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5 years 7 months ago

While not a multiband radio, Tecsun is offering a tiny FM-only portable with a DSP tuner. This thing is so small that it doesn't even have a display. I find it fascinating and may take the (financially modest) plunge just to see if it has the same selectivity and sensitivity that it claims to have. If so, I'll have a new favorite stealth FM dxer.

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BRNout replied the topic: Re: Tecsun F-110

5 years 6 months ago

So I took the plunge and spent all of $16 (including shipping) on an F-110. It is a very simple instrument indeed; no display and only a limited range of buttons. All of the markings are in Chinese characters but fortunately it's so simple to figure out that no markings are necessary. The large button at the top acts as the power on and mode switch (between tuning and volume), based on how you press it. The two buttons below have double uses as scan up/scan down and volume up/down. The last 2 buttons comprise the little radio's memory function; it can store 2 stations. That's it.

Now, remember, this is a tiny, light and cheap radio that was clearly intended for the Chinese domestic market. It easily fits into any pocket. FM only. But it does have DSP. So, how does it do? Well, not having a display takes some getting used to; however, it's not as bad as you'd think if you're in an area where you know the band pretty well. Just track your frequency mentally. You put your 2 favorites in memory (by holding down the appropriate button for a second) and scan up and/or down through the rest of the band.

And the performance is astonishing! So far, this radio seems to have the sensitivity of the Insignia NS HD001 with (believe it or not) even better selectivity. From my location between Chicago and Milwaukee - a bit closer to Chicago - there are a ton of first adjacents. Many radios have trouble with this, but not the F-110. Most amazing is it's ability to pull out the rather weak WLUM 102.1 from Milwaukee from between the rather strong WTMX 101.9 Chicago and my strongest local WXLC 102.3 - who's transmitter is 5 miles from me! Not just pull out 102.1, but actually stop there while in scan mode. Yes, this is the magic of the DSP chip.

For FM, this is my best radio for using while busy doing something else (walking, yardwork, etc.). It's cheap, rugged, takes a fall well (already been dropped), and is like having a PL-310 with you - but far more convenient. Blows away any of the Sony or Sangean personal portables as far as FM reception goes.

I'd like to check out the Tecsun DR-777, another small DSP portable that uses the headphone cord as your FM antenna. Only it has AM and a few more bells and whistles. If it's anything like the F-110, it must be amazing.

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joe replied the topic: Re: Tecsun F-110

7 months 3 weeks ago

Since the last post in this thread was 4 years and 10 months ago, it is uncertain whether or not my post will be useful. However, I wanted to share a thought in case anyone happens to be paying attention: I bought a Tecsun F-110 on the recommendation of the original poster. It is indeed a good speakerless pocket FM radio, in spite of the lack of a display or ability to input frequencies directly, and having only two memory locations. However, I have discovered an additional limitation that is quite bizarre and frustrating: The radio shuts off after one hour and must be restarted. There is apparently no way to defeat this.

Had I known this in advance, I probably would not have bought the Tecsun F-110.

[EDIT: Mine also makes an intermittent quiet static-y noise in the right channel.]

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