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CC pocket radio

twinlake created the topic: CC pocket radio

2 years 4 months ago

Finally!!! A radio that actually works extremely well, with high build quality. I own many classic and newer receivers.
This has been hobby for decades, and I'm well versed in RF issues. I bought this on the strength of reviews, and
being tired of getting burned with cheap sino products.
This pocket radio has FM performance that ranks best in the house. The AM is very good also, for a radio of this size.
A pair of 20.00 Sony headphones really clean up the audio. I am able to listen to signals over a 110 miles away on a
crowded FM band. I won't use this as a walkman, but will take it to my jobsites.
One of my favorite stations is on 100.3, 95 miles to the North. I can listen with the local 6kw news station 6.8 miles
from my location at 100.5. That is a real world test. Open the wallets and treat yourselves to a nice radio.
This could take the place of the Sony SRF-59. It does 1khz steps on MW also.

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