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Introduce yourself here. This is where we can discuss fringe issues of World Band Radio - where it is going, where it's been... the good old days...
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Pull up a chair and introduce yourself. How long have you been in the hobby? What is the future of the radio hobby? Talk about the good old days? This is the off-topic (OT) area.
WebSDR's - aplenty
by colin
4 months 1 week ago
What are you best memories of the hobby? Moments that stick with you? Nothing like the good old days...
Ian McFarland DX Program 2017
by colin
6 months 21 hours ago
Every website has access issues - and is no exception. Feel free to bring up the bugs here and I will do my level best to fix them.
Re: Post tracking
by colin
2 years 4 months ago
This is our discussion area for radio interference issues - scoping them out, sorting them, identifying them - almost every gets static from time time. We work together to end the noise.

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