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Ian McFarland - Former CBC Broadcaster and host-writer of Radio Canada International's English Language Service has worked with me over the years to create a small library of wonderful MP3 Podcasts and radio shows - a lot of stuff from the vaults. We present some of this material here.

Shawn - Ian McFarland and Colin Newell

An international broadcast consultant, Ian has worked for the CBC in London office, Radio Canada International as well as a 2 year stint with NHK in Tokyo. 

Ian is still an occasional guest at Radio Conventions around North America.

Photo Right - Legends of DX! (2 out of 3!) Shawn Axelrod on the left, Ian McFarland in the centre and yours truly (Colin Newell) on the right in Duncan, British Columbia - April 2017

He is also one of the busiest retired people I  know - holding down slots at a local "Food bank" - supporting the disadvantaged - as well as being active on a day care center in the community.

Ian McFarland lives on Vancouver Island with his wife Mary and they are enjoying a fairly busy retirement indeed!

Ian's current online projects include a trio of 2-CD sets (now in MP3 format) of classic Interval Signals, a language recognition course featuring the late Dr. Richard E. Wood... and some "greatest hits" packages from his long and illustrious career with the CBC Foreign Service - 

Ian McFarland is always available to chat online or via the phone to the media on the subject of International Broadcasting - here in Canada and abroad!

Direct download - Ident Series Part 1- $9 - "Ian McFarland's Classic Ident Signal CD" -

Download CD - 1 European and African Section - all the classic interval signals from so many years ago!
This MP3 is a treasure trove of radio history - 1 hour and 18 minutes of material!

Free download PDF Guide to the Ident Series below -


Direct download - Ident Series  Part 2 - $9  - "Ian McFarland's Classic Ident Signal CD" -

Download CD - 1 Africa-Asia-Pacific and Americas Section - all the classic interval signals from all those years ago!

This MP3 contains even more familar "Ident" nuggets from the 70's- 1 hour and 14 minutes of material!


Direct download - Language Series Part 1
- "Ian McFarland's and Dr. Richard Wood's Language Series" - $9

You can own this comprehensive guide to language identification from one of the best -
All major language groups are covered - enhance your language ID skills with this powerful CD!
Total running time - 1 hour and 18 minutes!
Free download PDF Guide to the Language Series below -


Direct download - Language Series Part 2  - "Ian McFarland's Bonus Materials" - $9
Three historic flash-backs; DX Friendship Year 1973, History of Radio and 
40 years of broadcasting in Canada - a look backwards and forwards!
Running time - 1 hour and 18 minutes!


Direct download - Series-3 Part 1
- "Ian McFarland's Yesterday and Today - 20 years of Shortwave Broadcasting" - $9
Download this entire segment (Via Paypal - all methods of payment taken)
Total listening time: 1 hour and 18 minutes -
It is an MP3 file and plays on most computers, personal players and even car stereos! Enjoy!

The results are stirring and insightful. Ian McFarland, Bob Zanotti,
yours truly, writer John Figliozzi (and many special guests!) also toss in their 2 cents worth.
It was a pleasure recording these sessions and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did making this series!

Direct download - Series-3 Part 2  - "Ian McFarland's Yesterday and Today - 20 years of Shortwave Broadcasting" - $9

Download this informative second chapter (Via Paypal -
all methods of payment taken) Total listening time: 1 hour and 14 minutes -
It is an MP3 file and plays on most computers, personal players and even car stereos! Enjoy!

The CD MP3 Library is easy to use - click on one of the BUY NOW icons - you will be taken to our PayPal gateway - after you make your paymet, you will get an e-mail with a link to your download on DXer.ca - All DOLLARS in USD. Thank you for your support of a great cause!


Bonus Download - Series Antenna Series - $3.00 - The Ian McFarland Antenna Series - A must listen for SWL's, DXers and radio enthusiasts at all levels - This 11-part study series covers all things made of solid and stranded copper wire! - from the most basic random wire to the windom and the beverage antenna, Ian discusses all the most common types of radio antenna - protecting your antennas and equipment with lightning arrestors and some antenna book references - The McFarland Antenna series was 1st aired in the seventies and this is the first time in almost 25 years that these recordings have been available in a high quality MP3 download.  1 hour of interesting and informative listening on the subject dear to all of us.

Free download! Guide to the RCI Antenna Series - This FREE PDF helps explain, in words and diagrams, a lot of the terminology and references in the Antenna Series MP3! Grab it here:

Bonus Download  - Micro-eBook - $3.00 - The Ian McFarland Adventure in Japanese broadcasting - Just as unemployment came to many Radio Canada employees, Ian had a door open at NHK Japan - and with that event he offers us this 16-page micro eBook on the subject of his 2 year adventure in Japan. Ian Mcfarland's Adventure in Japanese broadcasting is a brief, fascinating, amusing and eye opening look at International and domestic broadcasting from the Japanese perspective - as seen through Ian's eyes. - Adventure in Japanese broadcasting was first conceived for the benefit of Ian's growing collection of grandchildren - and Ian is currently thinking about a bigger publishing project to represent the rest of his illustrious career. 16 pages of interesting, revealing, at times poignant and often quirky reading on the subject of broadcasting... from the land of the rising Sun

Bonus Download  - Sunspots and you! - $3.00 - Way back in the seventies, Ian McFarland produced a series of tapes for the Handicapped Aid Program - and in this series (At 27 minutes or so...) Ian talks at great length and detail on the subject and science of Sunspots - very informative and timely considering our current state of high Sunspot numbers - Ian demystifies the inner workings of Sunspots, their intricate cycle and how they effect the day to day, week to week, month and year vagaries of radio reception - 27 minute 56kbps download - 10 Mb - 

All proceeds go to Ian McFarlands charity - a food bank and soup kitchen in Duncan, British Columbia.




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