Homebrew Loop Designs

Perhaps you are on a budget and can't really afford a commercial loop.  Or maybe you are one of those that still likes to get flux under the fingernails.  The art of homebrewing antennas finds a home with loops.  We have numerous links here, courtesy of SWLing.com, that can show you how to build your own YouLoop (best used with a SDR) and even hide a loop in a wooden porch.  How about a loop that has some beam like characteristics?  We have that, too.  Warm up those hot glue guns and soldering irons and let's get busy.

Loop on the Ground (LOG)

Well not exactly on the ground, but it's so close no HOA will ever see it.

Make Your Own YouLoop

Why spend the money if you have the parts in your junkbox?

The Small Unidirectional Loop Antenna (SULA)

A loop that acts a bit like a beam

Other Designs

Ever thought of hiding a loop as a volleyball net?