly //1287. Also heard Sept 22. (Bryant-QCI)
1404 JAPAN Sep 25 14:50 JOQL Kushiro, Hokkaido with HBC programming // to 1287. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1404 UNID 0319 9/21 2 stations, one w/music, the other w/female talk, both weak, rapid SAH (bp-QCI)
1413 JAPAN Fukuoka, JOIF, 1458 9/17 techno-pop music, man & woman in JJ, KBC ID, by man, huge at first but soon gone (bp-QCI)
1413 JAPAN JOIF, Fukuoka, Sep 18 1400 - Noted several AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1413 JAPAN JOIF Fukuoka, Sep 18 1402 - Excellent signal of Japanese interview or phone-in show; wired, bouncy male & female announcers that must have been on their 2nd pot of coffee. Noted parallel to 1485. (Atkins-QCI)
1413 JAPAN Sep 15 13:30 8 level with JOIF Fukuoka. Also noted Sep 16 and 25. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1413 SPAIN Radio Nacional 5, 0447 Sep. 20 poor, just barely making it. (Hutton-QCI)
1413 SPAIN Sep 18 05:16 Radio Nacional 5 at fair to good level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1422 ALGERIA fair 0440 Sep. 18. (Hutton-QCI)
1422 ALGERIA Alger, 0329 9/21 North African music good, Germany later took over the channel (bp-QCI)
1422 ALGERIA RTA, Sep 20 0504 - Male announcer in continuous Arabic language. This seems to be the only possibility, due to other Arabic countries on the frequency having been in daylight for some time. Fair-good level. (Atkins-QCI)
1422 ALGERIA Sep 18 05:15. Radio Coran, with Koran chants at fair to good level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1422 GERMANY fair 0440 Sep. 18 taking turns with Algeria. (Hutton-QCI)
1422 GERMANY Heusweiler, DLF, 0430 9/17 fair w/jazz, Deutschlandfunk ID, time pip, into news in German, noted at many rechecks, sometimes better than 1420 domestics (bp-QCI)
1422 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler, Sep 21 0340 - Constant talk in German noted for about 15 minutes as first TA of the evening. (Bryant-QCI)
1422 GERMANY Sep 16 04:00 DLF from Heusweiler with GG news during an otherwise poor TA evening. Heard again at 03:30 Sep 21 battling it out with Algeria, with the dominant station going back and forth between the two. Very strong. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1422 JAPAN JORF, Yokohama, Sep 18 1400 - Noted several AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1422 JAPAN JORF Yokohama, Sep 18 1355 - Woman in Japanese with lively talk; male announcer with poss. ID at 1400; into Japanese orchestral music. Very strong signal. Also noted on 9/19. (Atkins-QCI)
1422 JAPAN Sep 15 14:51 9 level at this very late hour with JORF Yokohama. Also on Sep 16 and 25. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1440 CHINA Chifeng, 1400 9/18, tentative, central Asian language (listed as Mongolian) & Chinese national anthem mixing w/JOWF, didn't sound like the same version as 1458. Also noted w/news in presumed Mongolian //1458 1401 9/19 (bp-QCI)
1440 CHINA Chifeng RGD, Chifeng with program in same language as 1458, absolutely killing the channel at 1400 Sep. 19 with a partial anthem. (Hutton-QCI)
1440 JAPAN JOWF, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Sep 18 1400 - Noted several AMs of the DXpedition running solidly over regional NAm stations. (Bryant-QCI)
1440 JAPAN JOWF Sapporo TV, Sep 23 1420 - Powerful S9+20dB signal of romantic Japanese flute music and female vocals in Japanese. Female announcer 1426, advertisements at 1429, and into more talk. (Atkins-QCI)
1440 JAPAN Sep 16 14:50 JOWF Sapporo always here and dominating the channel as dawn approaches at 9 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1449 JAPAN JOQM Abashiri 1220 Sep. 17 poor talk parallel to 1287 which was a monster. (Hutton-QCI)
1449 JAPAN JOQM Abashiri 1443 Sep. 21 not so good but parallelable to1287. (Hutton-QCI)
1449 JAPAN JOQM, Abashiri, Hokkaido, Sep 22 1409 - Typical teen pops program at good level //1287. (Bryant-QCI)
1449 JAPAN Sep 16 14:50 JOQM Abashiri, with HBC program at 8 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1449 JAPAN HBC Abashiri 1430 Sep. 19 with poor HBC Radio ID. Bad buzz from someone with transmitter trouble. (Hutton-QCI)
1449 UNID loud buzz sounding like a WW2 bomber, noted here every morning, SDR display showed a central carrier on 1449.03 with approx 7 pairs of symmetrical carriers 14 carriers surrounding it (i.e. 1448.63 & 1449.43 etc) as though someone's transmitter was having big time problems (bp-QCI)
1450 ALASKA Sep 18 07:30 ID by child for KLAM , Cordova. Best with the Wellbrook NW phased array. ID'd again later in morning at 13:00 with TC for 5:01 following Coast to Coast program. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1458 CHINA Nei Menggu, 1400 9/18 tentative w/ talk in central Asian language (listed as Mongolian), time pips & Chinese NA, brief talk by M&W, then disappeared possibly signing off (bp-QCI)
1458 ENGLAND Manchester, Capital Gold, 0401 9/19, fair-poor woman w/news, wx for Manchester, promo w/mentions of Capital Gold & This is Gold, then CCR Bad Moon Rising (bp-QCI)
1458 PHILIPPINES DYZZ R. Bantay, Guihulgan 1401 Sep. 20 finally caught an ID from the Filipino here: nice Radio Bantay ID during Nei Menggu absence. (Hutton-QCI)
1467 FRANCE Roumoules, TWR 0415 9/19 fair in CJVB-1470 splatter running continuous 1 minute loop w/trumpet fanfare & anmt in German. Same thing 0405 9/21 (bp-QCI)
1467 JAPAN 1448 9/21 NHK2 w/15 minute feature on 70s song Alone Again Naturally, reading & dissecting the lyrics in EE & JJ, etc fair //774 (bp-QCI)
1467 JAPAN Sep 17 14:21 NHK2, // to 828 with English lesson. 0.1 to 1 kw listed here, with JOVB Hakodate, Hokkaido most likely with 1 kw. Cochannel, pres. KK. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1467 SOUTH KOREA Sep 15 14:29 Presumably HLKN at 14:50. 9 level! (Salmaniw-QCI)
1475 MALAYSIA Suara Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu, Sep 18 1400 - This old off-channel friend was noted often during the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1475 MALAYSIA RTM Malaysia, Sep 20 1507 - US pop tune, and then into Tagalog or Malay female announcer. Poor to fair level before fading away. Also heard 1327 with a MUCH stronger signal 9/21 during increased solar activity; many mentions of Malaysia. (Atkins-QCI)
1475 MALAYSIA Sep 15 14:29. Powerhouse station Suara Malaysia heard every morning, and improving throughout the morning. At times armchair level. All Tagalog programming. Noted "We Are Malaysia" at 14:29, and into news at 14:31. At 8 level initially, but still a 7 at 15:04. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1475 SABAH Kota Kinabalu, 1449 9/21 strong w/man in Tagalog, Voice of Malaysia ID, noted every morning around this time (bp-QCI)
1476 JAPAN 1458 9/21 NHK2 playing Alone Again Naturally for the second time //774 fair (bp-QCI)
1485 CHINA 1403 9/22 something Guangbo Dientai ID weak mixing w/Japan (bp-QCI)
1485 CHINA unid with "Guangbo diantai" ID at 1400 Sep. 19 that needs review. (Hutton-QCI)
1485 JAPAN 1407 9/22, music & Japanese talk //1422, mixing w/a Chinese stn & at least one other Japanese (bp-QCI)
1485 PHILIPPINES DYDH Iloilo City apparently the Filipino to good (!) peaks between 1354 and 1440 Sep. 22. Unheard of to get a good signal on this channel, much less a Filipino. (Hutton-QCI)
1485 SPAIN SER outlets 0445 Sep. 20 to a fair level and one of the better Spanish signals. Missing in action: the low band Spaniards which were universally poor. (Hutton-QCI)
1485 SPAIN 0530-0555 9/17 new & ads in Spanish good-nil, Cadena SER mention 0537 (bp-QCI)
1485 SPAIN SER Synchros (t), Sep 18 0355 - Likely this at poor level in very probable Spanish. Later //ed to 1179 and 'Happy Birthday' promo. (Bryant-QCI)
1485 SPAIN Sep 17 05:45 Lots of mentions of "Santa Rosa" with a good signal. Several Spanish stations listed here.
1494 FRANCE France Bleu, 0350 9/19 French talk fair-nil (bp-QCI)
1494 FRANCE Corsa France Bleu to fair levels 0352 Sep. 17 and easily parallelable to 1404. (Hutton-QCI)
1494 JAPAN JOTL Nayoro 1 kw, parallel to 1287 without much trouble 1450 Sep. 21. I logged almost all of the low powered HBC outlets tonight. (Hutton-QCI)
1494 JAPAN unid, 1358 9/22 1-2 stns in JJ, possible ments of Hoso & Tokyo, possible HBC ID 1359:45, then single tone at ToH, but will need to replay recording to be sure (bp-QCI)
1494 JAPAN Sep 16 14:48 Presumed JOYR Okayama with 10 kw, but still could be JOTL Nayoro Hokkaido with 1kw. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1494 MICRONESIA V6AI Colonia 1350 - 1403 Sep. 21 light rock back to back at fair level, 1403 mangled call letters and "We're leaving the air now". No anthem heard. (Hutton-QCI)
1503 SPAIN RN 5 0355 Sep. 17 poor and only able to catch a few words of Spanish. (Hutton-QCI)
1503 JAPAN NHK1 Synchros, Sep 18 1400 - Noted several AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1503 JAPAN JOUK Akita, Sep 18 1335 - Male and female announcers in Japanese, noted parallel 594. Chinese station heard very weakly in background. Good level on JOUK. (Atkins-QCI)
1503 JAPAN Sep 16 14:46 JOUK Akita with NHK1. 9 level. Heard again on Sep 17 at 14:15, very strong, but not in // to 594. Not sure why this should be the case. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1512 BELGIUM Sep. 20 0458 just good enough to catch some audio but nothing further. (Hutton-QCI)
1512 BELGIUM Wolvertem, Radio Vlaanderen Int'l, 0426 9/17 man & woman in Flemish after light pop music (bp-QCI)
1512 BELGIUM R. Vlaanderen(t), Wolvertem, Sep 20 0430 - Pop Rock with a male announcer in Flemish or Dutch. Fair level only and tentative, since I recognize so few European languages. (Bryant-QCI)
1512 BELGIUM Sep 21 03:15 Huge signal here. First noted with audio at 03:15, and building to 9 level at 04:49. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1512 CHINA Sep 16 13:30 A most interesting frequency with 3 stations heard. A Chinese speaker, cochannel with DZAT Lucena City PHILIPPINES, and NHK2 synchro (JAPAN). (Salmaniw-QCI)
1512 JAPAN Sep 17 14:10 NHK2 synchros with EE lesson, better than 1521. 0.1 to 5 kw listed. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1512 PHILIPPINES DYAB Cebu at a goor or better level (!) 1351 Sep. 21. (Hutton-QCI)
1512 PHILIPPINES 1342 9/21, excited male talk in Tagalog (bp-QCI)
1512 PHILIPPINES DYAB Cebu City, Sep 21 1332 - Tagalog talk by man and woman; many mentions of Philippines. Good level, then down to fair in the band noise. Back up at a decent level by 1352. Also heard 9/23 at excellent level at 1430. (Atkins-QCI)
1512 PHILIPPINES Sep 19 13:45 Filipino heard at 13:45 here. 2 listed…DYAB and DZAT. Ad for “groovy airways” . (Salmaniw-QCI)
1512 PHILIPPINES DYAB Cebu City fair 1401 Sep. 20 with call letters in English and then into a long talk. (Hutton)
1521 CHINA Sep 16 13:15 Chinese speaker here at 7 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1521 JAPAN 1435 9/21 NHK2 English lessons poor //774 (bp-QCI)
1521 JAPAN Sep 17 14:05 NHK2 synchros here listed between 0.1 and 1 kw with EE lessons. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1530 PHILIPPINES 1449 9/20 man w/religious sounding talk in Tagalog, strong but distorted after KFBK fadeout (bp-QCI)
1530 PHILIPPINES Sep 16 12:52 JAPAN initially here ?JOXF Utsunomiya?, but the Filipino station took over with a full ID for DZME at 13:00. Good 8 level. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1530 PHILIPPINES 1440 Sep. 19 with non-stop talk preventing their decent signal from being ID'ed. The only listed Filipino is DZME in metro Manila. (Hutton-QCI)
1530 SAO TOME, VOA, 0319-0430 9/20 bits of American English noted u/KFBK at various times, caught mentions of Washington & Africa. Finally Ided 0430 w/VOA mentions, VOA jingle, then Portuguese program (bp-QCI)
1530 SAO TOME V. of America Relay, Pinheira, Sep 20 0433 - Heard with VOA African programming mixing over/under KFBK, the Sacramento BlowTorch. First logged and IDed by Bruce Portzer. (Bryant-QCI)
1530 SAO TOME VOA Pinheira, Sep 20 0440 - Portuguese talk beneath KFBK Sacramento, approaching Sao Tome sunrise. Cool to log this from the Queen Charlotte Islands, BC! Seemed to fade out by 0455. Thanks Walt and Bruce for the tip. Fair level. (Atkins-QCI)
1530 SAO TOME Sep 20 04:30 . Another coup for Masset. VOA jingle at 14:30 mixing with KFBK, and then dominating by 04:33 in presumed PP. Stayed in for a good while. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1530 SAO TOME 1437 Sep. 20 sometimes on top of the channel with VOA ID's, Africa news, etc. Surprisingly good and easy! (Hutton-QCI)
1539 CHINA CNR very good with ID and musical theme 1400 Sep. 18. (Hutton-QCI)
1539 JAPAN 1436 9/21 NHK2 English lessons poor //774 (bp-QCI)
1539 JAPAN Sep 16 12:47 NHK2 synchros at a 7 level…and only 100w. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1539 SPAIN SER Elche / Manresa 0355 Sep. 20 just a few words of Spanish. (Hutton-QCI)
1548 AUSTRALIA Emerald, 4QD, 1342 9/21, good w/phone talk show, one of the few Aussie logs of the trip (bp-QCI)
1548 AUSTRALIA 4QD Emerald, Sep 21 1340 - Two announcers in English discussing national currencies, and commenting on the current strength of the Australian dollar vs. Canadian and US dollar. Fair-good. Also heard at fair level on 9/23. (Atkins-QCI)
1548 AUSTRALIA Sep 16 14:12 Australian accented EE from 14:12 and improved past 14:24. ABC noted at 14:29, and also a hum. Presumably 4QD Emerald, Queensland. One of a handful of DU stations logged. Good level at 13:50 on 17 Sep07 with ABC ID and Queensland weather, and another ID at 14:05 as "ABC local radio, Queensland". (Salmaniw-QCI)
1548 SRI LANKA Trincomalee 1337 - 1402 Sep. 19 somewhere between fair and good on peaks with German program. Deutsche Welle ID at 1345. No significant QRM. (Hutton-QCI)
1548 SRI LANKA Trincomalee, DW, 1343 9/19 man in German, still there at later rechecks (bp-QCI)
1548 SRI LANKA Deutsche Welle, Tricomalee, Sep 19 1335 - Heard in German at fair level dominating several others. Seemed 50 hertz high. Thanks to Bruce and Chuck for this one! (Bryant-QCI)
1548 SRI LANKA Deutsche Welle, Trincomalee, Sep 19 1335 - Thanks to Chuck's tip found DW here, loud and clear in German; male and female announcers with news items or commentary. Deutsche Welle ID at 1345, and again at 1400. Drifting signal by approx. 30 Hz clearly seen on SDR-1000 spectrum display, and noted by others on DXpedition. Fair to Excellent signal. (Atkins-QCI)
1548 SRI LANKA Sep 19 13:40 Another QCI first! Deutsche Welle programming at very good levels, and often armchair, past 14:03. We were thrilled to hear this one, first noted, I believe, by Chuck Hutton. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1557 CHINA unid and fair 1414 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
1557 CHINA unid alone as WYFR had faded 1429 Sep. 18. "guangbo diantai" ID preceeded by what sounds like "Nangong". Listed as 1 kW. Better get a second opinion on this. (Hutton-QCI)
1557 FRANCE Fontbonne, France Info, 0340 9/17 good w/FF talk (bp-QCI)
1557 TAIWAN 1410 9/18 Open Forum phone talk show in EE briefly good, then faded u/jammer (bp-QCI)
1557 TAIWAN Voice of Taiwan, Sep 22 1432 - Heard with relay of WYFR and Harold Camping's bible teaching in English. Fair, but struggling against increasing band noise and poss. IBOC splash. (Atkins-QCI)
1557 TAIWAN WYFR Kouhu, Sep 19 1418 - Program in English of Dr. Harold Camping's Bible commentary. Strong signal. Also heard 9/22 with fair signal in IBOC splash. (Atkins-QCI)
1557 TAIWAN Sep 16 12:41 WYFR heard with an 8 signal. A regular heard most mornings. Sep 18 at 14:19 had another cochannel Chinese station sometimes under, sometimes over WYFR. Hum also. Sep 23 at 14:04 with WYFR very strong, and chochannel CC speaker, and Firedrake sounding music. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1566 ENGLAND Guildford, 0506 9/17, fair-poor w/oldies "County Sound Radio, 1566 medium wave" ID. Listed as 750 watts! (bp-QCI)
1566 ENGLAND Sep 17 05:09. Thanks to Bruce Portzer to pointing this one out. It's the 750 watter, County Sound in Peasmarsh, heard at fair level, with mention of 1566. Heard several times during the dxpedtion, but never as good as this night. Apparently well heard in Newfoundland as well. Nonetheless a great catch! (Salmaniw-QCI)
1566 PHILIPPINES Sep 19 11:50 Immediate excitement when Indian sounding music was heard at this time under HLAZ. Much more likely DXID Pagadian with Islamic programming. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1566 SOUTH KOREA HLAZ, Cheju Island, Sep 18 1400 - Noted at very good to excellent levels throughout the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1566 SOUTH KOREA HLAZ Sep 15 12:00. Chinese programming with a weaker cochannel. ID heard at the TOH as "New Age Radio" in CC and EE. 9 level. Other mornings, cochannels noted, but not strong enough to ID.(Salmaniw-QCI)
1566 UNID (s) at many points throughout the DXpedition there was a TP signal under HLAZ. That's almost unheard of at Grayland. Some clips sound like Koran chants, others seemed Chinese and some were neither and need review. The search for India continues. (Hutton-QCI)
1566 UNID 1207 9/19 a capella singing w/South Asian or mideast flavor to it u/HLAZ, too early for India so likely DXID which runs Islamic programs (bp-QCI)
1566 UNID 1405 9/20, male talk in unid language (not Tagalog or Chinese) briefly atop HLAZ, maybe India, maybe not (bp-QCI)
1575 GERMANY with Voice of Russia program in English, good on peaks 0414 Sep. 20. (Hutton-QCI)
1575 GERMANY Burg, 0427 9/20 Voice of Russia fair w/ID by woman o/unid (bp-QCI)
1575 GERMANY Sep 19 04:11. Two cochannels here. Usually Voice of Russia World Service in English dominated this channel and heard several times. Today there's also one or two SS speakers co-channel. 2 5kw SER stations listed. Moscow Mailbag noted on Sep 21 at 04:21 at 8 level, when a SS station suddenly took over. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1575 JAPAN American Forces Network, Sep 18 1326 - Unknown AFN network location, under/over VOA Thailand with US pops and R&B music. At 1330, the 'QRM' VOA station ID'd in English by male announcer. but AFN continued with music. Fair-good signal. (Atkins-QCI)
1575 THAILAND Ban Pachi, 1351 9/21good in presumed Cambodian w/mention of www.voacambodia.com & News Washington (bp-QCI)
1575 THAILAND VOA, Ban Phachi, Sep 18 1400 - Noted throughout the DXpedition at good levels. (Bryant-QCI)
1575 THAILAND VOA Ayutthaya, Sep 19 1422 - World news items in listed Khmer, with many mentions of Iraq and Palestine. Very strong, and noted each night at various signal levels. (Atkins-QCI)
1575 THAILAND Sep 15 12:00 VOA heard throughout the dxpedition with often excellent levels. 9 level here. Often cochannel AFN Japan. Noted as a "10" on Sep 16 at 12:48. Welcome to the Voice of America in Burmese at 14:30 on Sep 22. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1584.8 PALAU Sep 17 14:03 T8AA with weak audio, not in English. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1584 JAPAN Unid., Sep 22 1302 - Japanese synchro with NHK1 news by male announcer; poor but consistent signal. (Atkins-QCI)
1584 SOUTH KOREA 3 KBS1 relays (1 kW each) fair and parallel to 711 1404 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
1593 CHINA CNR1, Unk. Location, Sep 19 1240 - Heard //1377 on several occasions at good level. Often o/u NHK co-chan. (Bryant-QCI)
1593 CHINA Xinjiang RGD, Sep 24 1227 - Man and woman in definite Chinese language, not Kirghiz/Mongolian as listed for this timeframe. Children's chorus and song, more talk, and then poss. ID at 1230. Parallel to 7230, as per PAL. Fair signal. (Atkins-QCI)
1593 JAPAN NHK2 Synchros, Sep 18 1400 - Noted here at fair level several AMs during the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1593 JAPAN Sep 15 14:35 9 level for NHK2 (2 listed JOTB Matsue and JOQB Nigata) but also cochannel CNR1 from CHINA. Noted way over NHK2 on Sep 16 at 14:40. Same noted on Sep 17, with CNR 1 // to 5030 except for satellite delay. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1602 JAPAN NHK2 Synchros, Sep 18 1400 - Noted here at fair to poor levels several AMs of the DXpedition. (Bryant-QCI)
1602 JAPAN Sep 15 14:34 NHK2 synchros at 7 level. Noted Sep 16 at very strong level at 14:40. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1602 SPAIN Sep 18 05:06 Despite poor conditions this evening for TA, SS talk at fair to good levels. SER network listed as well as Euskadi. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1611 VATICAN CITY, 0439 9/20, Vatican Radio IS & Radio Vaticana ID by woman (bp-QCI)
1611 VATICAN CITY Sep 20 04:38. Vatican Radio IS and then into Bulgarian with "Slava Isusu Khrystu", or "Glory to Christ", the common Slavic salutation. Fair level. Heard several more times. Thanks to Bruce for finding this one. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1629 AUSTRALIA Sep 18 14:12 Presumed Aussie X-bander with weak audio. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1638 AUSTRALIA Sep 16 14:35 Noted some audio but too weak to copy anything more. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1665 AUSTRALIA Sep 16 14:38 Again just audible. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1683.23 AUSTRALIA Sep 16 14:35 7 level audio from presumed Radio Club AM, Sydney. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1701.08 AUSTRALIA Sep 16 14:35 Radio Brisvaani, Brisbane, presumed on the usual off frequency at 7 level. Did not notice much other X-band DU during the rest of the dxpedition. Did have good audio, though on Sep 18 at 14:05. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1725 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Sep 16 14:36 GA Goroka beacon heard at fair strength. Only noted this day, I believe. (Salmaniw-QCI)
1737 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Sep 16 14:36 KUT Kutubu. Good level. (Salmaniw-QCI)