New Years DXing from Masset in the Haida Gwaii - by Walter Salmaniw

The Best DXing since the Last Solar Minimum:   Masset Dec 26 – Jan 3, 2020       


Life is a beach - with snow - on Masset - 2020Figure 1:  There's not just fantastic DXing in Masset!

 I have just returned from a fantastic trip to my second home and cottage near Masset, on the islands of Haida Gwaii, approximately 100 km off shore from northern BC and about 70 km due south of Ketchikan, AK.  Arriving near noon on Dec 26 2019, I found the weather unseasonably warm with temperatures in the 10 to 12 deg C range.  That lasted until the 1st of January, when temperatures dropped below zero, and was followed by about 15 cm of snow.  

As for my setup, I quickly erected a new large diameter ALA 100 LN antenna, approximately 60’ base x 40’ height, with the bottom base about 7’ above the ground, and aimed N/S.  This replaces a previous ALA closer to the beach, but much smaller.  It turned out to be a very hot performer, especially to Europe in our evenings when that path was open, but sometimes would be a poor third.  I’m thinking this had to do with angle of arrival of signals.   

My second antenna was a 500’ Beverage terminated into the surf aimed due North.  This antenna was also an excellent performer to Europe on MW and SW during the day on 49 and 41 meters, which was open all day long and very enjoyable to experience!    The 3rd antenna was my longstanding go-to antenna, a 750’ BoG (Beverage on ground) aimed NW.  

The latter is always a superb antenna during all seasons to Asia, especially Japan, Korea, and China.  It was always my go-to antenna during our local mornings until Europe and Central Asia started to fade in, at which time I’d switch to the North Beverage (which always outperformed the ALA during the day for European MW DXing during my local day… the opposite of our local evening when the ALA consistently outperformed the N Beverage to Europe and Central Asia).  

I did experiment, briefly, with a PA0RDT active antenna, which really wasn’t up to the task for anything useful.  

On the receiver side, I brought 3 Perseus SDR receivers with me, as well as an AOR 7030+ which stays in Masset, as well as 3 laptops operating.  

One Perseus was used exclusively with Mestor recording several TB of wav files, while another was used for live DXing.  The last Perseus, and the AOR were used mostly for longer mp3 recordings of interesting programming.  

This was probably the best equipped DXpedition I’ve ever embarked on, and also the one virtually free of any problems.  All the antennas were fed via mil-spec coaxial cable with extremely weather resistant outer plastic sheaths and ample copper sheathing beneath this and a similar generous copper center wire.  

I made use of common-mode chokes as well.  Both the BoG and the Beverage were amplified with excellent DX Engineering RPA-1 amps.  

IMG 1888Of course, one cannot survive solely on DXing (although it came close to this on several superb days at the end of the year!).  I am fortunate to have family, courtesy of my Haida spouse.  

I’m always royally treated with local fare, including Goose, turkey, Elk meat balls, delicious apple pie, and soup.  All home-made, of course!

The view is often lovely, with Prince of Wales Island, AK off in the distance and always snow-peaked mountains.  Ships are rarely seen, but fishing boats (crab boats this time of year) are more common.


Now it’s time to offer you a selection of loggings from the past week.  In my opinion, it was the best DXing since the last solar minimum, 11 years ago.  I’ve been wishing for a repeat of those conditions, and finally, they occurred.  The loggings are just a smattering of what I heard, and I know there are hundreds of stations more to be identified on the TBs of wav files collected and mp3 files recorded.  It was a true joy to hear a 300 watt Latvian station (1485) at armchair copy, and literally hundreds of European/Central Asian/and African MW stations.  However, I took the opportunity to tune all the way from LW (almost VLF) time signal stations, to the Medium Waves, all the way up to the Shortwaves.  One only recalls the wonder of having little noise to deal with, and the subsequent results speak for themselves!   As always, I’m always happy to get feedback and corrections.  


40 JAPAN Mt. Ohtakadoya 10 kW JJY, Dec 28 0423 - Remember the days of JJY on shortwave?  Well, I dialed down to 40 kHz and sure enough there's JJY with time pips.  Weak but in the clear.  No chance trying for their other 60 kHz channel, as WWVB is very strong here.  All heard on my N/S large diameter ALA 100LN antenna. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


68.5 CHINA Shangqiu 90 kW BPC, Dec 31 1606 - Seems like a very good morning for VLF time signal stations.  I immediately see 3:  BPC, WWVB on 60 kHz and JJY on 40 kHz with 10 kW.  All 3 are quite strong.  Checking on 60 kHz more closely, I can hear JJY at Mt Hagane with 10 kW as well, as the tone is slightly out of phase with WWVB.  There was a brief CW ID given on JJY just before the 16th minute.  There's a possibility that I also have Russia at Taldom (RBU) with 50 kW on 66.6 (I'm measuring what sounds like tones or CW on 66.667).  Very weak, and tentative only. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


Internet cafe on the Beach of Masset - 202068.5 CHINA Shangqiu 90 kW BPC, Dec 27 1737 - I bet you didn't know there were other time signal stations in China?  Sure enough.  Good reception on my big ALA loop aimed N/S.  Interesting that nothing's coming through on the North mini-Beverage, and NW BoG.   Good to very good at 15:10 on 28 Dec 2019. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


77.5 GERMANY Mainflingen 50 kW DCF77, Jan 1 0724 - I can cleary make out the time signals from this German transmitter.  Weak but pulsing 1/second.  Only heard on the ALA 100 LN loop aimed N/S.  Checking the WRTH, there is another 77.5 kHz station, but only with 1 kW and in Taiwan, which is in sunlight for a few more hours, so doubtful it's them. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


100 CHINA Pucheng 800 kW BPL, Dec 28 0725 - I'm expecting this to be BPL, as there's a pretty reasonable signal, but perhaps just very weak tones.  Listed from 05:30 to 13:30 but the WRTH from last year has no mode.  A tentative!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


Photo above right - Internet access is an interesting problem.  One day, I hope to have fiber-optic access.  In fact, the cable has been laid, but the final 150’ to the cabin is still pending, although they keep promising that it might happen this year.  I’m not holding my breath.  In the meantime, I can only access a weak cell signal from the beach (and from our road).  Here’s my internet chair!



189 ICELAND Gufuskalar 300 kW Rikisutvaripid Ras 1 + 2, Dec 29 0136 - Strong again tonight, as it was 2 nights ago.  Seems that when LW is in from Iceland, don't expect a lot of TA MW activity, if the first night and tonight so far as an indicator.  How can I hypothesize why?  // to the other less commonly heard transmitter on 207.  Fair or better on that one. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


189 ICELAND Gufuskalar 300 kW RUV Ras 1, Dec 30 0052 - Superb reception for the last hour after spending an hour on the beach reading my emails.  Of course, that does not translate to guaranteed TA MW activity as I've noticed for the past few days!  I notice 198 BBC Droitwich with 500 kW with a pretty descent signal as well.  207 Rikisutvarpid with 100 kW is also coming in quite well.  252 RTE at fair level.  And there's 531 Jil FM at good level...well practically LW, anyway!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


189 ICELAND Gufuskalar 300 kW Rikisutvarpid Ras, Dec 26 2356 - Very strong reception and audible several hours ago, hours before LSS.  Unfortunately, this has yet to translate to anything on MW, or other LW channels.  Spoke to soon.  Towards our LSS, things really picked up.  Not spectacular, but plenty of TA in audio.  As I type this at 04:08 UTC, // 207 is being heard at fair/good level // to strong 189.  207 is not heard very often here, mostly due to NDB interference. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


189 ICELAND Gufuskalar 300 kW RUV Ras 1, Dec 31 0051 - Exceptionally strong reception tonight and // to 207 which a few minutes ago was also very strong.  Above the LW, 531 is already coming through with great strength from Jil FM!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


Life is a beach - on Masset - 2020225 POLAND Solec Kujawski 1000 kW Polskie Radio Jedynka, Dec 31 0652 - After Iceland 189, the next strongest station on LW tonight.  I took a couple hours off for dinner and relaxing.  No internet here, nor TV, so found a DVD of Full Metal Jacket, and am half way through the movie.  Wow, what a powerful (and disturbing) movie!   Anyway, back to the dials.  Seems like the MW have died down, but here come the Asians now!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


257 ALASKA Fairbanks Chena 1000 watts CUN, Dec 30 0150 - Well heard on the North Beverage, and just audible on the others.  The database mentions TWEB.  It's there once I switched from narrow CW to AM. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


Photo - above right - 

My beach is extremely picturesque, as well during the short day (between about 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM) and into the evening.  I never grow tired of enjoying the gorgeous views, and the sound of the ocean!



283 ALASKA Dutch Harbor 50 watts DUT, Dec 28 1720 - NDB coming in very strong on this channel.  I still remember trying to snag the AM station there, with it being one of the few, if not the only Alaskan that I still needed!  I'm not very good at NDB catching.  For example, what frequency exactly to tune, so I parked on 282 with narrow CW filter and there were 2 signals just a few Hz apart.  One was DUT (which is listed as 283), and the other was CRN Sparrevohn-Cairn Mountain on 281 listed, with 1600 watts.  Thank goodness the CW is slow enough to capture.  No sign of Barrow whom I was most interested in on 281. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


320 CANADA Whitehorse-Robinson 250 watts PJ, Dec 29 0219 - Had to 'razor' this signal from Athabaska, but it's possible, since they're very slightly different, with PJ being a smidgeon lower.  located north-east of me at 60deg26'22' and -134deg 51'41'.  This kind of grows on you!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


329 CANADA Athabaska AB 50 watts X2, Dec 29 0209 - NDB from Athabasca, northern AB (54 deg N 44'15' and -113deg 12'2'), so similar latitude to me.  Oil Sands country.  Very loud off the back side of the NW BoG and fair on the N Beverage.  X=  _.._   2= . . _ _ _. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


341 ALASKA Cold Bay - Elfee 1000 w ELF, Dec 29 0224 - A strong station on the N Beverage.  Located at 55deg17'46' -162deg47'21'.  Almost as strong on the NW BoG. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


341 CANADA Burwash YT 1600 watts YT, Dec 29 0229 - Well heard on my North Beverage.  To be decommissioned on 26 March 2020, so get it while you can!   D = _ . .   B = _ . . . (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


375 CANADA Fort Simpson NT  1000 w FS, Dec 29 0252 - Very strong NDB located on the Mackenzie River at N61deg 47'9' and -121deg 15'38'.  Best by far on the North Beverage, then the ALA, and worst on the NW BoG. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


376 ALASKA Deadhorse - Put River 50 watts PVQ, Dec 29 0249 - Good reception with a very sharp filter.  Located at 70degN 13'23' and - 148 deg 25'2'.  Heard best on the North Beverage. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


383 USA Pocatello - Tyee, ID 25 w PI, Dec 29 0303 - I'm pleased with this low power NDB, 'PI' = . _ _ .   . . Located far to my south and off the back end of the NW BoG, at: N42deg 57'49'  - 112deg 30'59'  Fair to good. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


396 ALASKA Ketchikan - Clam Cove 50 watts CMJ, Dec 29 0320 - Well heard, of course with CMJ =  _ . _ .   _ _   . _ _ _. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


397 CANADA Saskatoon - Yellowhead  100 watts ZSS, Dec 29 0314 - It's getting easier and easier with practice to copy the CW code.  Best off the back of the NW BoG, of course.  ZSS = _ _ ..  ...  ... (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


398 CANADA Cold Lake AB 316 watts YOD, Dec 29 0324 - A tough one to decipher as it's very close to the CMJ carrier, and only heard off the back side of my NW BoG. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


399 ALASKA St George Pribilof 50 watts SRI, Dec 29 0312 - Another one I'm pleased with, way out on the Pribilof Islands.  SRI  reasonably strong and loudest on the NW BoG.  And only 50 watts. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


475.2 USA WA4SZE, Dec 29 0521 - Glenn Hauser mentioned the owned of WWRB's Dave Frantz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in a WOR program recently.  Listening earlier this evening, and again now, the signal can be surprisingly strong.  I don't know CW code, so depended on my Fldigi.  Must be Dave, as I can decipher WA4SZE.  Just now very strong with, 'WA4SZE  BEACON WWW WA4SZE/BEACON  WWW EOA UZT COM WA4SZE'  etc.  I'm very pleased, and will have to let Dave know!   The next night (UTC 30 December was even better, with virtually 100% copy using Fldigi.  This is about 04:00 UTC or so:  WA4SZE/BEACON WWW  WA4SZE COM WA4SZ/BEACON WWW WA4SZ <AR>OMWA4IZ *BEACON WW WA4SZE COM WA4SZE/BEACON   WW  WA4SZE COTWA4SZE/BEACON   WWW  WA4SZE <AR>OMWA4SZE  BEACOD OWVA4SZE COM  WA4SZE/BEACON WWEWA4ZE  EMWAZEBERZD WWJA* EZMP4SZE/BVCOE W <BT>;R4TN<AR>NI*NRT<AR>J* O OIM MEI* * M W A4DEIIMEEACON E EWP WA4SZE COMWA4SZE  /BEACONT  WW   WA4SZE COM  WA4SZE/BEACNM  WW WA4SZECOMWA4SZE/BEACON WWW WA4SZECODWA4SZE/BTCON WW WA4SZECOMWA4S Z/BEACON WWW WA4SZE COMWA4SZE/BEACON WWW WA4SZECOMWA4SZE/BEACON WWW WA4SZE COMWA4SZE/BEACON WWW WA4SZE COMWA4SZ/BEACOWWWWA4ZECOMWS4SZE/BCONWWW WA4SZE<AR>OMWA4SZE/BEACOWWW WA4SZE COMWA4SZE/BEACON WWW WA4SZECOMWA4ZE/ETCON WW WA4SZE COMWA4SZE/BEACON WWW WA4SZE COMWA4SZ/BEACON OWWWA4SZECOM. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


530 ALASKA Adak, Mount Moffett ?strength ADK, Dec 28 0702 - I thought that I might have a problem hearing the newly reactivated ADK, because of 529 SQM being so close, but tuning up a kHz and using CW, narrow bandwidth, it actually came in very clearly and relatively strong with the unmistakable ._ (A) _.. (D) and _._. (K). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


560 ALASKA (NON) Kodiak KVOK, Dec 28 1616 - Confirmed not on the air, and I'm sure with Alaskan winters, no chance for them coming back at least until Spring/Summer 2020. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


Antenna Farm on Masset - 2020


Photo Right - As you may know, Masset is the location of one of the famous USN designed Wullenweber SW antenna arrays.  It’s located approximately 5 km west of my location, also on the sand dunes of Haida Gwaii.  Perhaps in a small way, we’re able to replicate some of the work that goes on in that still secret facility.  When I was first posted to Masset as a medical officer in the early 1980s, there were some 300 Canadian military and USN personnel stationed here.  In the early 1990s, the station closed, leaving a maintenance staff of 6 military personnel.  The array is still operational, but is remotely operated out of Leitrim, Ontario, near Ottawa.  


560 CANADA Dawson City 400 watts CBDN, Dec 29 1604 - Another check to confirm KVOK Kodiak is not on the air.  A bit of a mishmash channel, but mostly the dominant is the low powered Canadian transmitter in Dawson City.  Heard with CBC news.  Most significant splatter comes from the much more powerful 558!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


680 ALASKA Barrow 10 kW KBRW, Dec 28 1619 - Almost certainly them, with very good reception with NPR news.  Weekend edition.  Some splatter from KDLG Dillingham, with same program.  Rechecking at 17:04, excellent level with local weather (wind chills as low as -60!).  At 17:07, 'From the studios of  top of the world radio, KBRW  AM and FM in Barrow, AK, this is your weekly music almanac '.  Still referring to the town as Barrow, AK, although I believe officialy, it's been changed to a local indigenous name.  I love the local programming!   I can just see Paul Walker doing a show from up there!  What do you think, Paul?  Rechecking at 18:15, there's Robyn Williams from Good Morning Vietnam (wasn't that a fabulous movie?). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


680 ALASKA Barrow 10 kW KBRW, Dec 29 1559 - Another morning where KBRW completely dominates the channel.  An hour ago, it was KGO, but as it's daylight now in CA, they're gone.  NPR programming. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


693 BANGLADESH Dhaka 1000 kW Bangladesh Betar, Dec 29 1615 - Sure enough, out of the mud comes distinct South Asian music  then some, presumed, Bengali talk.  Always nice to hear Bangladesh on MW.  I have heard it better, but a fair amount of CBU splatter this morning, but coming in otherwise very nicely!   At 16:20, did hit the 'armchair copy' threshold!  Rechecking at 17:29, a cow bell accompanying a south Asian sounding song.  Armchair at times.  Heard as well, if not better, on my North Beverage over the much longer NW BoG.  Go figure!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


693 BANGLADESH Dhakha 1000 kW Bangladesh Betar, Jan 1 1615 - Excellent reception once again with lots of mentions of Bengali.  So, things, 'aren't all bad'!  Definitely I'm not hearing the trans-Polar yet, like a few days ago.  1539 is my bell weather for Polar route openings, and this morning, initially it was all China, but then with a bit of Abu Dhabi poking in. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


693 BANGLADESH Dhakka 1000 kW Bangladesh Betar, Dec 30 1712 - Strong reception this morning.  'Bangladesh Betar' ID twice at 17:12, then into beautiful Bangladeshi vocal.  I think I could hear them in my fillings!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


693 BANGLADESH Dhaka Bangladesh Betar, Jan 3 1635 - Nice to finish my DXpedition listening to Bangladesh at good level with a discussion between 2 men.  Not in English.  Thought that it just might be // to 4750, but it's not.  Overall, this morning was only an average one by Masset standards!  Lovely sign off with signature Bangladeshi music with cowbells.  Mentions of Bangladesh.  Continued to 17:30:15. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


720 ALASKA Kotzebue 10 kW KOTZ, Dec 29 1733 - I always love listening to Alaskan stations, with their local content and presenters.  On tune in, the announcer was giving the local weather.  Sunrise at 12:50 PM and sunset at 2:55 PM (ouch!).  He then went on to say that this was the last Sunday of the year, and if you haven't gone to church once this year, perhaps it's a good idea to do so!  Very good at times, but with flutter and occasional North Korea sneaking in cochannel.  I'm measuring KOTZ on 719.999 while the North Korean is on 719.984.  Someone else on 719.978. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


774 JAPAN (NON) Akita 500 kW JOUB, Jan 2 1629 - I've noted on this trip that the big transmitters on the NHK 2 network appear to turn off their transmitters at the end of their broadcasting day.  This is a change from the past.  No big carriers blocking the frequency but also quieting them down, allowing cochannel stations to sneak through with 'enhancement'. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


774 PHILIPPINES Quezon City 25 kW DWWW Your Ultimate AM Radio, Music of Your Life, Dec 29 1609 - Long after NHK2 has signed off, it's fun to check the blank channels.  Here, albeit weakly is the typical oldies format of DWWW.  Almost certainly them.  A bit of a hodge-podge channel today with at least 5 carriers present.  DWWW should be on the high side on 774.026.  Other carriers include 774.008, 774.002, 773.995 and 773.974.  It seems that JOUB did not leave their transmitter on. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


810 CHINA Hangzhou 200 kW Zhejiang RGD, Dec 29 1739 - A presumed logging.  810 used to be owned by AFN Eagle 810 in Tokyo, but for some years, I rarely hear them.  The channel is also spoiled by KCBS and/or the South Korean jammer that puts out noise on the channel.  I believe the North Korean transmitter is on 810.242.  The Chinese station is good/very good at times. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


828 JAPAN Osaka 300 kW JOBB, Jan 1 0733 - Very well heard already with a Russian language program.  300 kW gets out well!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


850 ALASKA Nome AK 50 kW KICY, Jan 2 0731 - I LOVE this station.  Great content, and really nice programming all around.  At 07:30 there's a voice that resonates with me.  Yes, it's Christian programming, but he has such a soothing voice.  He's named Bill Pearce, and the show is called, 'Nightsounds'.  Great program to sooth one to sleep.  Anyway, superb reception and I'll record overnight, as I'm heading to bed!  One more night, and it's back to Victoria :-(. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


Baby it's cold outside - Masset - 2020

918 CHINA 7 sites 7.5, 10 and 200 kW Shandong RGD, Jan 2 1700 - Always hoping for Cambodia, as Gary Debock has encouraged.  
Unfortunately up here in Masset, Shandong really dominates with many transmitters.  
They sign off at 17:00 and cut their transmitters, leaving 8 flea-powered transmitters of 0.5 to 5 kW.  
On top of that, there's a lot of splatter from 920 KSRM Soldotna, AK.  All in all making it a difficult channel.  

I'm sure under the proper conditions, Cambodia can be heard!  A comment  on antennas.  Last night into Europe, the ALA 100 LN was the star performer.  This morning, it's a very poor 3rd into Asia.  Go figure.  I suspect that it must have something to do with angles of arrival of signals. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


Photo right - The Haida Gwaii is a place of incredible beauty and isolation  - A trip here to DX or get away from the every day is not soon forgotten! Your editor, Colin, is working on a get-away to Masset soon!



930 ALASKA Unalakleet 4200 watts KNSA, Jan 1 1609 - A difficult frequency, because of 930 KTKN, only 70 km due north of my QTH.  Overnight, however, they do power down from 5000 to 1000 watts. Only on the NW BoG, I'm able to hear NPR programming, // to KDLG 670 as per the NRC AM Radio Log.  Presumably them.  Would be good if not for KTKN. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


936 IRAN Fesanduz 300 kW IRIB Radio Markaze Azerbaijaneh, Dec 31 0133 - Very strong for a time, and it's clearly reading of the Holy Quran (which is in Arabic), then translated into Farsi (or ? Azeri).  This doesn't make sense to be from an Arabic speaking country.  Presumptive log.  I'm pretty certain that it's // with 576 which would synch the log.  There's a lot of talk via a female announcer. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


940 CANADA Teslin YT 40 watts CBDK, Jan 1 1603 - Good  reception except for splatter from 930 (KTKN, my 'local' station) with CBC news, and then weather, starting with Yukon Territory, and then NWT.  A nice catch with only 40 watts, and a great way to bring in the New Year!  Apparently a LP relay of CFWH-FM, 94.5, which used to have a good signal when on AM. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


945 CHINA Jiaohe 400 kW CNR 1, Jan 1 1706 - Cooking the front end of my receiver and // to 1593.  Despite this, I can hear another cochannel, playing, 'Only You'...NHK 1.  4 transmitters on channel with 1, 3 and 5 kW.  A nice touch!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


945 ROMANIA Miercurea Ciuc 15 kW Radio Romania Actualitati, Jan 3 0548 - Good reception with a Leonard Cohen song, then dove down in the mush for 15 seconds before coming back.  Seems like the lower half of the band is not quite as active as the upper half!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


954 CZECH REPUBLIC 3 sites with 200, 30 and 20 kW Cesky Rozhlas Dvoyka, Jan 3 0546 - Apart from splatter, pretty good reception with Czech talk, and into a Czech song.  Most splatter is from the high side. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


972 SOUTH KOREA Dangjin 750/1500 kW HLCA, Jan 1 1713 - KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1 always totally dominates the channel with front-end melting signal, but this morning, I'm also hearing a cochannel station. There are 3 Chinese stations listed in PAL including 100 kW sender from Zhengzhou and Harbin with 10 kW.  Suspect it's one of those, although the latter lists being off at 15:00.     972 from South Korea is my new 'winner' for sustainability into the late morning, surpassing even HLAZ 1566 in signal strength.  It just keeps on going!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


999 TRANSDNISTRIA Gigoriopol  500 kW TWR Europe, Dec 29 2012 - Good reception with TWR Ukrainian program, listed as Sundays 19:45 to 20:15.  Piano music at 20:14.  Then the TWR IS just before 201:15 once and into presumed Romanian, but not as strong. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1035 ESTONIA Tartu 100 kW Radio Eli, Jan 3 0537 - I was parked on the channel for a couple of minutes and it suddenly came through loud, in Russian.  Suffering a lot of splatter from 1040, but when fades up is very strong!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1044 SPAIN 2 sites of 10 and 50 kW SER, Jan 3 0536 - Spain is definitely back.  Hearing Spanish on many channels now.  More the usual!  Some splatter from 1040 Vancouver. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1053 ROMANIA Iasi 400 kW SRR Radio Iasi, Jan 3 0535 - No, it's not TalkSPORT that I'm hearing but Romania with EZL vocals.  Good level until it dropped just now. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1161 ALGERIA In Salah 10 kW Radio Tamanrasset, Jan 2 0302 - Looking at MWList, the only Arabic style station on at this time should be Algeria.  Egypt is listed 04:00 to 22:00 and IRN (close enough) is the World Service on until 01:25.  Relatively strong signal, but lowish modulation.  Splatter from 1161 is not that bad, especially using the big ALA 100. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1161 ALGERIA In Salah 10 kW Radio Coran (tent), Jan 3 0512 - Quranic sounding recitations, so a tentative logging.  May also be Egypt here.  A tough frequency with a lot of splatter from 1170 KJNP (especially) and 1160 on the low side.  Then for the next 15 minutes, I'm listening to western music.  Wonder  who it could be!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1179 ROMANIA 2 sites Radio Romania Actualitati, Jan 3 0504 - 2 sites of 400 and 10 kW listed.   Romanian news.  Whereas last night, pretty much all by themselves, today some cochannels, most likely here SER (Canary Islands and Spain) with 25, 50 and 10 kW. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1179 ROMANIA Bacau/Galbeni 400 kW + 1 other Radio Romania Actualitati, Jan 2 0305 - Very good reception with modern English pop songs.  I can hear Spain weakly in the background (that's good!). Another Romanian transmitter is listed in Resita with 10 kW. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1215 UNITED KINGDOM 10 transmitters  of 4 watts to 62.5 kW Absolute Radio, Jan 3 0503 - Sky news, then an ID and back to music.  Very strong reception, although there is a co-channel station, presumably COPE.  // fair reception on 1242 (3 stations of 0.5 , 1 and 2 kW...not bad!). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1219.519 UNKNOWN , Dec 30 2211 - Who is this on a 10 kHz channel, way, way off heard in our mid-afternoon in Masset.  Any thoughts?. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1251 HUNGARY 2 sites of 25 kW Danko Radio, Jan 3 0453 - Fair + reception with Hungarian folk tunes.  Not bad at all in LSB.  Parallel 1116 came out stronger (2  locations of 5 and 15 kW only). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1278 IRAN Kermanshan 200 kW IRIB Radio Kermanshah, Dec 29 1807 - I'm presuming this to be an Iranian station.  I'll double check at the BOH.  Female announcer and pleasant background music.  Faded down at 18:10.  3 carriers noted, all similar strength:  1277.997, 1278.001 and 1278.008.  Came back a couple of minutes later.  The dominant station is now either 1278.001 or 1278.007. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1305 SPAIN 4 sites of 10 and 25 kW RNE Radio 5, Dec 28 0144 - I'm like a child in a candy shop.  The TAs are coming in like I haven't heard for many years (in fact deep in the last solar minimum).  Carriers everywhere, and coming in with audio for stretches lasting seconds to minutes.  Never quite armchair, but very decent nonetheless.  I'm also having fun switching between the North 500' mini-Beverage (which is terminated in the ocean to my north), and the large diameter ALA 100LN, also N/S orientation, with each surpassing the other depending on the frequency.  A lot of fun this hobby can be!!!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1305 SPAIN 4 sites of 10 and 25 kW RNE Radio  5, Jan 3 0443 - Very good reception of my 'first' Spanish station.  Honestly, there just hasn't been a lot of them audible during this trip to Masset.  A pleasant change!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1314 ROMANIA 3 transmitters of 50, 25 and 15 kW SRR Antena Satelor or SRR Radio Oltenia-Craiova, Jan 3 0440 - 3 stations  listed here from Romania.  2 are SRR Antena Satelor, and the other is SRR Radio Oltenia-Craiova.  Romanian folk music fair/good reception. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1341 GREAT BRITAIN (NORTHERN IRELAND) Lisnagarvey 162 kW BBC Radio Ulster, Jan 3 0436 - BBC Radio 5 Live ID   Good reception.  Report re Iraq. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1368 ISLE OF MAN Douglas/Foxdale 20 kW Manx Radio, Jan 2 0350 - Despite MWList stating they're on from 0500 to 0100, I'm hearing modern English music, and an English ad before fading down to nothing.  I can't imagine this being the Seychelles or South Africa (listed as inactive).  Follows the style of Manx Radio when I've heard them in PEI.  Some very deep fades into oblivion followed by a signal rise into the intelligible range. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1386 LITHUANIA Radio Baltic Waves International Viesintos 75 kW NHK World, Jan 2 0347 - Russian service from NHK, with Flight of the Valkyrie playing.  At times, very good reception.  Splatter from 1380, so USB works flawlessly.  Very strong reception when rechecked at 03:56!  Pretty close to armchair reception.  Lithuania really puts out, thanks to their relatively new Canadian Nautel transmitter!  Mostly all music.  At 03:59, mentioned the NHK orchestra, then right into Polish Radio in Belorussian.  I've mentioned that Belorussian is about the closest Slavic language related to Ukrainian, so I follow it pretty easily, followed by Polish.  Many words in common.  I was expecting the transmitter to cut, but at 05:00, they ID'd as Polish Radio in English, then into UKRAINIAN!  A joint Polish Radio and civic radio organization in Ukraine called Hromadske Radio.  Very interesting, indeed!!!  30 min program, and transmitter cut at 05:30. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1386 LITHUANIA Viesintos 75 kW Japan (non), Dec 29 1756 - It's doing it again this morning.  We're still full of Asian signals (China, Japan, Korea, as well as the Alaskans), but also into Europe!  Good reception in Russian with NHK World listed.  New Year's wishes.  NHK must have called a listener.  Darn, as usual, things start to fade towards the TOH.  Hold on!!!  The caller went on to 17:59:30, then a quick NHK ID.  Then right into, 'Govorit Radio Svoboda' a few seconds past the TOH.  Top story (I think) is about a prisoner exhange in the Donbas. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1386 LITHUANIA Viesintos 75 kW Polish Radio, Jan 3 0424 - via Radio Baltic Waves International.  Strong again tonight with Belorussian programming.  I inadvertently reported on-line that it was Radio Svoboda.  No, it's Polish Radio!  Close to armchair.  Talk about Polish Air Force wishing to purchase the F-35 for their forces.  'Beloruska sluzhba Polski Radyo' at the BOH. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1395 ARMENIA Gavar 500 kW Iran International TV, Dec 31 0136 - Good reception of presumed program, and seems // to SW 6270 at the same time.  Better on both my NW BoG and ALA 100 loop, but heard on all 3.  Better than SW //  Of course, it faded down until 02:00:30.  Almost certainly // to SW, as the voices are identical.  Interesting that all 3 of my antennas are performing well here!  It's clear that some of the interviewees are not native speakers, as they sound like a foreign language with an English accent, despite me not understanding presumed Farsi!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1395 IRAN Hajiabad 50 kW IRIB Radio Khalij-e, Dec 29 1831 - Presumptive logging at fair level.  Several mentions of 'Iran'.  Very upbeat.  Although, this could also be Iran International from Armenia with 500 kW.  I'm leaning towards this as being more probable. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1413 OMAN A'Seela 800 kW BBC World Service, Dec 29 1954 - Dominating the channel is Oman with an ID at 20:06.  Vesti dominates at times, as it is right now at 20:07.  What fun to have Transdnistria battling it out with Oman!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1413 PRIDNISTROVYE Grigoriopol 500 kW Vesti FM, Jan 3 0420 - Just out of nowhere, suddenly very strong.  Significant splatter for us on the coast from CFTE Vancouver with 50 kW.  Ouch!  Usual Russian programming. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1413 TRANSDNISTRIA Grigoriopol 500 kW Vesti FM, Dec 29 1835 - Good reception in Russian on both the North Beverage and my big ALA 100 LN aimed N/S.  And it's only 10:40 AM local!!!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1422 ALGERIA Ouled Fayet t0 kW Radio Coran, Jan 3 0418 - Fair reception with Quranic recitations, with cochannel Radio Romania Actualitati.  Sometimes one dominates, then the other.  Romania more usually is the dominant station here (10 kW from Ramnicu Valcea).  Fun to watch the switch back and forth!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1422 JAPAN Yokohama 50 kW directional JORF, Jan 2 1646 - What's this?  It's American Top 40 radio show.  Very strong.  This has to be JORF Yokohama.  I've never heard this before, though.  Most unusual for a Japanese station.  Whitney Houston is #2.   OK at 16:50, switched to Japanese, so perhaps a documentary about Casey Cassum.  Back to English at 16:51:30 with George Michael.  An interesting twist, for sure!  Faded down at 16:53 revealing another Asian.  Numerous Chinese on channel, so one of those.  By 16:54, JORF is back.  Note my LSR is coming up shortly at 17:07 (9:07 AM local). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1431 DJIBOUTI 600 kW VOA, Dec 29 1838 - Clearly in French which indicates it's the VOA from Djibouti.  Fair at times.  Nice to hear an African station on MW.  More to come, I hope!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1431 DJIBOUTI 600 kW ND VOA, Dec 30 2204 - Clearly in English just after the TOH before fading down.  Seems the bands are starting to build again, after a break of a couple of hours.  It's now just after 2:00 PM local in Masset.  Better plug in the Perseus Mestor program to record again.  There's the VOA back at fair/good strength now again at 22:06 UTC. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1449 SAUDI ARABIA Jeddah 200 kW SBA Radio Riyadh, Dec 29 1847 - Not many stations here would carry Arabic music.  Fair at times.  Either same station or another with some talk by OM, but couldn't identify the language.  Presumptive log. Measuring on 1449.002 with a weaker carrier on 1448.995. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1467 FRANCE Roumoules 1000 kW TWR Europe, Dec 27 2245 - Just home from town at 2:45 PM, and note TAs already in at a decent level  1467 showed who they were with a TWR IS at 22:45 and sign-off (Arabic).  Lots of other carriers, too.  Just 9 kHz below, 1458 is coming in nicely with pop music, likely Lyca Radio.  Almost as strong as 1460 domestic.  Best heard on my large ALA 100LN (about 60' x 40') aimed N/S.  Better than the 500' mini-Beverage, also N/S.  Will check it out to ensure it's working properly!  Note that 1467 has a big wobbly carrier on frequency as well.  Seemed on the high side, but now looking, it's almost 200 Hz low. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1476 UAE Ras al-Khaimah 100 kW Radio Asia, Dec 29 1848 - Subcontinental music at fair level but with a het caused by a carrier on 1476.262    Who's responsible for the carrier on the high side?  Radio Asia fades down to nothing, but then returns at a decent level.  Not nearly as strong as 1539 and 1548, though!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1485 LATVIA Riga 0.3 kW Radio Merkus, Dec 30 1742 - I'm really struggling with the language.  Good to very good at times, and only heard on the North Beverage and N/S ALA (weaker).  A talk between 2 women.  Language sounds Scandinavian/northern European to my ears.  Footloose song at 17:44.  Very good at this stage.  Wow!!!  Then faded down to almost nothing.  Footloose comes back at 17:45:30 weakly with some talk.  Back at good level, and almost certainly heard, 'Latvia'.  'Thank you so much' at 17:51.  BINGO!  At 17:57, there's an absolutely clear, 'Merkus AM' and back into modern music  Virtually armchair level, and this is from a 300 watt transmitter.  Can I say, 'Wow!!!'?  At 18:00, another Merkus ID and into news.  All Latvian.  So the big question is who was it that I heard yesterday?  Mi Amigo via Latvia?  BBC?. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1485 UNID unid, Dec 29 1904 - Not sure who this is.  Good reception with an English language oldies, 'Our love is stronger than the universe'.  Right on channel, with 2 other carriers present, but not heard.  1485.010 and 1484.997.  Definitely a female DJ just before 19:08.  British accented.  There are 2 UK stations listed here but only 2 and 0.79 kW (both BBC).  I'm intrigued by the possibility of Radio Merkurs from Latvia with only 0.3 kW, but lists Radio Mi Amigo 19 to 23 on Sundays.  That would be neat, and frankly, more like the style compared to the BBC!  Of course, they're a tonne of Dutch low power stations on channel.  I wish!  Continues at fair level when periodically rechecking.  At 19:35, popular song, 'I'll give you my heart'. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1494 MOLDOVA 2 sites 20  and 30 kW Radio Moldova Actualitati, Dec 30 1810 - Believe it or not, I just caught an armchair copy of their ID.  Beautiful!  Then into folk music.  Can it get any better than this???  After 10:00 AM local!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1503 EGYPT Al-Arish 25 kW ERTU Al-Quran al-Karim, Dec 31 0038 - Good reception with Quranic recitations before fading down, but back again within a minute.  No one else on channel matches!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1503 EGYPT Al-Arish 25 kW ERTU Al-Quran, Dec 30 1817 - Don't know who else this could be, with Quranic sounding chants.  Faded down leaving another station.  Not sure.  Then another, but that's NHK1 from Sapporo.  The NHK1 network often plays exotic music during their late nights.  I've been fooled more than once!  Egypt fades up to good level at times. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1512 AUSTRALIA (TENT) Newcastle 10 kW 2RN ABC National, Dec 28 1941 - A tentative logging.  English heard here, and almost noon local!  Weak, but there.  The only other possibility would be a Filipino, on late, but wait, faded up at 19:45 and it wasn't English, or any East Asian language, but must be either Iran or Saudi Arabia.  Jeddah is listed with 1000 kW, but I think Quran programming.  Doesn't sound like that, so maybe the Iranian, IRIB Radio Arkabil with 50 kW.  Yes must be, as I can hear a // 1269 weakly with instrumental music at 19:48.  By far the best on my big ALA 100LN aimed N/S.  There was a big storm overnight, so I'll need to check my other wires!  Rising to almost good level at 19:50 UTC. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1512 IRAN Ardabil 50 kW IRIB, Dec 30 1709 - Almost certainly Iran at good/very good level.  Presumed Farsi talk.  Does fade down, though. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1512 SAUDI ARABIA Jeddah 1000 kW SBA Al-Quran (tent), Dec 30 1823 - Sounds very Arabic to me with slow rendition of speech by a deep voiced male.  Cochannel is another.  I listened to the BOH for the classic Iranian 'bong', but nothing heard there.  So, is this Saudi Arabia?  I'm still leaning more to Iran here, as there's a female speaking at 18:32. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1521 CHINA Dazhou 1 kW CNR 1, Jan 1 1747 - Could this really be from a flea powered 1 kW transmitter, as it's the only listed CNR 1 outlet.  A more likely explanation may be a New Year's relay from stronger senders.  Other mornings I was hearing solid Russian from CRI here.  A smudge of transmitters visible on the waterfall, making it a bit of a 'murky' channel.  Carriers on 1520.998, 1520.999(several there, that the Perseus can't increase resolution further), and 1521.000.  Was very good at 17:50, but sunk into the mud by 17:54. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1521 CHINA Hutubi (Urumqi) 500 kW CRI, Dec 31 1740 - Good reception for a time in Russian.  This morning is NOT a repeat of the superb conditions of yesterday morning.  The TAs (trans Polar) are present, but one has to work hard at extracting audio!  Perhaps it's all for the best, as the excitement of yesterday morning is tiring!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1521 CHINA Hutubi 600 kW CRI, Dec 29 1925 - I was expecting Saudi Arabia, but instead I hear Russia from China.  The new PAL isn't clear that CRI broadcasts at this time in Russian, but Aoki clearly states 13:00 to 20:00 to Central Asia with 600 kW in Russian from Hutubi-Xinjiang (while others just state Urumqi), which qualifies for a central Asian, I suppose!    Fair reception. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1530 JAPAN Unid, Jan 1 1759 - I don't pay enough attention to the 9 kHz channels, shared with the 10 kHz channels.  1530 was completely Japan, of which there are 6 transmitters) until right at the TOH when a Chinese opera singling dominated for just about 15 seconds, and then became cochannel and equal to the Japanese station.  Presumably, Jilin RGD.  3 + 1 time pip was likely the Japanese, but not definitely. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1539 UAE Abu Dhabi 200 kW Pravasi Bharathi, Dec 30 1605 - Once again trans-Polar paths are open with UAE dominating the channel well before our local dawn. Lots of mentions of, 'Pravasi'.  Good to very good.  Very much like Canada's Indian stations, with lots of English in the ads, and when phone numbers are mentioned. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1539 UAE Abu Dhabi 200 kW Pravasi Bharathi, Dec 28 1957 - Excellent level, almost, with Subcontinental music.  As I type this, briefly faded down, but back again at nice level.  Sounds Hindi.  Best on my big ALA N/S antenna.  Mentioned '1539 AM' at 19:59.  According to MW list, supposed to switch to DRM either at 2000 or 2010 and down to 50 kW.  A phone number (in English) is given as well.  An Ad in English, courier and cargo.  Number one courier.  Abu Dhabi mentioned.  Excellent reception!  I'm blown away.  This is exactly like conditions were during our last solar minimum, and not since.  Enjoy it while we can.  It happened:  A transition  with an overlap between FE/Asia propagation to central Asia, and I'm sure Europe in there too, without a gap!  A rarity for certain!!!  Wow, another weird one.  At 20:05, on came a Chinese station, cochannel.  This is wild!  Not sure who that might be, as there's CNR1, CNR13, and Qinghai RGD listed.  Doesn't sound Uighur.  One moment Pravasi Bharati dominates, and another moment it's the Chinese!  No sign of DRM at 20:12, and again overpowering any Chinese station, as I'd expect with more and more daylight between here and east Asia. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1548 KUWAIT Al-Kuwayt 600 kW Radio Sawa, Dec 30 1615 - The dominant station here once again this morning, but only on the North Beverage.  Lots of 1550 splatter, though. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1548 KUWAIT Al-Kuwayt 600 kW Radio Sawa, Dec 29 1657 - Noted over the Pole conditions again this morning with both 1548 and 1539 (UAE) producing at times excellent audio.  On 1548,  Arabic talk up to just before 16:59, then dead air or lower modulated talk.  Of course, the TOH means conditions deteriorate, only to improve 30 seconds later!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1548 TRANSDNISTRIA Grigoriopol 500 kW TWR Europe, Dec 30 1900 - I was watching this channel for the last 20 minutes.  Up to the TOH, presumed Radio Sawa from Kuwait dominated (and it's still there under TWR).  Fair amount of 1550 splatter.  TWR signs on with Bulgarian at this time.  Good at times.  I measured various carriers, but couldn't be certain of TWR's signing on.  The strongest carrier is on 1548.000, while there are others on 1547.996, 1547.995, and 2 outliers which are very weak on 1547.942 and 1548.018. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1557 IRAN Zabol 50 kW IRIB, Dec 31 0031 - Very good at times, but of course faded down at the BOH.  No one else on channel, so presumptive it's them!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1566 BENIN Parakou 100 kW TWR Africa, Jan 2 0407 - An interesting situation on this frequency.  On the ALA 100LN aimed N/S I'm hearing an African accented speaker, so likely TWR, while on the North Beverage, it's sounding more like Iran.  Not that common to hear Benin in the deep winter, if that's who they are!  Conditions seemed to have really been boosted since 04:00.  1566 is very listenable now for the last few minutes!  All on the ALA 100!  Listed in Hausa until 04:30, then Igbo.  Briefly came up very nicely at the BOH which sounded very much like heavily accented African English, but likely Igbo.  No IS at the BOH as I had hopped.  It's recording in the background as I do some work.  Carrier still seems strong, but either OC or someone else in the background.  Let's see if something comes up at the  TOH.  Came up at 04:58 with African talk, then very distinctive Xylophone music.  English for sure at 04:59, African accented. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1566 SOUTH KOREA Jeju 250 kW HLAZ, Dec 27 2005 - Must be the deep of winter.  Superb reception continues from HLAZ Korean programming.  That's after noon local!  Still showing S9 or better.  1557, presumed Taiwan also still coming in well.  Full ID at 21:00 with call letters, and seemingly lots of mentions of FM.  Strident vocal choral, and into Korean preacher.  Still very strong, but by 21:20 really began fading(1:20 PM local), although still just audible with singing at 21:58, almost 2:00 PM local!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1566 SOUTH KOREA Jeju 250 kW HLAZ, Dec 28 1632 - After Chinese finishes at 16:30, there's some dead air, and antenna switching for the Russian program. It ID's as Radio Teos.  Today there was a letterbox show, and one listener from Novosibirsk asks about the history of TWR.  They say that it stated in Tangier, initially in Spanish.  When Morocco became independant, they nationalized the transmitter, and TWR moved to Monte Carlo.  Immediately following just after 17:00, there's the following:  'Welcome to the Voice of America in Korean'. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1566 SOUTH KOREA Jeju 250 kW HLAZ, Dec 31 2200 - An interesting exercise, and only possible in the deep of winter!   I left the recorder going on 1566 from 19:07 UTC (11:07 AM local) until 22:00 UTC (2:00 PM local) and noted that I could hear HLAZ throughout.  Checking on LSR, it happened to occur approximately the latter time, after which it was in broad daylight.  So, despite our location being in daylight (albeit, low angle sun, only), MW continued to propagate from Asia.  Interesting!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1575 ITALY Genova 30 kW RAI Radio 1, Jan 2 0513 - Excellent reception when I checked this now, with Italian talk.  You can't miss them!  'Italia' etc.  Strong signal and excellent modulation. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1575 JAPAN Misawa 1 kW AFN, Dec 31 1755 - First morning that I noticed that AFN dominated.  Initially, I could clearly hear 2 AFN transmitters, but now only the one, and it's almost always Misawa.  Good reception.  Into ABC news at 18:00.  Strong when rechecked at 18:17 with PSAs, 'What's on the Home Front?'.  Then back to network programming for, 'America's best'. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1575 THAILAND Ban Phachi 1000 kW VOA, Dec 31 2200 - Conditions are total opposite of yesterday, where there were European (and central Asian) signals everywhere.  Right now, the band is very noisy and mostly absent of 9 kHz signals.  Poor to fair on 1575, which ended up being VOA (with the English canned ID at 21:58.  Continues past 22:00, with presumed Khmer listed.  PAL didn't mention before 22:00, though. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1575 THAILAND Ban Phachi 1000 kW VOA (and cochannel), Dec 30 1619 - Mostly VOA is dominating with Bengali programming, but with AFN a strong second with the usual music programming.  Both are strong and heard on all 3 of my antennas, but best on the NW BoG (over N Beverage, and the N/S ALA 100). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1575 UNID Unid, Dec 31 0300 - Big OC for the past 30 min.  I thought something might sign on at 03:00, but no joy.  Wonder who this might be?  Does the VOA Thailand site leave the transmitter on?  Not scheduled until 10:30, it seems.  Northerly beam on the antenna.  Best with the N Beverage and N/S ALA.  Worse on the NW BoG.  Just before 03:30, there's Quranic recitations.  Low modulation, but there.  Wouldn't that be great if it was Afghanistan.  A station, RTA Radio Kunar is in Asadabad, in the country's eastern region.  LSR is at about 02:23, so just over an hour ago.  Let's see if it countinues to fade.  Clearly, it's not Thailand, which wouldn't make sense, as it's in broad daylight there.  More likely possibilities are Egypt, but scheduled 04:15 to 22:00 (10 kW Youth and Sports Radio) and most likely, Iran with 10 kW. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1593 KUWAIT Al-Kuwayt  150 kW VOA  (tent), Dec 30 1627 - An interesting channel with another station dominating the channel with western style music and totally over CNR 1 which is not audible at all.  At first I thought it was an English speaker, but not so sure.  No, it's not English.  I'm suspecting this is VOA Kuwait in listed Farsi.  Playing, 'All night long' at 16:33. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1593 ROMANIA unid Romanian, Jan 3 0355 - Loud 1 kHz  tone up to 03:55, and then right into the Romanian national anthem choral version.  Good/very good reception.  Of course, started to fade down.  Here's the issue:  there are 4 stations listed from Romania.  2 are listed signing on at 03:50, 1 at 03:45 and 1 is 24 hours.  How do we know which one this is.  They are powered at 15 kW (3) and 1 at 10 kW.    After the TOH, cochannel likely Bretagne 5 with 10/5 kW.  Once again for 2 nights running, the ALA 100 is the best antenna S/N over the N Beverage.  During the day, it was a 'dog'!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1593 ROMANIA 4 sites unid, Dec 31 0357 - I'm assuming that I'm listening to the Romanian National Anthem in progress as I tuned away from 1575 for a few moments.  Good, besides a lot of splatter.4 different stations are listed with 10 and 15 kW.  SRR Radio Cluj signs on at 03:50, Ion Corvin is 24 hours with Radio Romania Actualitati, Radio Targu signs on at 03:45, and another site of Radio Cluj  also signs on at 03:50.  Do all Romanian stations play the anthem at 03:00? Faded up to strong level at 04:02, with mentions of Romania. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1656 AUSTRALIA unid, Dec 30 1635 - Even the X-band is getting some action with very weak audio.  Too weak to be sure of anything, but there are 3 listed stations:  Hindi, Christian and Greek.  Measuring pretty much exactly on channel. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1663.5 JAPAN Nagoya or Tokyo Nagoya Harbor Radar or Tokyo Martis, Dec 29 1706 - Almost good level noted here with Japanese woman presumably giving weather.  I note that the latest PAL no longer mentions these stations.  An oversight?  I'd hope to see them listed again!  Oops, spoke too soon.  They're not in the master list, but are in the country list.  Sorry!  Note, rather than 1664, they're actually on 1663.5 kHz!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1663.5 JAPAN Tokyo ?50 watts Tokyo Martis, Jan 3 1640 - Good reception with weather information.  Lots of mentions of Tokyo.  I have to notch out 1665 to make it readable.  Off a few seconds after 16:43.  A weak Martis came on at 16h45.  Again a YL.  3 are listed at this time for Kurushima, Osaka and Isewan Martis'. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1665 AUSTRALIA Brisbane 0.4 kW Radio Rhythm, Dec 30 1641 - Fair audio with Hindi music, making this the Brisbane transmitter over the other 2 listed (Christian and Greek).  Measuring about 2 Hz high.  There's another carrier visible on 1665.012.  Checking further, I'm able to see all 3 with maximal zoom.  1665.000 (Radio Rhythm), then 1665.005 (the weakest) and 1665.012. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1695 UNID ?Greek Pirate, Dec 30 1650 - Who on earth could this be?  Playing music, which sounds possibly Greek folk music, sometimes at pretty decent level, but then dropping down into the mud, only to return.  My experience in PEI with Greek pirates showed the same pattern.  I'd love to know if anyone else is hearing this!   I wish I had internet to check various remote SDR sites!  Measuring 1694.984 if that's useful.  Still going at 17:21 with audible signal.  Same style of music. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


1701.070 AUSTRALIA Radio Brisvaani, Dec 30 1653 - Fair audio this morning with their characteristic off channel frequency.  Hindi ads noted.  Also can see (and hear the het) from 1701.005. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


2598 CANADA Placentia NL VCP Placentia NL, Dec 30 0747 - Listed from 07:37 to 08:05 in English.  Only heard on my N/S ALA 100LN at mostly good level.  Thanks, Glenn for the reminder!  Computer generated YL at a slow rate, so easy to follow.  VOJ Port aux Basques came on at 08:07.  Same fair strength. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


2749 CANADA Sydney NS VCO Sydney Radio, Dec 30 0752 - Much stronger reception with the same female computer generated voice.  Weather forecasts.  Began in English, then switched to French and still going at 08:08 at good level. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


3215 USA Manchester, TN and Nashville, TN WWRB and WWCR, Dec 29 0159 - I was listening to WWCR on 6115 when they advised to move to 3215.  Tuning down, there's WWRB advising listeners to change to 3185 and for a few seconds, both stations were cochannel.  Interesting. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


3250 INDONESIA Palangkaraya 10 kW/ND Voice of Indonesia, Dec 28 1500 - Just music until the TOH, then into Mandarin programming with a few mentions of Voice of Indonesia.  Strong signal, but with a bit of 3320 splatter from Korea. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


3325 INDONESIA Palangkaraya 10 kW/ND RRI, Dec 29 1647 - When I checked at 15:00, there was virtually no modulation, but rechecking now shows good modulation in listed Arabic, but doesn't sound very Arabic to me.  Perhaps heavily accented?  Good reception despite splatter from Korea 5 kHz low.  With an empty band, why not move???. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


3955 UNITED KINGDOM Wooferton 100 kW/114 deg BBCWS, Jan 1 0602 - An almost copy of DRM from the UK, though beamed to Europe.  2/3 bars are green, and the screen states:  BBC WorldService English  16.92 kbps EEP AAC+ Mono Current Affairs ID:E1C238    2 channels.  Channel One is the audio at 16.92 kbps + AFS (what is that?).  Channel 2 is BBC WS News Data Journaline at 0.54 kbps.  But nothing is coming through on that.  I actually received a few seconds of audio at 06:13.  A first for me, I believe from the UK!  Checking again on 2 January 2020, and I'm able to receive whole sentences of audio, and when there's audio, the Jornaline Receiving status turns green.  Only on the North Beverage.  Absolutely nothing on the other 2 antennas (recall the ALA tonight...UTC 2Jan was the star MW performer to Europe!). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


3965 FRANCE Issoudun 1 or 10 kW/ND RFI DRM, Jan 3 0133 - Although too weak to decode, I'm still impressed with receiving anything from Issoudun with such low power.  Usually 1 and occasionally 2, and even a tiny amount of audio decoded.  14.56 kbps  RFI French.  Not too shabby!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


3965 FRANCE Issoudun 1 or 10 kW/ND Radio France International, Dec 31 0054 - No where close to decoding, but I can see the faint wide DRM band centered here.  For 1 (or 10 kW listed elsewhere), not bad!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4020 RUSSIA Unknown  Air-horn Channel Marker, Jan 1 0040 - Things are pretty quiet here tonight on the bands, so scratching around a bit, I noted this bizarre sounding marker.  Intermittent buzzer or horn sound.  Good level.  Another Russian mystery, apparently. At the same time, the famous Buzzer on 4625 is very loud. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4045 USA Pirate WDDR, Jan 1 0130 - Drunken DJ Radio was one of a small handful of pirate ops this evening.  Far fewer compared to last year.  Generally well heard off the north west coast, and seemed to improve during the evening.  He started on 6935U earlier in the evening and then switched to the 4 MHz band with better conditions.  Plenty of SSTV signals transmitted, with the final one being a Wolverine and a 'Wolverine Radio' caption on the bottom.  I'm sure he had quite an audience tonight!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4075 UNITED STATES Pirate Mix Radio International, Jan 2 0127 - A tough go, but he's there starting at 01:21 UTC with song, 'It's all right now, baby it's all right now...'  Poor to fair level.  Is this an American or Europirate?  Best heard on the North Beverage.  Continued to monitor until seemingly off at 02:04. Something, something radio heard at 01:31.  ID perhaps.  HF Underground says this  is Mix Radio International.  I swiched antennas at 01:32 and much stronger.  Not my genre of music, to be honest.  At 01:53 mentioned underwhelming conditions, and I think the ID was 'Cool AM Radio' and gave address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., although there might have been another vowel between Cool and Radio.  By 01:54, reception was good.  At 02:03, 'Fight for free and   xx This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.'.   Then something about Washington DC now leaving the air.  Checking  HFUnderground states that it's a relay of Cool AM Radio via Mix Radio International.  Reception was excellent in PA, so likely from near the ECNA.  Explains things now.  HFU is a very valuable resource!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4331 ISRAEL Yavne 4XZ Israeli Navy Haifa, Jan 2 0324 - Good copy with repeated:  'VVV DE 4XZ 4XZ' and repeated.  //6607 is weaker, and not decoding 100% like on 4331.  2680 was just barely audible.  Possible some code in there, but they also may be errors on the part of Fldigi. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4625 RUSSIA Naro-Fominsk UVB 76, Dec 29 1551 - Despite the crazy amount of continuous OTH radar contamination, UVB 76, 'The Buzzer' is well heard in our local mornings, on the North Beverage, from a site near Moscow.  Listened again at 20:36 and he's quite strong, but there's what sounds like an echo about a second later.  Wonder what that signifies?  Never hear that before. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4625 RUSSIA Naro-Fominsk UVB 76 The Buzzer, Dec 28 0036 - Clearly heard only on my big ALA 100 LN despite the CODAR over this part of the band.  Clearly propagation is very nice.  MW was wide open to Europe and Central Asia from mid-afternoon local time onwards.  Very nice!  Now here's an interesting observation.  Heard on Dec 28th at fair level at 15:07 UTC!  Wasn't expecting that!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4760 SWAZILAND Manzini  50 kW/003 deg TWR Africa, Jan 2 0333 - Good reception on the North Beverage in listed Shona.  I'm not hearing very much on the 60 m band that matches TWR for signal strength. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4765 TAJIKISTAN Dushanbe 100 kW/ND Tajik Radio 1, Dec 27 0142 - A very nice signal with modern vocals.  I suspected they'd come in, as Bhutan was propagating quite well earlier.  Grayline in Dushanbe is at 02:40, so I'm expecting improvement, and hoping to hear their Russian programming starting at 03:00. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4850 CHINA Urumqi 100 kW/ND PBS Xinjiang CNR 17, Dec 29 0030 - Excellent reception with ID several times at 00:30 UTC and into presumed news.  In Kazakh.  Heard best on my North Beverage (note after the big storm overnight, I found a couple of big dead branches had fallen on the Beverage, bringing it to the ground, but not breaking it.  Today, I checked the continuity...all good, and laid a ground radial (the same I used to check the continuity) along most of the length of the Beverage.  Working better than ever!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4885 SOUTH KOREA Suwon-Osan Echo of Hope, Jan 3 1553 - Armchair reception, as usual, with an English lesson.  'I  have to wire some money...'.  My last hour or two before winding down this fantastic DX week!  No jamming at all on this frequency.  //5995 is heavilly jammed!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4885 SOUTH KOREA Suwon-Osan 10 kW/ND Echo of Hope, Jan 1 1641 - Perhaps a present from the North, but absolutely armchair copy with no hint of jamming, which I thought would be the case.  Korean, but with English religious hymn at 16:43.  Hint of OTH radar which extends basically from 4750 to 4885.  Still going strong at 18:29, and // to jammed 5995. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4905 TIBET Lhasa 50 kW/ND PBS Xizang, Dec 28 1633 - English program at very good level with a very understandable male presenter, then into folk vocal.  // 4920 is good with cochannel.  6025 not heard due to CNR 1 DRM on 6030.  ID is now, 'China, Tibet in Lhasa'., although Holy Tibet also mentioned at 16:39.  6110 is fair.  Listed 6130 not heard.  6200 very good (100 kW/85 deg).  7255 good level, with a weak cochannel.  7385 may possibly be there under Chinese cochannel.  Overall, 4905 wins out!  At 16:45 possibly the same YL that I've heard in the past comes on, with a thicker accent that's a bit harder to follow.  Discussion of a new railway put into service in 2014.  For the next while, went on and on about the value of the railway to the people of Tibet.  Address given at 16:55 with 'Tibet, China'.  End of program at 16:56.  Same sign off announcement was repeated again.  Into music at 16:56:45.  It's been a long while since I've seen this program reported. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4920 INDIA Chennai (Madras) 50 kW/ND AIR Chennai, Jan 2 1600 - Initially I was listening for Holy Tibet, but found the Indian to be often dominating.  Seemingly off channel on the low side (but not measured). Oops, it's Tibet that's off channel, on measured 4919.959.   English news came on at 17:30 to 17:35, and then presumed Hindi until signing off at 17:40.  Nothing special about the sign-off. Transmitter cut at exactly 17:40.  Fair/good reception overall, despite Tibet. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


4920 INDIA Chennai 50 kW/ND AIR Chennai, Jan 2 1632 - As  compared to a few days ago, Chennai is dominating the channel with Hindi music, over Holy Tibet from Lhasa.  English is again scheduled at 17:30, so I'll have to check. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5000 CHINA Pucheng  Xian 20 kW BPM Xian, Dec 27 1729 - Louder than WWVH (and nothing from WWV) with loud CW for BPM, then slow voice announcing BPM several times to 17:30, but then a different type of time pip (wonder whether it's something digital?).   // 2500 is much weaker, but same buzzing time pip.  Nothing heard on WWV besides WWVH and WWV. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5006 JAPAN Chofu Campus Tokyo 0.2 kW/ND JG2XA, Dec 27 1705 - I'm guessing that this is JG2XA.  Mostly just a strong OC, and identical on 8006.  Tone on each minute.  Who else could this be?. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5009.923 MADAGASCAR Ambohidrano 100 kW/ND Radio Madagasikara, Dec 27 1752 - I'm suspecting it's them.  Reasonably strong carrier, but very weak modulation with mostly woman talking. Music at 17:55.  Again, not south Asian sounding either.  Doesn't sound like AIR. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5009.924 MADAGASCAR Antananarivo 100 kW/ND Radio Madagasikara, Dec 29 1535 - Presumed them on their usual signature off-channel with hints of audio.  All very low level with music.  Too weak to make much out of the transmission.  The (presumed) Chinese OTH radar is making a huge mess of the 60 m tropical band this morning.  Except for a few narrow 'protected' regions, the OTH radar covers 4580 to 4650, 4740 to 4890, 4940 to 4995, and 5015 to 5090 approximately, and much below and above this!  What a major nuisance!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5020 SOLOMON ISLANDS Honiara  10 kW/ND SIBC, Jan 1 1647 - Clearly on late this morning (no PNGs that I could see did the same) with rap music at 16:48.  Fair to almost good level. Signal continued to improve and at good level by 17:38, well past LSR.  It's interesting to see which antenna works best to receive SIBC.  Sometimes it's the NW BoG.  Other times, and at present, it's the N Beverage (off the back end, I assume), and other times it's been the big ALA 100LN aimed N/S.  Within 1 Hz of the nominal (low).  When did they get a new transmitter?  They used to always be 100 Hz low.  Still showing on the waterfall at 18:13, but no more audio recoverable. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5040 INDIA Jeypore 50 kW/ND AIR Jeypore, Jan 1 1650 - Generally the 60 m AIR stations have not been heard well at all this time on Haida Gwaii.  Perhaps the best would be AIR Jeypore in the clear and with clearly Indian sounding music.  Fair at best.  Improving, though after our LSR and into English news at 17:30 (sounds like it was already in progress).  Finished at 17:35 without announcement, and into listed Hindi. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5040 INDIA Jeypore 50 kW/ND AIR Jeypore, Jan 2 1730 - Fair to good reception with English news from Delhi.  As opposed to 4920 AIR Chennai, they did not start at 17:30, but at 17:30:30, so the news was already in progress.  Marred by OTH radar, though not very strong.  Carrier reads 3 Hz high.  'And that's the end of this English news bulletin'.  No ID, but went into listed Hindi. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5040 VANUATU Port Vila Radio Vanuatu, Jan 1 0750 - I recorded 5040 overnight and noted it was much stronger than previous nights.  In fact, it seemed to continue building until abruptly signing off at 11:00:16 without any annoucement, in the middle of a musical piece.  Fair overall, with occasional almost good levels.  Pretty poor as I review the mp3 until just before 10:00 UTC, which is well after LSS. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5040 VANUATU Port Vila 2.5 kW Radio Vanuatu, Dec 28 0802 - I recorded 5040 overnight last night, and, although the signal is very weak, the female announcer sounds identical to what's playing on 7260 now (after 06:00).  Signal peaks around 08:00, which is approximately the LSS in Vanuatu (closer to about 07:30), and slowly deteriorates from there.  Fair at best.  Next night, Dec 29th seems better. Almost readable in English and/or Bislama.  Interesting that the best antenna for Vanuatu tonight is the North Beverage.  Perhaps over the shoulder to the south, rather than the NW Beverage. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5040 VANUATU Port Vila 2.5 kW/ND Radio Vanuatu, Dec 28 0707 - Assuming it's them with about the same signal strength as 7260.  Too weak to make out much content, though.  A woman speaking.  Right on frequency, too.  Time will tell whether they'll improve!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5045 AUSTRALIA Gladstone Unique Radio, Jan 1 1653 - A highly tentative log.  I don't see anything on the waterfall, but when tuned to USB can just make out VERY faint music.  Almost at the threshold of 'wishing to hear'.  Will bear more monitoring!  Do we know the power?  Talk noted just before 16:55.  Still there when rechecked at 17:26, and stronger, but still threshold only. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5170 TAIWAN Tainan Central Weather Bureau, Dec 27 1659 - Non-stop weather broadcast, in Cantonese (I think).  Good level.  I had been looking for reported Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.  I listened for over 15 minutes.  Doesn't sound like the YL even paused long enough for a breath!    Good/very good level.  Some minor CODAR splash.  // 8117 is there, but very weak. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5800 USA Okeechobee Fl 100 kW/100 deg/160 deg Supreme Master Television, Jan 1 0033 - Very good reception of this unusual program, via WRMI.  At 01:00 switched to RAE Argentina in Spanish. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5850 USA Okeechobee Fl 100 kW/315 deg VORW Radio International, Dec 30 0201 - Via WRMI, and at very good level tonight.  I like the format of this program, with a lot of really good music!  A bit of fading at 02:30.  Hard to believe that the MUF would drop that low!  Lots of reports from listeners, most listening on 9395.  Others on 7730.  Deeper fades by 02:45.  Off at the end of the hour (back to BS). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5850 USA Okeechobee Fl 100 kW/315 deg WRMI, Dec 28 0132 - World of Radio edition 2014 recorded 26 Dec at very good level.  // 7780 fair (starting to be a little high for the MUF), and possibly on and very poor on 5010.  Nice to hear Glenn on the shortwaves, instead of downloading the program.  No choice up here in Masset!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5900 BULGARIA Kostinbrod 50 kW/30 deg Radio Taiwan International, Dec 27 1721 - Excellent reception with Russian programming.  Typical Kostinbrod transmitter hum quite loud.  Otherwise surprising for the power and location of the transmitter, but likely carrying on to me after Russia at this azimuth.  About the Armenian genocide.  Lots of mentions of 'Armen' and 'Turtsiya'. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5900 TAIWAN (NON) Kostinbrod 100 kW/126 deg Radio Taiwan International, Dec 28 1926 - Relay of RTI's German broadcast at fair level.  Went right to 19:30.  Then OC.  Bible Voice in Arabic is scheduled next, but at 50 kW and 126 deg beam.  Sure enough at 19:31:20 with a short musical piece, they came on, at least as strong as RTI, and perhaps a little better.  Clearly in Arabic.  Almost good level. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5930 ROMANIA Tiganesti 100 kW/30 deg Radio Romania International, Dec 27 2000 - Very good (!) reception.  Carrier came on just before the TOH, then IS, and into Ukrainian 26 min program.  Talk about St Stephen's day.  Probably the strongest I've ever heard the Ukrainian service, which is always transmitted via 70 or 100 kW transmitters, instead of 300 kW.  At 20:30, changed to Serbian, but with a beam of 270 deg instead of 30, and noticebly weaker. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5930 ROMANIA Tiganesti 100 kW/30 deg Radio Romania International, Dec 29 2026 - Excellent reception at the tale end of the final Ukrainian broadcast of the day.  Had a children's choir, and then goodbye from the announcer and into the IS until 20:28.  Had to narrow the bandwidth as there's a ute that looks like RTTY on 5928 and 5929.  Transmitter cut, and now back on at 20:29:45 for the Serbian service. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5935 ROMANIA Tiganesti 300 kW/307 deg Radio Romania International, Dec 27 1839 - Surprisingly good reception with a Romanian folk song.  Coming up next, 'Happenings in Romania' at 18:40.  Beamed to Europe at this time, and onto my QTH.  At same time, 5990 is in Romanian at equally good level (300 kW/285 deg) to Europe, parallel to 7375 which is stronger, but cochannel to Radio Algerienne. Also in DRM on 7350 decoding with:  'SNR Tiganesti EI 20.96 kbps EEP  AAC+ P.Stereo.  I get 2/3 bars in green, so almost decoding with audio, but not quite!  This one should be in English with 90 kW/307 deg beam.  Finally, there's 5955 on in Serbian at good level with either 75 or 100 kW on a 270 deg beam.  A pretty impressive sweep of Romania!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5955 ROMANIA Tiganesti 75 or 100 kW/30 deg RRI, Dec 28 1558 - Strong reception of RRI's IS for their Ukrainian program, but at the TOH, Shiokaze took over the frequency.  Still a decent signal, despite Shiokaze. At the same time, wondered whether IRRS was on now, but no, it's RRI's Russian service at fair/good level over a weaker cochannel (300 kW/037 deg).  Rechecking RRI 5955 at 18:18, and the Ukrainian service is almost armchair level!  Not bad at all for listeners in North America!  Nice sign off at 18:25 with email, and snail mail address (I believe ukr.RRI.Ro or maybe ukr_RRI.RO).  Transmitter cut at 18:27:25, then on again at 18:29:25, but weaker due to beam change (to Serbia).  At 19:00, it's in DRM mode.  No audio, but I am able to see:  'SNR Saftica' at 20.96 kbps EEP  AAC+ P-Stereo'.  A very high bit rate, so no wonder I can't decode audio.  40 kW, with a 270 deg beam to Italy, in Italian. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5955 ROMANIA Tiganesti 75 or 100 kW/30 kW RRI, Jan 1 1824 - Despite trans-Polar pathways essentially closed on MW, SW is still propagating well with excellent reception of the tale-end of RRI's Ukrainian broadcast.  'Z novym rokom' (Happy New Year) and into the IS. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5960 GERMANY Nauen 125 deg/300 deg The Mighty KBC, Dec 29 0038 - A real mess on this frequency up here in Masset.  Depending on the antenna, I'm hearing only PBS Xinjiang in Mandarin (50 kW/ND) and off channel on 5959.940, when on the NW BoG, or both when on the North Beverage.  With some really fine tuning, I'm able to narrow the bandwidth razor sharp to eliminate the Chinese station almost completely, leaving The Mighty KBC in the clear with strong reception.  100% decode in MFSK 64 image of Alex Chilton (1950 - 2010).  All good!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


5990 GERMANY Nauen 125 kW to W Eur Studio 52, Jan 1 1000 - A special New Year's broadcast that I recorded overnight, and it's there at fair to later good level.  4 hour transmission.  Right at the end, started to hear PBS Qinghai.  Sounds like Nauen signed off at the TOH (14:00). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6020 JAPAN Yamata 300 kW/290 deg Shiokaze, Jan 2 1616 - No English heard today.  Likely Korean instead.  Jamming is less problematic (machinery) vs // 5955 which is louder than Shiokaze.  Many days, the jamming is not much of a problem.  Not today!  Good reception, otherwise. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6025 BOLIVIA La Paz Radio Ilimani, Jan 1 0024 - Appears to be them, but little chance of hearing them this far north, as the dominant station is PBS Xizang, which is exactly on frequency, while the weaker one is on 6024.958 as measured just now.  Doesn't look promising for developing into any audio, though. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6035 BHUTAN BBS, Dec 30 0123 - Back tonight after being absent last night with lovely SubAsian music and muffly audio.  A bit of hash from 6030, so better listening in USB.  Very nice full modulation.  Nice to see that, like the transmitters of RRI.  A pleasure to listen to!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6035 BHUTAN 100 kW/ND   Thimphu BBS, Dec 31 0107 - Keeping an eye on the channel, and they came on suddenly between 01:06 and 01:07 tonight.  No IS as far as I could tell.  Must have been a crash start!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6035 BHUTAN Thimphu 100 kW/ND Bhutan BS, Dec 28 0059 - Fantastically strong signal.  No one on channel until somewhere about 00:57, then a loud carrier and presumed signature tune right up to just after 01:00:00.  No time pips, just into a muffly sounding male announcer in a language I sure cannot identify, but presumed listed Sharchop (or Sharchogpa).  Again, many thanks to Ron Howard who loves listening to this exotic station!  Pretty much sunrise/sunset enhancement on both ends.  No sign of Bhutan the next night  up to 01:30 29 Dec 2019.  Perhaps a little irregular.  I'm keeping an eye on things with a THIRD! Perseus SDR.  That one is my oldest one (SN 151) and powered by my oldest Dell laptop, still running XP, and left at the DX Cottage.  Worked like a charm!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6035 BHUTAN Thimpu 100  kW/ND Bhutan BS, Dec 27 0121 - Very nice reception from Bhutan, a country I haven't heard in years.  Thanks to Ron Howard for the reminder.  I'll have to catch their sign on tomorrow!  Listed language is 'Sharchop', an indiginous language, I guess.  Short music pieces.  I note that they're now in daylight.  Grayline should be about 00:50. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6040 IRAN Sirjan 500 kW/313 deg VOIRI, Dec 27 1924 - Quite a strong signal, although with a very narrow audio stream.  Very much phone quality.  English ID then into news at 19:30.  // 11880 (500 kW/211 deg to S Afr is only at poor level).  6040 is to also to Europe.  Joint Russian and Chinese military maneuvers. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6040 SOUTH KOREA (NON) Wooferton England 300 kW/66 deg KBS World Radio, Dec 27 1854 - Fair to good reception in Russian to European Russia.  Off just before the TOH. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6050 TURKEY Emirler 250 or 500 kW/310 deg Voice of Turkey, Dec 27 1936 - Good reception, although a little muffly.  In English to Europe.  News about Russia, Syria, etc. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6070 GERMANY Rohrbach 25 kW/ND Channel 292, Dec 30 1931 - Fair reception with BS.  I'll check tomorrow for the show, 'From the Isle of Music', and after that, 'Uncle Bill's Melting Pot', both heard from transmitters on this side of the Atlantic. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6195 BOTSWANA Moepeng Hill 100 kW/350 or 0 deg VOA, Dec 30 2014 - Superb reception of VOA to Africa in English.  Perfect and strong modulation with African highlife music.  Very enjoyable listening!  No sign of the Russian far east DRM trials.   African Beat ID at 20:21.  Listeners from Nigeria(the majority of letters), South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi acknowledged. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6215 CHINA OR TAIWAN Sound of Hope or CNR jammer?, Dec 29 1500 - As noted by Ron Howard, I too noticed this station at good level this morning, and nothing from the Australian station.  I didn't stick around long enough to tell whether the actual SOH station or a CNR jammer. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6215 CHINA OR TAIWAN Sound of Hope, Dec 31 1650 - Confirming Ron's reception, 6215 is VERY strong into Masset in Chinese.  I'm not 100% sure whether I'm listening to a CNR jammer or not, although there does appear to be some white noise weakly.  Perhaps a bit overmodulated, but otherwise 100% copy, with a 'Dientai' heard at 16:53, so perhaps an ID there.  It's not // to the CNR 1 transmission on 1593.  Nothing over the TOH, and no sign of VRC Marine Rescue Radio from Australia. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6240 UZBEKISTAN Tashkent 100 kW/66 deg TWR India, Dec 28 1545 - OC until past 15:45, then directly into presumed Kazakh programming to C Asia.  I did not hear any mention of TWR, nor the usual TWR IS.  Exotic sounding language!  Good to very good reception. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6930 NORTH AMERICA Pirate, Dec 28 0154 - An active band tonight, and one I can listen to quite well.  Just now a SSTV image in SDX mode is being transmitted, and just a few minutes earlier, a very weak SSTV signal on 6935.  This one is a semi-naughty one of a woman in a white bikini, but not much else.  Still a difficult copy.  Couldn't decode the head until I figured out which mode to use!  Further images were just barely audible, so no luck decoding those.  Although most are really short, so wonder whether the operator is having some technical difficulties?  A longer one starting at 02:02 with, 'See You next year''. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6930 UNITED STATES Pirate Zeke's Attic Radio, Dec 31 2234 - I monitored several frequencies tonight.  First noted weak audio here at 22:34:30 playing American Pie. DJ came on at 22:38 but a bit too weak to be sure of an ID. Steadily improving during our afternoon.  After all 22:34 is only 2:34 PM local. Quite readable by 23:00.  Good reception by 23:15.    At 23:18, gave ID, and playing vinyl with Jimmy Hendrix.  Vinyl is expensive, about $25 a pop, he tells us.  He signed off with, 'Take care of each, now.  Bye' and off.  Good reception. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6935 UNID YHXD DE SAQC, Jan 1 0009 - Looking out for pirate activity, and so far, a slow start with only 6930U active until a while back.  Right now, I see this very professional and rapid keyer in CW at strong level.  'YHXD YHXD YHXD DE SAQC SAQC V' over and over again.  Anyone know what that means?  Another CW on 6913 calling: '3JWV 3JWV 3JWV DE QH4P QH4P V' and repeated. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6955 NORTH AMERICA Pirate, Dec 28 0040 - Nice signal and building towards our local sunset and now past.  SSTV image just before 00:50 UTC of a loonie tunes logo, into blues.  Another AM pirate on 6934.8.  Another SSTV image with a very red lipped woman and a T-shirt that says, 'Bone Crunching Texas' (I think) then another with a dog wearing sunglasses!  6935 cut a few minutes later, as did 6955.  Was there another digital mode on 6955 at the same time, or someone/thing else?  At 01:07 or so, another pirate on 6930U heard with a spagetti western sounding music.  Fair to good on that one. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


6956 UNITED STATES Pirate Damn Skippy Radio, Jan 1 0106 - The second pirate of the evening found was Damn Skippy Radio, heard at good level from 01:06 tune-in.  Mostly the old pirate band here is full of utility stations which makes it challenging to find an open frequency.  On top of that is OTH Radar heard during much of the day!  SSTV image just before 01:09 UTC, and multiple ones after that.  Final one seemed to be about 01:58. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7235 ROMANIA Tiganesti 90 kW/307 deg RRI, Dec 28 1909 - Another DRM transmission at the same time as 5955.  This one is in German with the same bit rate as 5955.  Almost audio, but not quite.  Listed with either 90 (probable) or 300 kW/307 deg beam.  Just a bit more oomph, and I'd decode this one nicely!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7260 VANUATU Port Vila 2.5 kW/ND Radio Vanuatu, Dec 28 0620 - Almost certainly them with weak audio.  Mostly (if not all) music, and off a few seconds before 06:30.  Too weak for a positive ID, but it's still local daytime for a hour, so not surprising.  Likely switched to 5040, but that channel still has RHC on it until 07:00. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7265 MADAGASCAR Talat Volonond 250 kW/265 deg BBCWS, Jan 1 1819 - Excellent reception in English, apart from some buzzer jamming from 7275, but who are they jamming?  A minor nuisance on this frequency. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7285 NEW ZEALAND Rangitaiki 35 kW/35 deg RNZI, Dec 31 1716 - 100% copy.  Happened to be looking for IRRS on 7290, and saw this very powerful DRM signal.  Decodes as:  RNZ Pacific  15.48 kbps EEP  AAC+  Mono   English  New Zealand News  ID:1   And the pane shows DRM Schedule (incorrectly) as follows:  1650 - 1750:  5975  1751 - 1850 11690  1850 - 1958 13840.  Please send reception reports using the QSL option at  RNZ International. The Voice of the Pacific!   Children's ocean story (?perhaps a Maori legend).  Correctly, the 11690 frequency is there with 100% copy at 18:43 check.    I'll confirm the 13 MHz channel shortly.  13840 is, indeed there.  At 18:53, they broke away with a special weather warning for the Pacific for Tropical Cyclone.  One can see the importance of weather for the Pacific!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7290 ITALY (NON) Tiganesti  150? kW/ND IRRS, Dec 31 1901 - Definitely down from yesterday.  Still perfectly listenable, but not nearly as strong as the last couple of days.  After Italian NA, and ID, into European Gospel Radio (an American program).  IRRS is clearly a broker of programs.  A current program, as they mentioned some recent current events. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7290 ROMANIA Tiganesti 100 kW/300 deg. IRRS, Dec 27 1906 - Just happened to hear the IRRS ID, followed by UN Radio in English.  Good reception.  Music bridge just before 19:10 and into an Irish music program.  Improved to good/very good when rechecked at 19:21. Another IRRS Nexus ad at the BOH, and into a program called Radio Station WUSC Sunnybrook.  It's 6 PM, and time again for the program, Off the Wall.  Taped on Christmas Eve.  Later, asking for calls to a North American number, but  the speaker is SO fast, it's hard to copy the number!  1-631-632-9872.  Mentions, 'hear in Hampton, on campus'.  About Amazon vs brick and motar businesses.  Cut off in mid-sentence replaced by IRRS Shortwave signing off. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7290 ROMANIA Tiganesti 100 or 150 kW/ND or 300 deg IRRS, Dec 30 1937 - Very good reception of the IRRS with Feature Story News (FSN) from London, then going directly into the Shortwave Report.  Wow, that brings me way back! Dan Roberts, from northern California, who always reported being off the grid or web long ago.   He's still on, from northern California and has the same sign on, encouraging shortwave listening.  My notes state 100 kw/300 deg azimuth, although Aoki states 150 kW/ND.  Not sure who's correct.  Very nice over the Pole with the North Beverage.  I thought that the Shortwave Report was an old show, since he gives reports from DW and NHK Japan.  He did say that the DW report was from on-line (as there's little on SW anymore!).  Other reports from RHC and Sputnik, but latter cut off with the canned ID from IRRS signing off, giving postal address for specially numbered QSLs (no email given), then the Italian anthem and off. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7290 ROMANIA Tiganesti 150 kW/ND IRRS, Jan 2 1906 - Once again excellent reception with UN Radio news in brief starting at 19:05.  Remember the days of UNR being heard via Bethany transmitters?  I used to love to listen when I came home from school in the early 70s.  Religious programming when rechecked at 19:45.  IRRS sign off, but now at poor/fair level at 19:59, so conditions are down for Europe compared to the last few days!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7325 ROMANIA Galbeni 300 kW/310 deg Radio Romania International, Dec 27 0114 - Superb reception with, as always, very interesting programming in English.  At 01:17, a nice Christmas carol was played.  // 6130 also very strong, but suffers from splatter from Marti on 6125, so the 41 meter channel is preferred. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7325 ROMANIA Tiganesti 300 kW/310 deg RRI, Jan 2 0125 - English to ECNA at superb level about tourism in Bukovyna, a mountainous region between Romania and Ukraine, and one of my favourite regions!  It's gorgeous!!!  Slight transmitter hum, but much louder than // 6130.  After program, 'Visit Romania', went into a music program.  Did I say that I enjoy RRI?. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7325 ROMANIA Tiganesti 300 kW/52 deg Radio Romania International, Dec 26 2347 - RRI battling it out, and coming up short agains CRI Kunming blasting into Masset, although clearly heard in English with some nice music, or is that coming from CRI?  Beamed to E Asia at this time.  I could not hear the other frequencies listed, although 6040 appears to have a very weak DRM signal. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7360 CHINA Qiqihar 30 kW/203 deg CNR 1 Digital, Jan 2 0640 - Almost 100% copy with the following information on the DReaM screen:   Chinese (Mandarin) 14.56 kbps UEP (20.7%) aac+ P-Stereo   News   ID:1 Pleasant, though a little harsh audio for my ears.  Sounds like a decent local AM station, or perhaps a mono quality FM transmission.  Qiqihar is located in the NE corner of China.  We're receiving the transmission of the back end of the beam.  At the same time, I'm getting occasional audio on 6030 listed as from Beijing at 30 kW/ND, but at a much higher bit rate: CNR-1 Chinese  News   23.62 kbps EEP  AAC+  P-Stereo on the screen.  The audio is much more pleasant to listen to and not so harsh, when it does get decoded (not often)   Only receivable on the NW BoG. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7360 VATICAN CITY SM Galeria 100 or 250 kW/54 or 75 deg Vatican Radio, Dec 31 1747 - Excellent reception in Ukrainian.  I enjoy chasing the last few stations on SW broadcasting in Ukrainian.  HFCC and Aoki have different information re transmitter strength and azimuth.  At 17:50 a church service, until a priest came on at 17:52:30 who gave a short homily then back to the service.  Minor slop from BBC Kranji on 7355 in Korean.   Parallel 49 meter frequency 6185 is fair/good by comparison (250 kW/54 deg). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7370 ROMANIA Galbeni 300 kW/140 deg Radio Romania International, Dec 29 1720 - Weekly program in Hebrew from RRI at excellent level. Lots of mentions of 'Israel'.  Hebrew is a very distinctive language, and rare on SW!  // to 9810 at good level (a little high frequency for this time of the morning).  Listed from 1705 to 1756 Sundays. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7410 ROMANIA Tiganesti 300 kW/337 deg Radio Romania International, Dec 27 0443 - Superb reception continues with a front-end melting signal and perfect modulation, with seasonal Romanian songs.  The preferred frequency, as the // 6020 is only a little less strong, so both are great choices.  In the Spotlight continues at 04:46 about a travel program called Discover EU. Beamed to WCNA (in English, of course).  No luck hearing the frequencies to S Asia. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7470 GERMANY Lampertheim 100 kW/ 92 deg VOA Deewa Radio, Dec 27 0112 - Was checking the channel for YHWH, and instead, VOA in Pashto is coming in quite strong, although fading with time, as the MUF drops.  Mentions of VOA.  Mostly all talk.  Can't see how YHWH can compete with them!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7475 THAILAND Udon 250 kW/316 deg Radio Thailand, Dec 27 1827 - Superb reception with lovely Thai music.  Some sort of utility noise centered on 7480, but extending from 7470 to 7490 does marr things a bit, though, but not much.  What an amazing signal!  Beamed to Europe at this time.  Scheduled in Thai.  English is the next hour.  Rechecking at 19:24, it is in English at good/very good level, but with that 10 kHz wide every second signal, first heard last night.  I don't think this is local.  As before, I expect some sort of OTH radar impulse.  While watching the waterfall, I could see another frequency agile OTH radar moving around the 41 meter band.  Jerks!!!   Not so sure, as when I rechecked at 19:22 on Sat 28 Dec, there it is again.  It's a 'dirty tick' sound.  I suspect this is coming from the transmitter.  Anyone else hear the same thing?. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7475 UNKNOWN Unknown, Dec 27 0015 - A very powerful carrier, but no modulation, with about every second 'tick' about 10 kHz wide.  I suspect this is some sort of OTH radar, but unlike what I usually see.  Suspect it's coming from China.  Melting the front end of my receiver!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7490 USA Monticello, Maine 50 kW/245 deg Encore Tumbril (non), Dec 30 0137 - Went to listen to this interesting program, but not even a hint of a carrier.  I suspect that the transmitter is NOT on, as I should at least see something.  On the other hand, WOR is on 7780 via WRMI.  Not very strong (I've complained about this in the past but to no avail so far). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7530 UZBEKISTAN Tashkent 100 kW/76 deg Voice of Martyrs, Dec 28 1530 - Open carrier until 15:30, then into Korean.  Modulation is a bit excessive.  Very loud.  Tone down the modulation, fellas!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7550 ARMENIA Yerevan 300 kW/100 deg TWR, Dec 28 1535 - English programming to S Asia.  Good reception with US accented programming.  Some deep fades. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7550 INDIA Bangalore  250 kW/120 deg AIR, Dec 31 1821 - Finally decoding AIR this morning (about 75 or more %) with 2 channels at low bit rates.  Channel 1 has GOS - III at 10.48 kbps EEP aac  Mono.  Labelled Hindi and varied, although between music pieces, it was in English.  Channel 2 is Vividh Bharati, also 10.48 kbps, and labelled Country Music and Hindi.  A first for this trip from India on DRM!  Once again, I noticed that it's not the more powerful ('whiter' on the waterfall) signal that is demodulated.  In my case the North Beverage provides a powerful signal but no audio, whereas the NW BoG is not as strong, but somehow decodes better!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7550 INDIA Bengaluru 250 kW/120 deg All India Radio, Dec 28 1912 - A very strong signal, but the problem is a big spike on 7550 from Radio Free North Korea, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  I'm quite certain that if it wasn't there, I'd have no issues with decoding the DRM.  All I'm seeing is 'Hindi  Varied', but 0.00 kbps EEP AAC Mono on the DReaM screen. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7550 INDIA Bengaluru 250 kW/120 deg AIR, Dec 27 1831 - Can't quite decode this one, although pretty strong.  I do see 'Hindi' and 'Varied' on the DReaM screen.  SNR is only about 3 dB, so it only seems strong, owing to a very low noise floor here. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7550 INDIA Bengaluru 500 kW/90 deg AIR, Dec 28 2208 - Almost audible.  A solid 2/3 lights are green.  Oh, there's a snippet of audio.  DReaM software showing GOS IV 10.48 kbps EEP  aac  Mono.  Hindi  India   Varied   ID:1  on the 1st channel, and the 2nd channel has a lower bit rate of 8.72 kbps EEP aac Mono Vividh Bharati  Hindi India  Country Music   ID:2.  Interesting!  Best heard with my NW BoG.  About 10% audio recovery here with Hindi music. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


7665 CHINA CNR 1, Dec 28 1538 - I don't usually bother with Chinese stations as they are everywhere, but this one isn't listed in my most recent SW Skeds.  Very strong and // to MW 1593.  Is it a SOH jammer?. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


8494.1 RUSSIA Severomorsk Channel marker 'S', Dec 29 2055 - Loudly heard.  Yet another part of the hobby!  While my other Perseus is decoding a weather fax, my AOR 7030+ is receiving the Russian marker.  S = . . .    and the transmitter is located at N69deg03' and -33degE 19'.  Arctic in any case!  I'm not hearing the others right now.   Much later, I can pick up Moscow with it's Channel Marker C  with _ . _ . at a rapid rate, with the S marker in the background.  Good at 07:04 UTC. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


8636 SOUTH KOREA HLW Seoul Radio, Dec 29 2110 - More utility fun.  Not many commercial or government CW operators, but there's HLW transmitting about 18 wpm, with lots of CQ CQ de HLW.  Good level!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


8743 THAILAND Bangkok Bangkok Meterologic Radio, Dec 29 2119 - Excellent reception in Thai, then the lovely IS until 21:20.  Thai male mentioning Coast Guard and kilohertz.  If you've never heard the IS, it's well worth a listen!  After another round of the IS, into Australian accented English at 21:27.  Back to the IS at 21:29.  Frequencies were given, so I switched over to 6765.1 and they were there at about the same strength.  Excellent except for OTH radar hash, when I used the NW BoG. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


8891 CANADA Gander Gander Radio, Dec 28 2240 - A very interesting conversation with a UPS flight.  Gander states they have no idea who they are, or where they are, and asked whether this was a ground radio check.  No it was not!  Selcal given, then Gander states, 'shouldn't you be talking to San Francisco, and proceeded to give the various frequencies to contact them (6640, 11342 or 13348). Most interesting!  Very good reception.  Next came a KAL who WAS speaking with the proper controller.  Also surprising how many pirate fishermen (seem Japanese) who are operating in this area, despite it being an aeronautical band, and using USB, as well. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


8939 RUSSIA Rostov Volmet Rostov Volmet, Dec 28 2229 - Surprisingly good reception from 20h26 tune in until off in mid-sentence at 22:30 exactly.  All in Russian.  The only other Volmet I see on channel is St Petersburg, scheduled at 5 and 35 minutes past the hour, so we'll see shortly!  EiBi list states they are off the air.  Hmm.  Clearly some Russian is on 8939.  Giving weather for Rostov when they were cut at exactly 22:30.  Equal strength to Shannon Volmet on 8957U.  Nothing came from the scheduled St Petersburg times, but at 22:55, Rostov signed on after a short tone and ID with weather information valid at 22:30. (Rostov  is in south Russia, just to the east of SE Ukraine, almost on the Sea of Azov).  Again, cut off at exactly 23:00 in mid-sentence.  Lots of temperatures and barometric pressures in mini-Pascals.  Next day at 21:25, armchair copy!   Very nice!!!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


8950 USA possible San Francisco Radio unid, Dec 28 2301 - Another Air/Ground frequency, but on 8950.  I note that 8951 is used by San Francisco, but nothing about 8950.  Was he off-channel?  Does the controller have the ability to adjust the frequency?  Fair/good. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9265 USA Red Lion PA 50 kW/242 deg Shortwave Radiogram, Dec 27 0035 - A powerful signal from WINB.  Missed the first few minutes, but caught the story about a new HMCS navy ship and image. 100% copy of subsequent  of very fast MFSK64, with a story on North Korea and propaganda. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9395 USA Okeechobee Fl 100 kW/355 deg VORW Radio International, Dec 28 2306 - Arrived late to hear them start the program, but at strong level, but perhaps a little overmodulated.  I noted the transmitter cut off at 23:42, rather than going to the TOH. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9410 OMAN Al Seela 250 kW/10 deg BBCWS, Dec 28 0433 - Excellent reception on this high frequency with year end special program called, 'Correspondents Look Ahead' hosted by Lyse Doucet.  Parallells 7285 (also from Oman, fair to good), and 9915 (via Madagascar, poor to fair).  Beamed to East and South Africa and the ME. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9420 CHINA Qiqihar 30 kW/203 deg CNR 1, Dec 27 0005 - Almost 100% copy in Chinese.  DReaM software states the following:  14.56 kbps UEP (20.7%) aac + P-Stereo.  Chinese (Mandarin).  Can anyone decipher what this specifically means?  // appears to be 9655, from Urumqi with 30 kW and 98 deg beam, but it's too weak to decipher here. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9490 ROMANIA Tiganesti 90 kW/247 deg RRI, Dec 28 2215 - Another DRM service from Romania.  This time, it's in Spanish and the DReaM software states:   SNR Tiganesti E2  11.64 kbps EEP  aac  Mono  ID:1001.  A decent signal with the strongest coming from the ALA antenna, but it's not as stable as the NW BoG which, despite a weaker signal, is closer to audio decode.  I can sure see the ionosphere in action on the ALA 100!  The language is Spanish, with the analogue transmitter coming through a good/very good strength on 11800 (300 kW/247 deg). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9500 SWAZILAND 100 kW/13 deg TWR Africa, Dec 31 1801 - Huge OC at the TOH, then in repeated TWR IS and IDs as TWR Swaziland.  Then into a program, 'The Word of God' with a heavily accented male announcer in English. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9635 MALI (NON) Bamako 50 kW/ND Radio TV du Mali (I wish), Dec 28 1848 - Very good level in French, with mentions of Mali, and Boko Haram.  An easy to follow French, without any heavy African accent.  I was looking at 5995, but all I have there is very strong Echo of Hope and Jamming.  I'm hoping the English Saturday broadcast will start shortly!  Or perhaps, this is not Mali at all, but Radio Ndarason Intl'l via Wooferton with 200 or 250 kW and 152 deg beam, but my sources list Kanuri, and not French, and listed to Chad.  I did hear Tchad mentioned several times, so I suspect that's it the latter and not Mali Seems too slick.  Sure enough, the transmitter cut at 19:00, confirming that this was NOT Mali. Darn!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9705 VATICAN CITY Santa Maria Galeria 250 kW/160 deg Vatican Radio, Dec 27 1716 - Good/Very good reception in French to Central Africa.  I suspect I'm getting this from the back side, over the Pole to me.  No sign at all of listed KBS World Radio that is listed as on for 2 hours in Korean, and should be the dominant here. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9720 BULGARIA Kostinbrod 50 kW/195 deg Dimtse Radio Erena, Dec 27 1718 - Fair to good reception in Tigrinya, and another example of over the back side to me.  Listed as Monday to Friday. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9746 UNID Unid, Dec 27 1813 - Who might this be?  Not Arabic speaking, so not Radio Bahrain, who I was looking for.  Talk by YL/OM then music bridge, and back to same YL.  Not sure at all.  Sounds like an European language. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9746 UNKNOWN unid, Dec 31 1813 - Who's on 9746?  Good reception, and best heard on the NW BoG.  Missed the TOH for an ID.  Ideas?  Clearly NOT Radio Bahrain, as it's not in Arabic.  Thought it might be RHC with a spur, but not // to 15140.  Doesn't quite sound Spanish, either. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9746 VIETNAM Voice of Vietnam, Jan 1 1833 - My unid on 9746 is there again today when checked.  Sounds like German today, and heard best on my NW BoG, and weakly on the N Beverage.  Still a mystery on who or what this is!  Fair signal. Checking at 19:03, it's now in English.  Not // to CRI, or VOK English.  So who is this?  I was off on my Polar Bear swim, so I left the recorder going. It's the Voice of Vietnam!  French at 21:00 and English at 21:30.  Transmitter cut at 22:00 in mid-sentence.  Good all around.  Finally solved!  I'll need to check whether the listed 9730 is operating.  Is this a very strong spur, or the primary frequency?. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9885 MADAGASCAR Mahajanga  100 kW/355 deg Madagascar World Voice, Dec 27 1850 - Superb reception of their Russian program giving the KNLS address in Anchor Point, AK.  Nothing about being from Madagascar!  Then an English modern Christian vocal.  Nice to hear that the Madagascar transmitter site is still putting out so well!  At 19:39, same massive signal on 9845. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


9885 MADAGASCAR Mahajanga 100 kW/355 deg KNLS, Dec 28 1838 - Are we absolutely certain that this is coming from Madagascar.  I'm not too far from KNLS in Anchor Point AK, and the huge signal strength is getting me wondering whether this is in fact from AK.  It's just SO local sounding!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


11660 SWAZILAND Manzini  100 kW/13 deg TWR Africa, Dec 31 1726 - Very good reception in listed Amharic, to Ethiopia.  Into instrumental music at 17:29:15.  Another tune a few seconds later.  AWR IS at 17:29:53 once, and into listed Oromo.  'Kenya', 'radyo', 'Postal' heard. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


11770 NIGERIA Abuja  250 kW/248 deg Voice of Nigeria, Dec 29 2031 - Good reception in Hausa (listed as such) to W Africa.  Muddy audio, so not very pleasant listening. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


11856.714 BRASIL Aparecida  1 kW/60 deg Radio Aparecida, Dec 26 2324 - Surpised to find them so far off channel, but clearly them, in very Brazilian Portuguese.  Fair level.  Parallel with 6135.096, with the latter stronger.  The 9630 channel if on, is totally blocked by CRI at massive level.  Nothing noted on 5035.  Is this channel actually 1 kW and directional, as listed in some sources?  Rechecked 6135 at 00:32 and noted they had drifted a bit to 6135.102, while the 25 meter channel was now at 11856.727. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


11905 SRI LANKA Trincomalee 125 kW/345 deg Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, Jan 2 0056 - Superb reception with just a small amount of slop with some lovely  Sri Lankan music.  Listed in Hindi.  Time pips heard and a single sentence and transmitter was cut. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


11985 MADAGASCAR Talata 250 kW/340 deg AWR, Dec 27 1902 - Again, superb reception of Adventist World Radio's Arabic service to the ME. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


14229 SOUTH AFRICA ZS1BW, Dec 31 1915 - Nice signal from a  South African amateur operator, Bernie.  Chat with Stateside amateur. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


15555 USA Milton Fl 1 kW WJHR, Dec 28 1916 - I guess I'm one of a handful (or perhaps the only) of listeners to this low power USB transmission, with canned American preaching.  At 19:58, sign off tune comes on over the preacher with ID for WJHR, and they mention it's near Pensacola, Fl.  Email address is given as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Preacher is cut off just before 20:00.  Fair to good. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)